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Elections Have Consequences

As Americans, we face the repercussions of voting with feelings over facts.  Let’s begin with what makes the world go round as we know it, energy. The Implementation of the Green New Deal, during a time where technology is not palpable for the cause, implications are seen at the pump with the continual rising of already high fuel prices and products. 

We are now enriching the livelihood of our adversaries, sacrificing our once-held energy independence (with closed down pipelines), and funding probable war aggression from opposing countries.  Thus, supplying foreign adversaries, an influx of monies to finish nuclear programs and the debate of oil purchases with rogue nations (Iran).

The intentionally botched withdrawals from previous wars (some we started) are enhancing a weak foreign policy, while sending billions overseas to protect foreign borders.  Continue Reading


*Prince Andrew pleads “not guilty” to alleged underage sex abuse while at Epstein Island…but agrees to pay the victim (who was a minor at the time) by settling out of court (cause that’s what “not guilty” people do).

*Mask Mandates being lifted across the U.S….. (Not because there have been any changes in the virus) … but because those who pushed and created the mask mandates cannot comply with wearing masks themselves.

*Federal courts lifting the Biden administration’s vaccination mandates…. (Again, not because anything has changed with the virus) …. but because the courts now find it irrational to continue mandates where no evidence supports the vaccines effectiveness or stopping the spread of the pathogen.

*Bob Saget did not kill himself…. according to emergency physician and researcher Dr. Megan Ranney stated while sharing the autopsy report, “This is something I find with someone with a baseball bat to the head, or who has fallen from 20 or 30 feet.” “This is not a “slip & fall”. This is not a minor concussion. This is MAJOR head trauma”.

*Hillary Clinton alleged Russian Collusion with Trump … only to find Clinton campaign paid a company to get in Trump servers (while he was in office). According to Durham, Joffe “exploited his access to non-public and/or proprietary Internet data,” and the university researchers he tapped “were receiving and analyzing large amounts of Internet data in connection with a pending federal government cybersecurity research contract.” The campaign had access to White House and Trump Tower internet data. “For the purpose of gathering derogatory information about Donald Trump.” But no media coverage with regard to Clinton corruption…and the crazy woman wants to still be POTUS.

*Biden sends 3000 troops to protect Ukraine border…. but Biden leaves U.S. borders open.

*Snoop Dog smokes pot…

Are You Prepared?

Would you know what to do if the world stopped and there was no power, no means of communication, no access to food, or no shelter? 
If your answer is no, you may want to continue reading this article. 
If yes, you may want to check your list.   
In General: 
If you are in your home, you have access to basic needs. 
On that note, you need to make sure you have the following items until the power returns… 
Emergency Band Radio, Non-Perishable Food Items, First Aid Kit, Medications, and Water; if you have a generator, you will need to ensure you have gasoline and propane.  If there is no power and winter, you will need to maintain warmth with blankets.  Your perishables can be placed in snow or outdoors to remain edible.       
Outside the Home or Must Leave Home:
Here are some essential things you need to know…continue reading.

The Power of a Smile

What is a smile?
A smile is visual imagery of emotion, but there is so much more behind a smile.    
Smiling is a universal language understood across the world. 
Smiling encourages positive thinking and makes a person more attractive. 
Smiling is a powerful tool that can calm fears, insecurities, hurt, and anxiety, not only in yourself but in others. 
A smile is contagious; hence it is most likely to be returned. 

A smile is the only gift that you should return. 
Has anyone ever told you, “You should smile more; it looks good on you?”  Well, it is true.  Smiling makes a person more attractive. 
Unfortunately, many people are ashamed or insecure to show their smiles.  Whether they have crooked teeth, missing teeth, or their teeth are not as white as they want them to be, they hide their smile.  This is a horrible way to live, and you should be proud of who you are and your appearance at all times.  A genuine smile is the most authentic sign of friendship, love, and happiness. 

So, the next time you are out and looking for a date, see an old friend or glancing at a stranger, know that if you accept your smile, others will also. 
Smiling also exerts confidence. 
Trust me; it can be difficult to smile at a stranger.  Why?  Well, smiling takes confidence because it shows vulnerability.  You don’t want to be deemed creepy or fake.  So, we tend only to smile when someone else smiles first.  Continue Reading…

The Definition of Insanity

The definition of insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. 
Most of us are consciously aware that if we continue to do something that gives us undesirable responses, reactions, or effects, we typically stop that action, behavior, or substance intake.  If we don’t, we know the likelihood of it affecting us negatively again would be high. 
So, the question I have for all of you is… why are we consciously continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results?  I know we are not all insane.  But, for the past two years, we have enabled fear to dictate our sanity.       
Here are a few examples of the “insanity” I speak of: Continue reading.


How often have you found yourself so frustrated with a stranger because their actions didn’t benefit your mood or ideal day?

Like that time, you were at the checkout, and the cashier was so rude.  You just wanted to give her a piece of your mind. Not knowing that before she clocked in, she had visited her terminal father at the hospital.  Unable to afford to call off work, she knew it was the last time she would ever see him again.  
Or the time you waited for 3 hours in the ER to be seen by the doctor.  You wanted to scream at all the nurses outside your room who were just chit-chatting about what they ate for dinner the night before. 
What you didn’t know was that for the past 3 hours, the doctor had been trying to save the life of a firefighter, who, before passing away, had saved four families in an apartment complex fire.

Or the time when you were running late, and a homeless man came up to you begging for change.  You wanted to ridicule him, call him a drug addict and alcoholic, and tell him to get a job. 
What you didn’t know was that the man had just been laid off from his job of 10 years, the bank took his home, and his family of 5 were left out on the streets.
Or when you were at the grocery store, and you were in a rush to get home, and the employee was so slow checking out customers, you just wanted to scream at her and tell her to hurry the hell up.
What you didn’t know was that the woman could hardly move because of the bruised ribs and past broken bones caused by her husband’s daily beatings.

Or at the restaurant, when the waitress got your order wrong, and you chose not to leave her a tip.
What you didn’t know was that the woman couldn’t stop thinking about her sick child at home and how she would be able to make enough money to afford good medical care. Continue Reading

Grow Green

The world today has become a melting pot of health and environmental related issues, such as homelessness, hunger, incurable diseases, toxic soils, noxious foods, and man-made synthetics, destroying human life and wildlife globally.  What if there was ONE solution to all of the stated issues?  What if I told you that we could cure diseases, stop hunger, house the homeless, eat clean foods, have clean energy, and create an all-around healthier living environment, just by growing one plant.  Well, we can. Continue reading 


The time has come for Americans to stop speculating and bickering about the integrity of this country and start focusing on the lost morals and values in the home.  As we sit back and watch our children being raised by a corrupt government, survival supplies diminishing, our bodies being inoculated by unknown chemicals, and monies being monitored, we lose all free-thinking and individual control. 

We, as Americans, should be more concerned about what is going on in our own city’s, hospitals, banks, and schools, than the integrity of elites taking over this country. We are witnessing what is called the Snowball Effect

Continue reading…  

Viewer Responses to “We The People”

As you read both readers’ responses, you will see that the second response is a great answer to the first readers’ questions! ~Dear Dr. Miller, I’m curious and wanted to ask you, other than the one size fits all vote them out response, what do you suggest ordinary non politically connected people do to stop or even just slow down this snowball?  Can we as parents speak up in protest over the indoctrination of our children?

Can we object to the teachings of this CRT, and demand that our children not be exposed to overly explicit sexual materials?  Of course, we can, but at what cost?Dr., have you ever gone up against the school district? A teacher? A School Board? 2021 is an entirely different beast. Twenty years or more ago, you could have met with all of the above about any sensitive subject and be heard without being labeled a trouble maker, or at the very least a helicopter parent.

Now days, not so much. Today speaking up on these issues will get you labeled a homophobe, along with every other kind of “phobia” you can imagine, and even labels as outrageous as racists and terrorists. People, educators and administrators alike take issue with any parents who do not fall in line with their way of thinking, especially if they slightly suspect your political views differ from their own.

Now days the squeaky wheel in educational institutions does not get the oil, it can and most likely will get you labeled as a trouble making homophobic racist, and banned from school property and all school events. Then your child is left carrying the baggage with its very own label from the fall out. I’m afraid with today’s political climate, as far as all of the above mentioned, CRT, Sex Education, etc…it really will take a village. It will take the majority of parents to actually ban together, stand together, and assemble together to convince these schools exactly what we will and will not allow our children to be exposed to. Just as we have learned in the last couple of weeks, that schools cannot operate without teachers, they also cannot operate without students, perhaps it’s time the parents prove that point.” ~Anonymous reader~

~Dear Dr. Miller, Very well said! “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”  Galatians 5:1 ~Bud~

Dear Anonymous and Bud, Great questions and responses!! The first quote that came to mind when reading the responses was…“No one person can save the world…But anyone can change it.”

 So, to answer the question “…Other than the one size fits all vote them out response, what do you suggest ordinary non politically connected people do to stop or even just slow down this snowball”?  To make a change, it will take an investment of one’s personal time and money to reverse the direction of the snowball.  Once conservative people run and take over boards, city council, and aldermanic positions, only then can we apply political pressure to the mayors, which will snowball to the county executives and then to the governors.  The investment into political clouts such as signage and flyers will snowball people investing into your campaign to win positions, which now truly makes us We the People. We are the bedrock of the complete system, and change always comes from the foundation!  

 Yes, a lot has changed since we have gotten new “leadership”, and a shift in daily routines from the “pandemic,” but the most significant issue we face today is the loss of individual control.  You are absolutely correct when you said that speaking up today has consequences. 

Opening one’s mouth to say something is the same as opting into a contract with the rest of the world.  We hope that some agree, but the truth is, we will always have those who do not, and that’s okay; it is part of our Freedom of Speech and individual right. 

What is not okay is reprimanding those who think differently by using actions to silence opposing views (cancel culture). 

See, there are those who have attempted to create a new way for people to think, speak, educate, and dictate our medical decisions, but there are those of us who refuse to change the norm for the betterment of those who cannot follow suit. 

Some people believe these absurdities simply to alleviate discomfort or ostracization.  When I say absurdities, I am talking about allowing illegals into this country without vetting, providing them money and housing, and not mandating vaccinations (after breaking the law), teaching CRT and sex education to our young children (promoting hate race and pedophilia), and allowing people to commit heinous crimes without consequences (burning down towns and looting). 

Let’s use some examples of states that have opted to slow down the snowball effect. 

In Florida, the governor listened to the people and chose not to follow the orders of the state and federal government.  In other states, such as Ohio, California, Louisiana, Georgia, etc., the people have fired the entirety of the school boards and their curriculums.  Nurses and doctors have walked off their jobs, defiant of personal beliefs. 

There are heroes in all walks of life that are risking their livelihoods in protest as their part of non-compliance to attributes being thrown upon society that they disagree with; we call this patriotism.  It is the only way to guarantee the inalienable rights given to you by God practiced and lost in the free society we call the United States of America. Therefore, it does take a village of like-minded individuals who believe in their constitutional and inalienable rights to answer your question.

 I really enjoyed reading these, Thank You!
Until Next week, Love You All…Nothing You Can Do About It!!

Dr. Amy Miller                      

Sorry….Not Sorry

If I used my constitutional right to vote for the opposing sideIf I didn’t get vaccinated…If I think masks cause more harm than good…

If I believe that vaccinations do nothing to flatten the curve…If I believe the chemicals in the vaccination will kill more people than save…If I disagree with Critical Race Theory…

If I think the government is brainwashing the people…If I think teaching young children about sex is encouraging the rise and acceptance of pedophilia…

If I think using the “race card” as a response is racist…If I offend you by saying you should research information before posting…

If I think our country is under attack…If I think everyone should take a stand against our tyrannical government…

If I believe that someone other than Zuckerberg could start a new social media platform…AndIf I think that we have lost sight of what’s most important in this country…GOD…

Then, I am sorry…NOT SORRY . We all have a right to voice opinions, some even researched and factual.  But what we do NOT have a right to do is SILENCE THE PEOPLE. We can agree to disagree.  And, if you can back your comments up with actual facts, I just may change my mind.  But just because you believe it as so does not make it fact.      

Until Next Week, Love You All… Nothing You Can Do About It,

Dr. Amy Miller   

Are You Happy? 

If you were asked right now, Are you happy?  What would your answer be?  Would you say yes because you were in a good mood or because life has been drama-free for longer than a week?   (Which just tells me you’re not on Facebook). 

Or, would you say no, because life on life’s terms has come into play and at that moment and you feel life can’t get any worse?  Whichever the case, what is happiness to you?  How do you define the feeling of being happy?  Is it a temporary positive emotion to pleasurable activities? 

Or, is it due to long-term self-isolation, not allowing yourself to form relationships with others to avoid negative situations? See, I ask the question because I believe that even when you feel bad, sad, angry, frustrated, scared, hurt, or any other negative emotion, you can still be happy.  Continue Reading…

Welcome my beautiful friends to

Gossip With Dr. Miller


Before I begin this article, please let me state my background. 

I have an MS in Psychology and Criminology and a Doctorate in Management (DM) focusing on Criminology.  To complete my studies, I had to conduct theses and dissertations in all my fields.  I did these studies with clinical and quantitative research methods accompanied by validity, reliability, replicable data, and extensive research. 

Now, onto the topic. 

I know many of my fellow Americans have already opted to get vaccinations. 

But did you know that you have participated in an ongoing clinical trial? Continue reading…


~ “Dr.” Miller you have NO medical credentials what so ever, so what makes you believe you are qualified to speak out against vaccinations? Just because I can get an on-line degree to become a pastor, that doesn’t mean I am qualified to preach a sermon! ~ Dr. Seuss

Dear Reader,

“I have an MS in Psychology and Criminology and a Doctorate in Management (DM) focusing on Criminology.  To complete my studies, I had to conduct theses and dissertations in all my fields.  I did these studies with clinical and quantitative research methods accompanied by validity, reliability, replicable data, and extensive research.”

Let me begin by explaining why I put my credentials at the beginning of my article.  I made sure NOT to give the impression, or lead on, that I was a medical doctor but that my expertise was in RESEARCH.  Secondly, it does not take a medical doctor to read facts, hence, why I posted the actual study documentation at the end of the article. 

If you received the “vaccination” and believed it to be preventative, then I am shocked you are not questioning if you received the placebo or the actual vaccination.  If I feared those who were unvaccinated, I would want to know if I was one.  I am not sure if you think I pulled the information from thin air, but I have hundreds of documents from the vaccine originators’ testimonies with regard to the studies.  I only took a few photos, KNOWING, I could not post hundreds of pictures.  I posted what I believed to be enough information to provide factual knowledge to others.  Whether people are vaccinated or not, I think some would want to know if they received saline water or the vaccine.  It IS public information.

On that note, I want to clarify; I AM a DOCTOR with a Ph.D., which means I HAD to attend in-person residencies and complete numerous clinical and quantitative research studies. ALL, which I am proud to say, have been published.  I am not here to dispute my findings.  I HAVE the evidence to back up my article, which nowadays it is difficult to find reporters who actually research their accusations and assumptions.  The article is not to deter; it is simply to educate. 
Lastly, I want to inform you; an on-line degree to become a pastor actually DOES qualify one to preach a sermon.  I should know, my husband received his license on-line and is a clergy. 

Until Next Time,

Love You All…Nothing You Can Do About It! Dr. Amy Miller

Welcome my beautiful friends to

Gossip With Dr. Miller

Why Vaccinate Our Children?

So, here’s the question for all parents whose children will be attending in-person learning this upcoming fall.  Would you be comfortable if the schools mandate vaccines for all students in order to attend in-person learning?

Let’s back up and reflect. 

During the beginning of the pandemic, based on the number of rising death rates and a lack of knowledge regarding the virus, our country went into lockdown.  Once the virus was identified and studied over time, we learned that children were the least susceptible to catching or dying from COVID-19 (0.01%).  Although getting mixed messages about handling the pandemic, one thing was made crystal clear; all children were to stay home, have no social connection with other children, and mask up. Continue reading… 

Inherited Racial Guilt:  Critical Race Theory (CRT)  

Teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) pushes an “inherited racial guilt” narrative as if it were a new concept in society! Let me reiterate racism is not innate (you are not born with it); it is taught. If we start teaching children in schools that our children are different (better if white…less than if colored), then we are creating institutional racism.  

For example, is a young Asian child to blame for Pearl Harbor, or is an American child responsible for Hiroshima?  Of course not!  So, why on earth would you allow anyone to teach your children that they are at fault?  Or worse, have a stranger teach your child that they will never reach their full potential because of the color of their skin?

Case scenario; kids will have a nuanced conversation about their “whiteness” in school… then go home and tell their parents how they are culprits of racism (which promotes victim narratives) Continue reading…..


Dear Dr. Miller, 
Your article on Cancel Culture clearly explains what is truly happening, and the real result of today’s society being overly sensitive in their strive to be politically correct. People do not understand the impact and damage of this misguided mindset. By not acknowedging certain parts of our history, you are also denying the hard work and legacy that many of these people worked so hard to ach

An excellent example of this was Nancy Green, although she did not create the recipe or brand of Aunt Jemima, she was one of the very first African American models in history to become the face of a popular food product. What an achievement that must have been all those years ago, and now, to have that taken away and erased as if that was a bad thing, is insulting to her, her family and her legacy.

The most disturbing part of this Cancel Culture, especially when the ending result is like I mentioned above with Nancy Green is, when more often
than not, the driving force behind campaigns such as these are perpetuated by very fair complected Karens & Bills who have decided on societies behalf, who and what will be their next target in their cancel culture campaign, and then the sheep begin to fall in line to help drive the non-sense
to a viral level.

Till next time, I love your brutal honesty and there is nothing you can do about it! ~Randy L.

Dear Randy,
You know I thought long and hard about what to respond with, besides clapping, and all I can come up with… is you’re right. 
We need to respect and not always celebrate our history as to not let it repeat itself, and it will, without recognition of all involved. 
I mean seriously, who is really offended when they see a statue of a historical figure? You cannot celebrate our civil history without acknowledging both sides of that coin. These “offended” people do realize that men and women of all color fought for our freedom. 
Thank you for your awesome response!!

Until Next Week 
Love you all… nothing you can do about it!!
Dr. Amy Miller 

Cancel Culture

Welcome My Beautiful Friends To:  Gossip with Dr. Miller

What does Cancel Culture really mean? Where does it end? And who is actually behind Cancel Culture? Let’s break it down. Cancel means “to stop supporting.” So, what are we actually trying to “stop supporting”?

Suppose we remove innocent children’s books and movies with people of color, an Indian from Land of Lakes butter, Mrs. Butterworth and Aunt Jemima from syrup, Eskimo from Eskimo pies, Redskins from football, Uncle Ben from rice, and so forth.  Aren’t we canceling all other races EXCEPT white?

Because if companies erase ALL black and brown people from ALL of the products that consumers use… we leave ONLY white people on the products! So, “Cancel Culture” is actually canceling all races but white!

Who is really behind interpreting and editing our culture, creating a more “white privilege” society? “White privilege” is the societal privilege that benefits white people over non-white people. Are we really reverting to segregation?? Isn’t that what’s really going on here? If we can only read a book, watch television, eat a product, or buy a product with only white people on them, aren’t we, as a society, actually “canceling” all other races? The more societal cultures that are erased the more racist we become. See, if someone is actually “offended” when reading a children’s book, watching a movie, eating food, watching football, or anything else that is innocent and independent from racism then aren’t they RACIST? So, how do we end this “Cancel Culture”? First, we can stop the “I’m Offended” BS!

NO ONE IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND HAS EVER DIED FROM BEING OFFENDED! You can be offended. You’re going to be okay. Maybe if you’re offended, you need to ask yourself why. Are you REALLY offended? Or is this attention-seeking behavior openly changing the views of the next generation of mixed culture? The only thing we are canceling in this “Cancel Culture” is all the hard work it took us to end segregation in this country!

 “To be offended is a choice we make; it is not a condition inflicted or imposed upon us by someone or something else” ~ David A Bednar

I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic.  Until Next Week,

I Love You All…And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It!! Dr. Amy Miller



Welcome My Beautiful Friends To:  Gossip with Dr. Miller

Readers Question:

~ Dr. Miller would you turn down the “free money”, you mentioned, if it were offered to you?  If you were given the choice to work a full week, pay for child care, and in the end of the week your bank had $300.00 in it, or stay home, not pay child care, and homeschool your child to now have $600.00 in the bank, would you go back to work?  I don’t know anyone who would volunteer to take a pay cut by returning to work, do you? ~ Brandi S.

Dear Brandi,

I want to start by saying thank you.  This has to be one of the most honest responses I have ever read.  Secondly, I ask that you keep an open mind as I respond to your questions.

First, did I take the stimulus when  the checks were deposited in my bank?  Of course, I did.  Just like the rest of the world, my business, my home expenses, my family, and our physical and mental well-being were all affected by the pandemic.  So, yes, the stimulus funds gave us relief from a lot of financial strain. 

But will we continue to take these monies instead of contributing to society?  The answer is no.  We will all go back to work and contribute to rebuilding this economy because that’s what the most powerful country in the world does.    

Now is where it gets real. 

I want to begin by asking one simple question.  Where do you think the government is getting all of this money?  See, government spending is like prostitution, and we are the hookers.  The more money we get for free, the faster it takes us to our knees.  You may not be feeling it right now because you are at home collecting money that you did not earn but trust me when I say, in the end, we all get screwed.  Our pimp, Mr. Government, is just waiting to collect the money.  See, your question glorified collecting something that someone else stole.  Our government has no money.  We are 28 trillion dollars in debt (money that is owed or due to other countries).  But hey, we didn’t steal it, so it is okay to spend it, right?  No.    

Let me put it to you another way. 

Would I love to stay home and collect free money?  Hell yes!  As you stated, who wouldn’t?  But at what price are you willing to pay it all back?  You WOULD be free from employment, but you would also be free from safe streets, healthcare, Social Security, freedom of speech, spending, and so forth.  It is a very Marxist-Leninist way of thinking.    

That is not how OUR society works, literally. 

UNLESS you want to live under the rules of Authoritarian Socialism, most notably the Soviet Union, China, and Cuba, trust me, if you are not familiar with the standards of living in these countries and their Dictators, you would not be so quick to jump on the Socialism train.  See, a socialist government cannot be sustained without a market.  When it collapses, it resorts to tyrannical oppression of its people (North Korea and Nazi Germany are prime examples).  A market economy is a system in which individual citizens and businesses guide the pricing of goods and services.  But if you are staying home and collecting money that is not yours, the government now dictates how, when, and what goods and services you are allotted because you no longer have a job.  And FYI, it is not a pay cut because you are not working.

Let’s look ahead.  You are now living in hell and cannot make any life decisions because the government gets to choose for you (i.e., housing, health care, child care, values, beliefs, etc.).  So, where does this leave your children’s future?  You know, the ones where they can choose all of those things I just mentioned.  How do your kids become something extraordinary when they get older or find their value in life if everyone’s values are the same?  

Trust me when I tell you, I am no better than the next person, but my self-worth puts me on top.  We cannot be better people tomorrow if the government is telling us what we will become today.

Last but not least.  You mentioned being able to keep your children at home so you can collect more money ($300 vs. $600).  But, in order to do this, your children would suffer.  They would be away from peers and worldly experiences, so that you could have monetary gain.  Is that decision to better you or your children?  Don’t get me wrong; I have no issues with those who homeschool.  But, a majority of those parents are not homeschooling for financial gain.  We do not want our next generation of leaders, business owners, or parents to be taught that it is okay to stay home and collect government money, or we will NOT have the next generation of good leaders, business owners, or parents.

I hope this was not too much to throw your way, and I would love to know what you think of my discussion. 

Until Next Week,

I Love You All…And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It!!

Dr. Amy Miller


Written July 15, 2021

Any society silenced… is a society that cannot and will not prosper

“Socialism is based on government planning and limitations on private control of resources.” So, what does this mean for all of us? Well, with this country’s conservative values in mind, let me break it down. The government has “given” society “free” money. We will pay back that money in increased taxes, which we have already seen in high gas, food, and housing prices. But we won’t be able to pay back these monies in taxes because most of the population is not working, which is surprising because millions are unemployed.  Still, companies cannot find workers (900 million job openings as of this morning). So, instead of paying back the monies with a rising economy, society will pay through submission of government demands.

This is called Socialism. The elites in office have conditioned and scared society into accepting unfathomable demands by using emerging infectious diseases to have you obey orders. Before any of you get your panties in a bunch…

Continue Reading

God and Community

Written July 08-2021

When I think of our community, I think of God, Faith, Family, and Love.  Yes, I used the “G” word.  Some people’s interest may be peaked, some offended, and some will continue to read with caution. Trust me when I say I am not here to preach, for I am not knowledgeable enough on the topic, but I can share with all of you what I see, hear, and believe based on the current status of this city. All I ask is that you continue reading and allow me an opportunity to just have a conversation. 

Let’s start with the facts: Did you know that a majority of Granite City is built around Churches?  (Notice I did not say churches were built around Granite City).  I believe, through God, these were constructed intentionally for our current situation. Currently, there are over 80 churches in our city, with a population of only 28,612.  And just like in any other town, when it comes to sharing God’s word, we have the saved and the lost, the believers and the non-believers, and the churched and unchurched.  So, wherever your faith lies, know I respect your beliefs

Continue reading here

A Fresh Start

Written 06-24-2021

The first step to making a fresh start is walking away from the life you planned and embracing the life that’s waiting for you. You’re in control of your chaos. You cannot become the person you want to be by remaining where you are. 

Your past doesn’t define you, you don’t live there anymore. Ask yourself who do I want to be? Will it make me a better person than I was yesterday? And, do my choices bring me peace? 

The only way to see change…Is to change. We are only here for a short visit. So don’t hurry and don’t worry. You’re not expected to be the best, only that you try your best. So don’t just survive; thrive.  But to fly…You must first let go of everything that weighs you down. Your potential is endless. Do what you were created to do; the best is yet to come. ~Skies the Limit~

Until Next Week, I Love You All… And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!        Dr. Amy Miller

Are You Drowning

Written 06-17-2021

Everything before today is just a memory. I’m no longer the person I was yesterday. Today I can be the person I want to see in others.  Our past does not define us; we don’t live there anymore. We can start life over at any point, but changes have to begin within. 

Peace doesn’t come when we don’t have any chaos; it just means that we can find peace amid the storm. We can’t control the actions and words of others, but we can control how we respond. We don’t have to attend every fight we’re invited to. We can take the higher road. Not because it’s right but because it’s heavy. 

Don’t sacrifice peace for another’s pleasure. Let things go that no longer serve you. For we don’t drown by falling in the water, we drown by staying there. ~Don’t go through life…Grow through life~

Until Next Week, I Love You All… And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!        Dr. Amy Miller 


Written 06-17-2021

Welcome My Beautiful Friends To: Gossip With Dr. MillerReaders’ Questions:

So, I am going to respond to both of the readers’ questions at the same time, because in my crazy mind, they are intertwined:

~Your article written about how you respond to others is so true. It took me years to understand your message, but once I did, I was better off for it. Negative energy takes a toll, and I found my reaction or response (while staying in control of my emotions) didn’t drain my batteries, or fuel the emotions of others. Thank you for reminding me of this! ~ Laura H.

~Hey Doc, are you ever in a bad mood? Are you ever pissed off in general for no good reason? Have you ever smiled at someone, while secretly giving them a hidden eye-roll accompanied with a fantasy throat punch? ~ Danny M.

Dear Laura and Danny, When reading both of these responses (after getting a good laugh from Danny’s comment), the first word that comes to mind is HAPPINESS.  Although some may argue with this statement, happiness IS a choice.  Yes, we are not taught emotions.  Technically, happiness is an innate feeling.  But in the same sense, we do have some level of control of happiness that we choose to exert.  

The emotion of being happy can increase one’s level of health and prosperity and create an atmosphere that others want to be around.  I am sure we have all heard the saying “happiness is contagious.”  Well, I am here to tell you, it is true. Let me share some of my past to give you an idea of our emotional control capabilities.

  I was an awkward (okay weird) teenager whose ADHD was not diagnosed until becoming an adult.  I was ostracized by peers, had very few friends, and acted out for attention.  I got pregnant at a young age and married a man who physically and mentally abused me for years.  He tragically died while trying to take mine and my child’s life.  During that time, I chose a dark path of addiction and homelessness and even contemplated taking my own life.  It wasn’t until I chose to stop feeling sorry for myself, trying to numb my pain, worrying what others thought of me, and start loving myself, did I learn true happiness. 

 I started waking up every day, thankful that I was given another chance at life.  I became aware of those around me who were struggling and made a conscious effort to put a smile on their face.  I decided that instead of looking at the negative, I would create a positive.  I now choose to recognize that when a stranger is nasty toward me, it is not personal; I don’t know the story I just walked in on.  I have found that when we are content with the life we have and not the life we want, we see a greater sense of happiness.  

Not meaning we cannot strive to reach personal goals, but just that those goals should reflect a better person than we were yesterday.  Do I secretly eye-roll behind one’s back accompanied with thought of throat punching…lol…of course.  I am human, and to be human is to error.  I get mad, I angry text, and I do not hold back my feelings if I have an opposing opinion.  But I try to do it in a way that makes others understand that although we disagree, I still love them.  If the topic gets heated, I just end it with “I’ll pray for you.”  That typically stops the negative responses and is a healthy method of ending a conversation.

Thank you both for awesome responses and good laugh,
Until Next Week, I Love You All…And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It

Dr. Amy Miller

Written 06-11-2021


I realize I cannot control what others say, but I can control how I respond.I’m learning that the biggest problem in communication is that we do not listen to understand; we listen to respond. Therefore, not responding is a response. I am only responsible for what I say, not for what others understand. 

The key to taking responsibility for my actions and reactions is to decide what is important enough to keep and what’s even more important to let go. For peace of mind is a choice… not a result. But keep in mind that if you don’t show your value, you cannot expect others to respect it. Your beliefs don’t make you a better person; your behavior does.

So let go of the anger toward others; they are fighting battles we know nothing about. You cannot control how other people receive your responses because what you say and do is seen through the lens of whatever the other person is going through.  But as long as what we do is done with integrity and love, nothing can obstruct those lenses.  Continue reading…

Written 06-04-2021


Showing respect to someone you may not like is NOT a reflection of their character, but a reflection of yours. We rise by lifting others, even when the task seems heavy. 

Setting aside differences and pride to show compassion and empathy for another human, even if this person has different life views, is not about who is right but what is right. 

Don’t waste a beautiful mind being ugly. Make sure you know the story behind a person before placing judgment. Be open-minded to the opinions of others, for true wisdom doesn’t come from being right, It comes from caring enough to listen. 

Remember, everyone you meet will know something you don’t. So, don’t judge a story by the chapter you walked in on.

Until Next Week, I Love You All… And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!  Dr. Amy Miller

Written May 28- 2021

Is It Your Business?

Due to the pandemic, we have all recognized the signs of struggling or closed businesses in Granite City; unoccupied buildings (some temporarily closed, some permanently closed), low labor supply (lack of workers), job loss, HELP signs in store windows, and empty store shelves.  

You may be asking, how can we help rebuild, reopen, and support local small businesses when we, too, are struggling financially? Well, we can start by investing in these small businesses, then feed off their successes to create more businesses.

What do I mean? Well, we still need to eat, right? Our kids still need a place to socialize, right? We could all use a break from being cooped up in our homes, right?    

We will call this new mission, “Strive to Survive!”. 

Or, maybe “Granite City Could be more Pretty…er”?  No? Too much? (giggle)

Well, I have an idea (not new, just new to our city) that I believe can not only help local small businesses, but also Granite City property owners, to increase capital and grow the economy.  Continue reading...

Written June 3 – 2021


Welcome My Beautiful Friends To: Gossip with Dr. Miller
It’s that time again to answer our reader’s questions, topics, and responses.

    Reader’s question : ~Dr. Miller can you please keep us posted about any updates as a result of the ideas you posted in your article?  “It’s Your Business” Have you had any contact yet with the Mayor or any city officials that can help put any of your plans in motion? BTW, great ideas! ~David S.

Dear David, Thank you for your fantastic questions and kind words! Yes, I have sat with Mayor Parkinson, and current business owners in the downtown area, to discuss the ideas of pop-ups, rehabs, and expansions.  To my surprise, some are already in motion!  Yay! Just a few examples, the YMCA is currently being renovated to accommodate a new and upcoming Art District and Expo, bringing in art and music students, rundown and condemned buildings are either being removed or renovated, and the pop-ups are in the works!!  Also, downtown Granite has a once-a- month Melting Pot Market at Civic Park, where local vendors can sell their work.  Anyone can rent a table for the monthly events, and it is a great way for the community to gather and shop! 

 There will also be a Mayor’s Listening Series, starting at 6 pm June 14th, 28th, August 2nd, and August 16th, at the Granite City Cinema, where the community can gather and discuss current events, concerns, or ideas with public officials!       I am so excited that the Mayor, our City Board members, and local business owners listen to the community and take immediate actions to make this city amazing!  It won’t be long before we see that vision of a bustling Granite City come to fruition.  As I get more information, I will share it with all of you, and if you have any ideas, please share them!! Thanks Again David, Dr. Miller

Readers Question: ~Dr. Amy, your positive outlook and happy personality is uplifting. Thanks for sharing your ray of sunshine. ~ Linda W.

Dear Linda, You are such a shining light, my beautiful friend.  You have no idea how your words lifted me right when I needed it! So, thank you!  I am sure we can all agree that this past year and a half has been a living hell on emotions and human connections.  We have lost loved ones (missing out on having closure), we have had to stay isolated, we have had to mask our smiles, and our children were kept away from their peers; all these feelings without the support of friends and family. 

 I know for most, depression has been at the forefront in a lot of our homes, including mine.  I don’t know about you, but I need human connections.  I love a good hug, a high five, or just “friend” time.  So, when I read your response, it made me feel that human connection again, and for that, I am truly grateful.  Thank you. Stay Beautiful Linda, Dr. Miller   

Readers Question: ~Never fitting in with the norm. Never being popular, and always feeling different than most, when will I ever, or will I ever feel comfortable in my own skin? I don’t need or want attention, but I do need to not feel invisible. Why, at my age, does it take courage to enter a crowded room? Why do I feel all eyes are on me, but not single person truly sees me?  Apologetically Myself~ Kathryn L

Dear Beautiful Kathryn, I first want to say that I am so grateful and honored that you chose to share something so personal and heartfelt with us.  I actually had to take a moment, step away, have a good cry, gather my composure, and take a deep breath before replying to this post.

You wrote my life in a nutshell. The same struggles haunted me for years and even led me down some dark, self-inflicted paths.  “Human rejection” are the words that resurfaced in my head, an all-too-familiar feeling for me. But I want you to know that we CAN repair this.  I am living proof. Although I am still awkward, and weird, and uncomfortable, today, I have learned to embrace and love me for me. It was as simple as a stranger pointing out my problem…ME. See, we are our worst critics.  Let me see if you can relate.   

You: “No one likes me.”

Truth: No, no one knows you.  Body language plays a huge factor in communication.  If you feel unwanted or unnoticed, your body will respond negatively (facial expression, body turned away from others, no eye contact, isolation, etc.) without realizing that we attract who we think we are. 

You: “I feel different than most, uncomfortable in my own skin.” Truth: You ARE different, and that is what makes you beautiful!!  What a crazy world this would be if we all were the same.  You just need to learn to embrace and love your “different” and watch how positively people respond.  See, when our own feelings are invisible to us, we attract people who don’t see our needs either.  So, the best way to stop feeling different or invisible to others is to be visible to ourselves.

  As you did in your post, become aware of your feelings, ask yourself, what do I need right now, and how do I go about getting those needs met.  Once you get a clear idea of what you need, you’ll be a magnet for attracting people who can meet those needs.  You will also meet others, weird like you and me, who will share the same story.  You and I are not alone.  We are worthy of being loved and seen, and you are doing a disservice to others by not letting them know Kathryn! 

Your First Steps:*Post messages like this one openly on your Facebook page.  Let others know how you are feeling, and watch how people share similar experiences, strengths, and hope.  You will see, you’re not alone. AND *Call a friend (me 😊).You are amazing!    I hope that sharing my advice brings some peace, knowing you have others who want to know your weird, uncomfortable, different self!! Your Friend, Dr. Miller 

*These were great ideas, questions, topics, and responses!  I want all of our readers to know that if you have any additional feedback to any of these questions, sharing your experience, strength, and hope, we would love to hear from you*

Until Next Week, I Love You All… And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!        Dr. Amy Miller       


Written May 21,2021

Use Your Words 
A mind is a powerful tool, but more so is the tongue. Choose words carefully as they are a mirror of your character. For your words have the ability to create a beautiful moment and the strength to destroy one. You never know who needs your words or how your words will affect someone, so taste them carefully before spitting them out.Try to speak kindly and with love, even if you have to try a little harder some days. Because kind words not only enable others to know you are stronger than the urge, but that your own peace and serenity cannot be compromised. You are just one kind word away from saving another. You don’t need to say the perfect words to inspire. Inspiration comes from the heart. Just be the best version of yourself. You’re in control of the information you share. 

~So, talk with your mind before you speak with your tongue. For the tongue may have no bones but has the strength to break a heart~

Until Next Week, I Love You All… And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!        Dr. Amy Miller 

Don’t Be Trashy

Written May 14, 2021

I would like to give a massive shout-out to Brenda Whitaker and all involved with the monthly “Community Cleanup”. 

You have been recognized for all your hard work!

Our city looks beautiful!

It has been so inspiring seeing so many of our residents getting involved with cleaning up this city and creating a more prosperous environment.

Since these groups started cleaning up the community, I have found myself pulling over and picking up trash off the side of the road (I even keep empty trash bags in my car for moments like these). I’m sure I am not alone. Unfortunately, we cannot control the actions of others; we can only be the role models for how we want others to follow. I do have a few recommendations that I wanted Granite City Officials to consider:

*Create a Space that Cleans Itself (as much as possible) – For example, having trash cans and sanitizer dispensers situated in convenient, accessible areas can encourage individuals to throw away trash more frequently as well as regularly sanitizing.

*Pay Extra Attention to Problem Areas –   Paying extra attention to problem areas may require more frequent cleanups in these areas to decrease rates of trash growth.

*Encourage Cleanliness with Visuals – People often take public cleanliness for granted, and forget to implement sanitation practices in these areas. Having visual posters, banners, and public signs with cleanup symbols around the space will remind and encourage people to continue their sanitation practices in the space. 

*Implement Littering Fines – Along with signs of cleanup, we should also have signs encouraging consequences of Littering. But, most of all, let’s continue to encourage and implement these monthly Community Cleanups, and just maybe we can create a habitat where many more will want to live. 

~You All Did A Fantastic Job…Thank You!!!~

I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions, so please share your thoughts!!! Until Next Week,

I Love You All… And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!        Dr. Amy Miller 


Written 05-23-2021

Welcome My Beautiful Friends To: Gossip with Dr. Miller. 
This week, I am responding to multiple questions/comments on my article “Don’t Be Trashy”

Readers Question: ~ I love your articles; please keep them coming! ~ Jackie N. Dear Jackie, Thank you so much for the positive words and love!  It is readers like you who inspire me to continue this path.  Please continue to message any topics, opinions, or whatever you want to discuss! Thanks Jackie, Dr. Miller

Readers Question:~Stopping people and businesses from putting so many temporary signs out would also help the town look better. Maybe a temporary sign fee that expires after a short time would help. Then make them collect the signs! ~ Larry S.

Dear Larry, I could not agree more!  Granite City does have sign ordinances (15.52.160- General Prohibitions and 15.52.150- Exempt Graphics), but the upshots for not following said ordinances have been null and void.  Now with our new city leader, Mayor Parkinson, these issues are being addressed, as well as many other eye-sore problems in our city.  These laws include city approval for the sign, placement, and allotted time for placement.  If any of the regulations are violated, there is a fine.

  Unfortunately, we have not been witnessing said fines.  I understand we all want to attend or hold yard sales, but those homes need permits; and should include the signs in permit regulations.  The sign issue must be addressed within the city hall when obtaining a permit.  When the city provides these permits, the regulations regarding sign placement and allotted time of sign placement must be acknowledged and followed up with the appropriate consequences if disobeyed or ignored; because we all know that the acts will continue without penalties.

  I have seen a lot of signs for businesses in the center islands in Granite City (ex. “we buy ugly houses” or “mattress sales” signs displayed on Nameoki and Johnson Rd.).  We need to remove these “types” of marketing signs.  If you want to market your business, you can do this via social media, word of mouth, or mail.  Trust me, if we need your business, we will find you.  I believe temporary signs are an easy fix; if you do not have a permit for your sign, it gets removed and discarded by the city.  If you violate sign ordinances, no sign approval, no permit, or erected signs past the allotted placement time, the owner of said signs will be fined.  If humans have to pay for something so small, the likelihood of reoccurrence will be minimal.  Great response!  Let me know your thoughts!! Thanks Larry, Dr. Miller                                 

Readers Question:~Doctor Miller, you have some great ideas, especially about the signage with reminders to “encourage clean up” and “not to litter”. But can you actually get anyone to listen to your ideas and possibly make it happen? Can you get the attention of those who matter?

When I drive down the dirty streets of Granite City and compare them to other towns like Glen Carbon, and Edwardsville, it not only makes me sad, it actually angers me as an invested homeowner. Does the city not own a street sweeper? Can they invest in some weed killer for our curbs and sidewalks? How about some paint to repaint yellow curb markings? I see very little effort on the city’s part, while private citizens are at least trying. ~Stephen M

Dear Stephen, Great question!  I first want to say; I am powerless over the actions of others.  The only thing I can control are my own actions.  I don’t know if you have had the pleasure of meeting our new Mayor, but he is a great listener and facilitator, more so, he is a great action leader.  The issues are currently being addressed, along with a list of others. 

The Mayor has a “first year in office” list, but he has already begun the changes.  On that note, I will address the said ideologies to our Mayor and have faith he will add and implement the ideas as they are beneficial to the city and modify said city ordinances to adhere to the issues.  As for your questions regarding street sweeper, weed killer, and yellow curb markings, the answer is yes to all the above.  If the city has not been in your neighborhood, please call city hall, and they will address the issues!  I am so happy you brought up some of the concerns because the city cannot fix what they don’t know is broken.  Thanks Stephen, Dr. Miller

*These were great ideas, questions, topics, and responses!  Keep them coming, my friends, and feel free to let us know how you are feeling!  You cannot hurt any feelings, and we will not shut your opinions down*

Until Next Week, I Love You All… And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!        Dr. Amy Miller       

Written 05-07-2021

Unapologetically Myself 

Welcome My Beautiful Friends to Gossip with Dr. Miller. I am very excited to introduce myself to you as the newest columnist with GraniteCityGossip.

I am blessed to have this opportunity to entertain you, inspire you, laugh with you, debate with you, and keep you updated on Granite City’s local happenings. I want to open communication lines with readers and respond to opinions, concerns, stories, ideologies, and any questions you may want to share. Each week I will be choosing a response from one of my readers and answer it, following up with another article.

Do not be afraid to be honest with me. It takes a lot to offend me, and, in this forum, there is no judgment or silencing of voices.  We have all faced life on life’s terms with struggles, celebrations, hard times, and good times, so what you share just might be what someone else needed to hear at that moment. And, just as I want you to accept me, for me, I want you to be YOU. 

Weekly we will discuss anything and everything; life, kids, marriage, faith, struggles, businesses, pets, love, and so forth. So, as you read the articles weekly, please keep in mind that I am perfectly imperfect. Being a writer for a media outlet is a first for me, as my background encompasses a Doctorate in Management with a primary focus on Psychology and Criminal Justice. But I believe that my years of counseling and consulting will help us communicate openly and share some good stories. It may take a minute to get into the grove, but I have a strong feeling we are all going to be dancing before you know it! So, as long as you are willing to be open-minded, honest, and have some fun, we can all get to gossiping each week with Dr. Miller!  

Until next week, I Love You All…And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!

Seeking Your Purpose

Welcome My Beautiful Friends To: Gossip with Dr. Miller

Readers Question:

~Are you the same lady that was featured on the news being a living donor? How is the person doing? Any regrets? ~ Thomas L.

Dear Thomas,

To answer your question, Yes, I did donate my kidney to my neighbor.  And no, not one regret

Typically, I try to stay humble about situations like these (do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret~ Matthew 6:3–4).  Still, in this situation, I believe that sharing can open the door to educating others about becoming living donors.

Our Story

I have always tended to be in my head about my purpose in life and the role each of us plays in getting closer to that purpose.  See, the concept of “purpose” is to seek “reason” or “goals”.  We conceptualize purpose by getting up in the mornings, going to work, needing to find love, a desire to reproduce, make more money, buy nicer things, and so forth.  These acts give us hope in fulfilling that self-purpose.  The only problem with self-purpose is that we, as humans, always want more, never fulfilling that need.

But what if you were faced with a life-altering situation that had nothing to do with you and everything to do with another person, and fulfilling that need would bring your purpose to light? Would you do it, even if it meant you had to give up something so valuable and precious that most would never consider the risk?

Well, in 2018, I was faced with this question. 

For two years, I watched my neighbor, Tina, come home from dialysis, get out of her car, hunched over in pain, and never saying a word to one another.  I knew Tina was ill and hospitalized many times with heart issues, but I did not realize the extent of her illness.  Then, one August morning, I was sitting on my front porch drinking coffee, and Tina pulled up in her car.  I watched her slowly get out of the car, noticing she was crying.  I called her over to come to sit with me.  As I comforted her, she began telling me about her situation.  She told me she was in complete kidney failure, and her good kidney was only working at 3%.  I listened to her as she explained her years on dialysis and how it took a toll on her heart and body.  She was crying because she finally got on the list for a donor.  I perked up and exclaimed, “That’s great!”.  She began crying again, stating that it was a 3 to 5-year waiting list, and she wouldn’t make it to December (3 months).  I sat quietly, my head spinning with thoughts, and at that moment, I just knew, “What do I need to do?”.  She looked at me and said, “what do you mean?”.  I said, “how can I give you mine?”.  From that point on, everything happened so fast.  With my entire family’s support, I spent the next four days having tests run.  From urinalysis to CT scans, heart tests, psych examines, and lots of bloodwork, the results were in; Tina and I were a match.    

Not “just” any match, but a perfect match. 

The stranger that lived across the street from me for over 15 years was not only the same blood type as me, but as fate would have it, 2 out of 6 genetic markers matched, lowering the chances of Tina’s body rejecting my kidney and enhancing her chances of living a full, healthy life. 

On September 6th, 2018, Tina and I had transplant surgery.  The surgery went smoothly.  Tina received my kidney without any complications.  As a matter of fact, she began using it as soon as it was intact.  I was only in the hospital for two nights and Tina for three.   

It has been almost three years now, and Tina is back to work, off a lot of her anti-rejection medications, and more so, healthier than ever!!  Her other organs previously weakened from the failing kidneys, were now healthy, healed, and in great working condition.             

Call it God, science, fate, coincidence, or something greater than ourselves, but it is inevitable; when we meet people and do acts of kindness that have nothing to do with ourselves, we experience a supreme sense of purpose…pure love. 

We all have the ability to be someone else’s purpose, for, as I learned in this situation, we are all connected.     

A few things to know about becoming a living donor:

Testing and Surgery are paid for by patients’ insurance (Free for the donor).  You will be tested on health, blood type, and urine.  Only the healthiest can become donors.  You do not lose any lifespan; a fact, a donor tends to live longer because they are deemed healthier than the average person.  If you (donor) have any complications in the future with your one kidney, you are placed at the top of the list for an immediate transplant.  Recovery time and discomfort are minimal. And, last but not least,

You Save Another’s Life!!!

The most unselfish thing you could do for another person.

*One small act of kindness may not save the world, but it may mean the world to one person* 

If you are interested in becoming a living organ donor, please call 


Until Next Week,

I Love You All… And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!        

Dr. Amy Miller