Wakey- Wakey Article Continued

YES, COVID is real.  But, so were Small Pox, Yellow Fever, Cholera, Typhoid, H1N1, SARS, Diphtheria, Tuberculosis, Polio, H2N2, Measles, Mumps, HIV, the Flu, which societies have dealt with for generations. The difference this time was that elites mandated lockdowns, masks, and the enforcing of vaccinations. But why?  We need to reflect on what the agenda was behind this pandemic compared to all the others.  Society has become so conditioned and influenced by government entities that; not wearing a mask has become a crime, while crimes have become justifiable based on race.   I find it insane that we are even having some of these conversations, knowing that society cannot honestly believe all we have heard and dealt with is acceptable. Elites have already begun defunding law and order while being protected by the same entities they want to eliminate for you and me. *This is going on outside your door*

In a nutshell: The government is taking away law and order by screaming “reform” while simultaneously taking away the funds needed to meet said demands.  At the same time, punishing law enforcement officers for defending and protecting citizens, calling the actions racist, but using those same officers to protect their families. Any opposing opinions from society are silenced when discussions of vaccines, masks, and school openings come up.  People are encouraging harm among societies utilizing racism and cancel culture, justifying these actions as Civil Rights.  

While the leader of this country has stated in numerous speeches that black people are unable to get fair representation, do not know how to use computers, cannot graduate from high school or college without help, and are too dumbed down even to have an accountant.  But no one is talking about those racial slurs.  Why?  For fear of being called a racist?  Doesn’t that sound like an oxymoron?   

  Now we have elites who are pushing past oppression to encourage reparations for racism, in which, you and I have not provoked. They are making people think that abortion is okay (“my body my choice”), but enforcing vaccines (“no longer my body my choice”?). Government is taking God out of our society, taking away our Second Amendment Rights to protect ourselves from an uprising of civil unrest and a tyrannical government, but using those same rights for personal protection, and are taking away education; dumbing down society to enable these demands to seem normal

Our government is justifying the corruption and trafficking of children. And most of all, they are pushing a fear that we as a society will spread a deadly virus if we all do not conform but allow hundreds of thousands of people to enter our country without knowledge of said diseases. They are then providing these people, who have illegally come into this country, with money, housing, and medical.  At the same time, while we have our homelessness epidemic (a majority of who are military vets). The government is using “money” (printed paper) to leave an impression that they “care”… only to monitor your expenses. 

Soon you won’t buy food, get gas, or have any outdoor privileges without a medical passport.  We are going backward from an entire free nation to Marxist and Leninism thinking.  Socialism falls right in the middle.  So why now are we moving in an adverse direction after fighting so hard for our freedom? 

Socialism at its finest. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic.   


Until Next Week, I Love You All…And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It!!

Dr. Amy Miller