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Now Is the Time to Help Empty the Shelters

Attention animal lovers, there is no better time than now because it’s that time again. BISSELL Pet Foundation is hosting another Empty the Shelters adoption event. Now through the rest of July is the purrr-fect time to find your cuddle buddy and make your family complete. All adoptions are either $25 or FEE WAIVED throughout the rest of July! Stop by either of the locations anytime during business hours. No appointment necessary at the Metro East Humane Society.

The dedicated staff will be there to guide you through the adoption process. Whether you’re drawn to a playful pup or a cuddly cat, you’ll find your special companion waiting especially for you.

Locations and Hours: Edwardsville Shelter: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday: 11:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Wednesday, Thursday: 11:30 AM to 7:00 PM
Sunday: 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM
Highland Shelter: Monday to Saturday: 11:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday: 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM

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Sweet Treats from the Hart Opens New Location July 2nd

Kimberly Godar, owner of the Sweet Treats from the Hart Cafe has relocated her once bakery business to its new location at 2770 Madison Avenue in Granite City. Kimberly and her sweet treats quickly became a Granite City favorite, and her customers can now look forward to a larger building with inside seating and even more treats to choose from. You will find sweet and savory items on the daily menu like biscuits and gravy and a chicken salad croissant sandwich and cupcakes, jumbo muffins, cookies puddings and so much more.

Sweet Treats from the Hart welcomes custom orders like sugar free items and specialty cakes for all occasions, muffins or cupcakes and even cream horns and danishes for the office. Call (618) 823-5005 to place your order today or stop by and let the aroma of fresh baked vanilla and cinnamon be your guide to a scrumptious treat.

Senator Harriss’ Cardiac Response Plan Bill Gets
Signed Into Law

Both public and private schools across Illinois will now implement cardiac response plans following the passage of a bill carried by Senator Erica Harriss. The legislation, signed into law on Monday, aims to prepare schools for cardiac emergencies.

“There is no predicting when a cardiac emergency might occur,” said Senator Harriss (56th-Glen Carbon). “Having plans in place and individuals trained to perform life-saving measures can make a critical difference.”

House Bill 5394 requires school boards to provide school personnel with information and hands-on cardiac emergency response training. This training includes hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of the school’s automated external defibrillator (AED).

“According to the American Heart Association, thousands of students under 18 have experienced cardiac arrest,” said Senator Harriss. “Statistics show that without prompt response or training, nearly 90% of these incidents can be fatal. This bill is about saving lives and offering parents peace of mind when dropping their children off at school.”

Additionally, school boards are required to review procedures and emergency plans annually. School districts will also be eligible for a matching grant covering 50% of the costs for first aid certification.

The bill passed both chambers unanimously and was signed into law on July 1, 2024, with an effective date of January 1, 2025.

Please Welcome Our Newest Sponsor,
Uncle Linny’s Restaurant & Catering and More

Please take a moment to welcome GraniteCityGossip.com’s newest sponsor, Uncle Linny’s Restaurant and Catering. Located in Pontoon Beach and owned and operated by Lirim Selimi, better known as Lindy. Lindy is also the owner of Uncle Linny’s Food & Brews, as well as, Forever After, the area’s newest event venue. Whether you are looking for a fantastic breakfast, lunch or dinner or a quick bite with an icy cold brew, Linny has you covered. If holding a celebration is in your future, Lindy has created the beautiful “Forever After” a striking and unique event center also located in Pontoon Beach. For a preview of each location, click their banners where you can review their menus and find additional information. Welcome Lindy and staff!

Little Known Ordinance is a Win -Win for
Certain Residents and the City

GraniteCityGossip.com, June 28, 2024

In 2017 the Granite City Council adopted Ordinance 8607, an ordinance known as the “Mow to Own” program. This program helps property owners who routinely mow and maintain vacant city owned lots that are adjacent to their property an opportunity to acquire these city-owned lots. The program offers residents the chance to improve their property and neighborhood simultaneously. If a property owner routinely mows and maintains one of these lots for a period of twelve months or longer, they can apply to the city for ownership of the lot and have it combined to their existing property. Satisfactorily maintaining includes mowing, trimming, leaf removal, removal of trash and litter, and shoveling snow where applicable.

Upon completion of the “Mow to Own” application process and the approval of the City Council, title shall be transferred into the name of the applicant through a recordable Quit Claim Deed. More information about the “Mow to Own” program requirements and steps involved in the application process can be found in the mayor’s office at Granite City City Hall.

This ordinance is a “win-win” for all involved. A property owner can improve their existing property by increasing the lot size, possibly increasing their property value, improving the look of their neighborhood and our city will no longer be using important resources to maintain these vacant properties.

Are We Still the All-American City?

The city in 1959 had achieved this status. Have we strayed from the beaten path our founders paved for us? Never calling any place home other than Granite City, I still sense the old fashioned neighborhood feel of my childhood. Its vibe is that of a close knit community or extended family if you will, that allows you to enter a local restaurant and almost always run into a neighbor, a friend or a familiar face that leads to an impromptu conversation.

Although we are the largest city in Madison County, our spirit is that of a small town, all keeping connected in one way or another, often helping one another and coming together in support of whoever may be in need. In my thoughts we haven’t strayed far from our founder’s legacy, but we have grown and diversified and built upon that strong foundation.

As the years tick by and we grow older we learn to cherish the past, but to also embrace the future of change. The resilience and the strength and determination of all who call this place home share a feeling of hope and hometown pride that sends a welcoming message that we are indeed still the “All American City” and the best is yet to come.

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The Mayor, Mike Parkinson Speaking Series Was Held Tuesday June 11,2024

On June 11, 2024, Mayor Mike Parkinson hosted the Mayor’s Listening Series, a dynamic platform for residents, businesses, and community leaders to connect with the new administration. The event focused on two critical topics: City Budget and the sale of the Waste Water Treatment Plant. Mayor Parkinson outlined the rationale behind this decision, highlighting potential benefits for the community. He also emphasized transparency and accountability in managing the city’s finances. He shared insights into the current budget, revenue streams, and strategic allocations.

The Mayor’s Listening Series isn’t just about dialogue; it’s about action.  One of the announcements made during tonight’s meeting was that the retail store “5 Below” will be coming to Granite City. Mayor Parkinson’s commitment to active listening ensures that Granite City thrives and evolves. Stay tuned for future sessions, where they will delve into additional critical topics affecting our community. You can watch the entire video of the speaking series by following this link.

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Rocksie, The Inspirational Rock Snake Finds a
Home in Wilson Park

In the heart of Granite City, Illinois, a colorful and inspiring project has taken root. Rocksie, the painted rock snake. Nestled near the sunken gardens in Wilson Park, Rocksie has become a symbol of community kindness and creativity. Rocksie’s journey began when needing a new safe home. Lorri and Katy, the GraniteCityGossip.com website owners enlisted the help of Justin Brinkmeyer, Director of Parks and Recreation. With a keen eye for the perfect location, Justin found a spot for Rocksie to thrive. Wilson Park, with its lush greenery and serene atmosphere, welcomed this unique addition.

Rocksie isn’t just any snake; she’s adorned with uplifting messages and vibrant designs. Each rock contributes to her colorful scales, reminding visitors that kindness is contagious. The community rallied behind the project, thanks to the initiative by GraniteCityGossip.com. Children and adults alike are joining in, painting rocks and adding them to Rocksie’s length. We hope to see Rocksie grow longer each day as park visitors contribute their own painted rocks. Each one carries a message of hope, encouragement, or simply a smile. Next time you visit Wilson Park, take a moment to admire Rocksie.

Add your own painted rock to her colorful body and be part of this heartwarming project. Let kindness ripple through the community, one rock at a time. Remember, even a small act of kindness can create a beautiful mosaic of compassion. Rocksie’s journey continues, and her scales tell stories of love, resilience, and community spirit. Lorri, Katy, Lacy, and Lori Kay: These community members spearheaded the effort, hoping to spread kindness and inspiration throughout Granite City.

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