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Gene’s Autobody has Dedicated Over 45 Years of Service to the Community

In the early 70’s Gene Payne opened the autobody shop in its original location in downtown Granite City across the street from the old Park N Eat restaurant. In 1978 Gene decided to relocate the shop to its current location at 4055 Pontoon Road onto a property that once was a grocery store converted to an autobody shop.

In 1995 construction began on a 4000 square foot facility and a business was reborn bigger and better than ever. Since its relocation and construction of a new building, the facility has been added onto to keep up with the growing demands and to accommodate the customers that were looking for restoration and fabrication work.

Gene’s Auto Body has had the honor of being selected numerous times as the “Best Body Shop” in metro area by the vote of the people in and around the surrounding communities.  After Gene’s retirement in 2006, his son Don stepped right into his shoes continuing to provide the same level of customer service and quality repair standards that Gene had built his success upon, with the motto of “Yesterday’s Values with Tomorrow’s Technology”.

Don and the staff at Gene’s Autobody have supported Toys for Tots throughout the years and compared to years past, this year getting the boxes filled seems to be a bit more difficult. Donations are coming in at a slower pace with time running out. With December 10th being the deadline and the pickup scheduled for the early morning of the 11th, we’re hoping to see the community help to get these boxes filled before the deadline.

While you’re out shopping, please keep the children in mind and help to fill the boxes, there are 5 needing to be filled. Gene’s Autobody will be open Monday through Friday, 8-4:30 for Toy drop offs. You also have the option to order off their Amazon shopping wish list and have it shipped straight to the shop.


It is a sad day in this steel town as news spreads that U.S. Steel Granite City Works will idle the plant indefinitely, creating a loss of 1000 jobs. You all know me, I have represented folks in bankruptcy and financial planning since 1979. What you do not know is my grandfather worked at Commonwealth Steel. We lived on Grand Avenue, a couple blocks from the plant entrance. I used to play ball in the field by the gate. And I picked iron ore pellets from the railroad tracks coming out of the plant, for my sling shot while I did important kid stuff.

Years later, when my grandfather died at a ripe old age, the steelworker’s union sent dad a prayer and a bible in a beautiful cedar box, that I still have. My father never heard from the plant. I do not usually comment on business layoffs, but I have a soft spot in my heart for steelworkers. It is going to be tough for some families this holiday season. I wrote down some words that might help. Please share this. It is a long read, but worth it.

It is important to budget your money. Figure out how much you have each month and spend within that limit. Make cuts where you can, sooner, before layoffs occur, rather than later.

Get financial advice before you use savings to pay debt. If you do not have enough money to pay all your debt, do not waste what you have if it will not solve the problem. Your ERISA qualified retirement account is protected under law and cannot be seized by a company to pay debt. Do not give up that protection. No one can make you spend retirement money on your bills. If you do, once your savings is gone, it will not be there for your retirement. And you might get taxed on the withdrawal, depending on the type of account.

Rat hole some cash. Make an emergency fund, while you can. It is time to squeeze nickels like our parents did during the depression.

Avoid high interest predatory lending. You cannot borrow your way out of debt. The hole just keeps getting deeper.

Learn the difference between secured debt and unsecured debt. A loan against your house or vehicle means those things can be foreclosed or repossessed. Unsecured debt, like medical bills or credit cards can be wiped out in chapter 7 bankruptcy. Pay the secured ones if you want to keep those things. Act before you get sued or your unsecured debt can become a judgment lien against your property.

Check out food banks, and churches for clothing, and ILHEAP for utility assistance. Lean on friends. Friends supporting friends is what friends do.

The #1 strategic money move do not deposit money at a bank or credit union where you have a loan. When you set up your account, you gave that institution permission to seize money from your account to pay your loans. If you fall behind on loans, or credit card payments from a card issued by that institution, it will take your money, without asking, no matter how many years you have been a loyal customer. Do not let that happen. Set up new accounts at a different bank or credit union where you do not have loans.

You do not have to close accounts or tell anyone what you are doing. Simply withdraw your cash and deposit it at the new institution. You cannot afford to lose that money.

Arm yourself with information.  You do not have to go through this alone.
Andy Miofsky, Attorney at Law; 
618-931-1313 Ext. 5

Holiday Shoppers Beware and Do the Research

Before standing in long lines waiting for those spectacular sale prices to begin, or strategically placed wrapped pallets placed around the big box stores to be unwrapped, almost always having a limited supply, you may want to do a little research.

Recently TikTokers have entered big box stores to prove that the highly anticipated holiday sales aren’t always what they seem or advertised to be. People have learned to remove the Black Friday Deal sticker to reveal the original price behind it, and what they are discovering makes for a Bah-Humbug shopping experience. In some cases, the sale prices advertised are covering the exact original price listed, making it no sale at all.

You may find it worth your while to check into a few shopping apps that assist you in finding the best bang for your shopping dollars, or at least, the best price on a particular item. Here you will find a link to several shopping apps that may help get you the best price possible. Good luck and happy shopping!


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Area Christmas Light Displays That Are Sure to
Get You in the Holiday Spirit

The largest display in the area can be found at World Wide Technology Raceway at 700 Raceway Boulevard, Madison, Illinois. You will find one million glowing LED lights regardless of the weather now through Sunday, Dec. 31. Click here for more information and tickets.

Rock Springs Park is prepared for visitors thanks to the Grandpa Gang, a group of volunteers who string more than 4 million lights over a mile and half of the park at Christmas Wonderland. The light display runs from November 27 through December 27. 2100 College Ave. Alton, Illinois 62002
Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. For more information click here.

Way of Lights at Our Lady of the Snows display is open now to December 31. It’s open nightly from 5 to 9. With many special scheduled events, make sure to check out their calendar. Calendar of events.

If you’re looking for more drive through Christmas light displays in and around Illinois and Missouri, you can click the link to KSDK’s 2023 list of locations.


The Caring Students of Coolidge Junior High School

The Coolidge Student Council was in the giving holiday spirit as they packed, prepared and delivered 25 baskets on November 17th to area families. This was a collaborative effort by the students, teachers, staff and custodians. The caring group of students, and all involved to make this happen is exactly what makes Granite City a proud community to call home.


The Loss of a Granite City Legend

Granite City has lost its most beloved chef and pillar of the community. From anniversary celebrations, wedding receptions and countless community and school functions, for decades Jerry Roderick was always at work behind the scenes as well as, at the front of the line for most of them.

Jerry grew up in the family restaurant business known as Roderick’s on East 24th Street. His mother and father, Ollie and Theresa Roderick, retired from the long established business in 1984.  In 1986 Jerry opened his own restaurant at its current location at 1920 Edison Avenue. After 31 years at Jerry’s Cafeteria on Edison Avenue he took his well deserved retirement and his son Jon took the reins.

Our deepest condolences to Coleen Roderick, and the entire family. The fond memories of all who knew Jerry will never be forgotten, as well as the positive impact he had on the city, and all who loved him.


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Donations To Benefit Granite City’s American Legion Post #113

Photo from the Revity Credit Union Facebook

Revity Credit Union is raising funds all month long to support our veterans! Stop by your nearest branch location by November 30th to donate $1 and write a special note for our local veterans! All cards and donations will be donated to the American Legion Post #113 in Granite City.

You Won’t Spend All Day in the Kitchen
Making These Fast and Easy Favorites

These tried and true holiday favorites are quick and easy with a minimal amount of ingredients that most kitchens have in stock. Nothing tastes like home as much as Grandma’s chocolate pie. The Lunchroom Ladies Brownies will take you right back to your childhood. Chocolate Fudge and Peanut Butter Fudge made easy with a few simple steps from start to finish. Click on the images for the easy to follow recipes.


The Impact on Your Wallet While Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner in 2023

While making preparations for the Thanksgiving holiday, this year compared to last year, looks promising to not bust the budget when shopping for that Thanksgiving turkey. According to recent reports retail prices have drastically dropped thanks to the overabundant supply of the feathered favorite entree.

The American Farm Bureau Federation has also analyzed turkey prices and estimated that the cost of a turkey to serve at Thanksgiving dinner this November will be lower across the U.S. than in previous years.

GraniteCityGossip.com November, 2023

Shopping For Christmas This Holiday Season
May Bring Deeper Discounts

The end of October ushers in the holiday shopping season, with the busiest retail sales beginning November first through December. With inflation concerns this year, shoppers are predicted to wait for deep discounts this season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have mostly been a once per season shopping event, this year may look a bit different.

According to shopping researchers, it appears as if Walmart may be planning four deeply discounted black Friday events just in November alone. This season may be the most competitive discounts shoppers have seen in recent years.

Online shopping is more popular than ever. Walmart, Amazon and Target being in the top five online retailers, have many customers ready to stay online to beat the crowds and long checkout lines by shopping from the comfort of their homes. Whether you’re looking for today’s most popular toy, or the latest trendy fashion pieces, timing could be the difference between cashing in on great discounts or missing out.

GraniteCityGossip.com November, 2023

What is Headed Our Way,
a Mild or Harsh Winter for
Granite City in 2023

What type of winter conditions are heading your way? Do you keep a watchful eye on the Woolley Worms, or the amount of falling acorns and walnuts and even the thickness of their shells? How about the neighborhood squirrels? Winter weather folklore suggests that even the size of squirrel tails can be a tell-tale sign, no pun intended, of our incoming winter season.

Whether you wait on the local weather meteorologist for their long-term forecast or keep an eye on mother nature and remember generations of passed down folklore predictions, most of us keep our fingers crossed for a mild winter.

The Farmer’s Almanac of Illinois says that “if we believe our tried-and-true forecast formula, it means that cold temperatures should prevail throughout the country and bring snow, sleet, and ice. Also, the extended weather forecast, which is based on a mathematical and astronomical formula, calls for below-average temperatures and lots of snowstorms, sleet, ice, rain for much of the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, and Midwest areas of the country.”

GraniteCityGossip.com October 25, 2023

GRANITE CITY GraniteCityGossip Weather


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