Summertime at Horseshoe Lake, Pontoon Beach Il.

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Granite City School District’s Summer Lunch Schedule
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The locations is Granite City High School

3148 Fehling Road

June 1-29 (Monday-Friday)

July 11-August 12 (Monday-Friday)

Breakfast 7:30-10 a.m. Lunch 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

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A Shining Example of a Big Heart Makes our Community Proud

The soaring temperatures and heat warnings didn’t deter Maddy Faye from her July 4th goal. Maddy braved the weather to set up her Lemonade stand at the corner of Maryville and Lynch. Customers were not in short supply, even one of Granite City’s first reponders Officer Penny stopped and bought some lemonade.

The procedes of the Lemonade stand were part of the ongoing local support to benefit retired Granite City High School Teacher/ Legendary GCHS Wrestling Coach Allen Kirgan. Great job Maddy!

The Dixon’s Reinvesting in Their Community

Business owners Charlotte and Michael Dixon are the owners of Dixon Heating and Cooling. Now, they are the proud owners of a beautiful old home at 2055 Cleveland, giving Granite City a Bed & Breakfast. But not before they literally breathed new life into this forgotten old house. The plaque on the front of the building reads “Cleveland Place B&B 2055 Est. 1915” It is quite a story. This amazing couple have owned and remolded this building twice. That’s right twice!

The first time they bought the house, in 2012 it had been divided into numerous apartments. Mike and Charlotte took it back to its original purpose of being a gracious family home. Charlotte’s daughter JoAnn and her family enjoyed the home for years but when it became more space then they needed, it was sold. A local organization purchased the building but then left the building after only four months and it was then sold for the taxes.

When the Dixons found this out they tried again to buy it but were not successful. It sat empty and unattended for long time and within that time the building was striped of anything that could be sold and if it couldn’t be sold it was destroyed. Then in 2020 the Dixons tried once more to buy the home and this time they were successful. But they needed to start all over, again. And that is what they have done again. I toured this two story, four bedroom, stately old home with it’s stained glass widow in the dinning room, full modern kitchen and what I liked best of all was the huge glassed front porch.

Mrs. Dixon has hosted numerous meetings in this gracious home, including a local Rotary meeting. And with the blessing of Mayor Parkinson they have set-up an organization, they call Restore & Renew, giving people interested in these beautiful old homes a sounding board and a support group.

The Dixons have put not only their money into this building (and a lot of it) but they are reinvesting in our community. It is the passion that people like Charlotte and Mike feel for their community, that makes them give of their time and love as they breath new life back into something that would have been forgotten by most of us. Thank goodness there are people like the Dixons who care enough to take on this type of a huge undertaking, I watch a show on HGTV called “Hometown” where this couple will fix-up one home at a time in their hometown of Laurel Mississippi. Just for the love of bringing back their hometown. We just need a few more people like Charlotte and Mike Dixon. Thank you.

Horror Film Shot in Alton and Granite City

Granite City filmmaker Colton Crawford has another short film underway with scenes shot in their hometown and in Alton.

“Under the Setting Moon” is a short horror film that soon will be in post production for about a month, then distributed and entered into film festivals across the nation, Crawford said. The short was shot in Lenny’s Bar in Granite City and in Alton on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, as well as other locations. You might spot someone you know in the film, as so many people applied as extras through Facebook and word of mouth.

“Under the Setting Moon” is about a young trans woman who loses the love of her life unexpectedly. Struck with grief, she is willing to do anything to get him back, even if it means conjuring up the devil to do so.

“She and her girlfriends play around in black magic to try to bring him back. This is part of the collection of Colton Crawford’s Classics,” Crawford said. “Right now, I’m working on a, kind of, new art by mimicking classic cinematography, like ‘Gone With The Wind.'” Read more…

With the Help of Local Volunteers and Donations, Twigs Impacts our Community in Several Ways

Twigs Was Founded in 2011 To Feed Hungry Children and currently provides free summer lunches in 30 communities and free bags of weekend meals in 12 school districts. In addition, Twigs distributes nearly 12,000 pounds of free food each month from a “pop-up”market the first Tuesday of every month. All who come receive food. No questions asked.

In addition to there pop-up markets and sack lunches and weekend meals, Twigs reaches further into the community by teaching gardening and encouraging families to be a part of growing thier own food by inviting residents to their Tumbleweed Community Garden.

In many school districts, every student currently enrolled relies on meals they receive from the National School Lunch Program. At schools where Twigs provides weekend food, attendance is up and disciplinary problems are down.

Donations of time, money and talent are always needed. Volunteers interested in the summer lunch program must be 17 years or older, pay for and pass a background check and purchase a Twigs t-shirt to wear when distributing food. Younger lunch volunteers must be accompanied by an adult who has met these criteria. To learn more, to volunteer or to donate, go to: or email Contact Twigs and F.I.G.S. Founder and Chief Dreamer, Lisa Guilliams, at 618.973.1627

County Power Struggle Looming?

A post-election power struggle between Madison County Board Chairman Kurt Prenzler and a number of board members, could come to a head at a special county board meeting now planned Wednesday night.

A dozen board members — including some who lost reelection bids to Prenzler-backed opponents — have called for the meeting at 5 p.m.

Wednesday in the county board room and reportedly proposing a resolution that would give much of Prenzler’s powers to “another elected official yet to be chosen,” according to a statement by Prenzler.

An earlier version of Prenzler’s statement, sent to The Telegraph, named the official but was later retracted, stating an amended version would follow. That version was obtained from another source.

Some hotly-contested Republican primary races, which would have been unheard of in previous years, and long-standing splits within the county’s Republican Party appear to factor into the meeting call. Read more...

Written By Scott Cousins The Telegraph

Mayor Parkinson On One of His Many Visits To the Area’s Newest Businesses

Kasabi Japanese Hibachi and Sushi Foodtruck at Granite City is now serving the area from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. They’re located at 2309 Nameoki Rd, Granite City, IL

The Carnival at Tri City Speedway Has a Change of Plans and Closes Early

Thursday evening the carnival at  Tri City Speedway remains open while the crowds must be waiting for the weekend to arrive. There were no long lines, if any lines at all. The food, games and parking spaces were plentiful as the colorful lights lit the evening sky.

 The carnival was scheduled to be open to the public until Sunday evening at 10:00 pm. Vistors arrived Sunday afternoon to find rides being disassembled and employees tearing down and packing up.

GCSD 9 Breaks Ground on Multi-Purpose Turf Field

Granite City Community Unit School District #9 broke ground Wednesday on a multi-purpose turf field at Granite City High School’s Kevin Greene Field. 
Superintendent Stephanie M. Cann, GCHS Principal Daren DePew, GCHS Athletic Director John Moad and GCSD9 Board Members were present for the ground-breaking ceremony.

ATG Sports, located in Festus, Mo., will oversee the project that is expected to last all summer. Kevin Greene Field and the track will be closed during construction.

Photo and article from GCSD 9 website

Historical Downtown Granite City at Night

Once the sun goes down and the stars come out, the traffic all but comes to a stop in the downtown streets and the silence of the night settles over the city. Time slows down and it’s a great time to take in the surroundings with more attention than just a passing glance.

The grand architecture of some original buildings reflects a period in time when our ancestors were born and raised. Now, we can only imagine a young Granite City when the busy downtown sidewalks were the entry way to store fronts and businesses of all kinds.

The Granite City Police Department Gains a New Officer

Officer Jessica White is the newest member of the Granite City Police Department. Officer White comes from the Mt. Olive Police Department and will go directly into her field training.

Must See Breathtaking Views from Our Neighbors Just North of Granite City

The Lewis & Clark Confluence Tower is a popular attraction for the Village of Hartford Illinois. The Confluence Tower was built to commemorate the bicentennial celebration of the historic Lewis & Clark Expedition that took place over 200 years ago. 

Visitors take an elevator to three different platforms set at 50 feet, 100 feet, and 150 feet above ground. The first level tells the story of Hartford as an emerging industrial community located along the Mississippi River. The second level highlights the Meeting of the Great Rivers National Scenic Byway and the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. The third level provides a stunning panorama of the rivers and the Mississippi River Basin. Views include downtown St. Louis to the south and Alton and the Clark Bridge to the north.

The Confluence Tower is open Thursday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tours are $6 for adults and children when purchased at the Tower.

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Movies Under the Stars Is Back in Swing For the 2022 Season

Grab your blanket and your snacks and settle in for a fun evening because Movie Under the Stars is back in season! Join us on Sykes Field, the movie starts at dusk. Hope to see you all there!

Ward 4 Alderman Brad Eavenson Recaps the July 05, 2022 Council Meeting

Committee meetings were held from 4:45 to 6:50. Mary Davis, chairman of the Downtown Committee reminded everyone of the next “Music in the Park event to be held July 6th at Civic Park. Lots of shade and places to get a cool drink and a bite to eat.

The council approved a crosswalk for Parkview Drive that will connect the driveway into the concession area at Worthen Park with the parking on the south side of Parkview Drive. The council approved an amendment to the ordinance dealing with solicitors working our streets without proper identification. I will post the link to the specific language later.

The council approved a handicapped parking space at 2519 E. 25th Street.The council approved the bargaining unit agreement between the city of Granite City Il and the Police Officers PB and PA Labor committee retro-active to May 1, 2021 through April 30, 2025.The council adopted an ordinance to hire a special counsel regarding the proposed sale of the Granite City WWTP. The mayor announced that he and his staff are working with state and federal leaders to find ways to protect and preserve the threatened job losses at U.S. Steel. They are additionally looking at ways to stimulate our local economy, if in the worst-case scenario, the city loses part of the plant operation.

R-Church 3375 Fehling Road, Sunday June 5th starts 13 weeks of summer fun for Rkids! Every child that gets checked in Sunday morning into the Rkids area will have extra fun activities each week of summer! Don’t forget to sign up for weekly texts to stay up to date on all that happens each week with R kids and R youth! Text RNextGen to 97000 or for more information call 618-709-7188



Take advantage of all your Township has to offer.

Granite City Township has an entire calendar of events listed above. Not only do they offer Senior Movie Days, and Exercise classes, Bingo and more, but they often have outtings to great places!

They just enjoyed a trip to the Botanical Garden where transportation was provide. Call to get on the list for their next trip. They’re headed to Eckert’s! Ages (55+)


Welcome My Beautiful Friends


When a country is energy independent, actually leading the world in energy production, and decides overnight, on a political agenda, to try to transition into a new form of energy usage (Green New Deal), but does not have the technology, know-how, or funding to implement said ideology, crises will arise.  

Currently, all Americans are experiencing monstrous price inflation on just about everything we need to survive since most products have a connection to the fuel industry via manufacturing or distribution.  All plastics are derivatives of fuel by-products, and the energy industries are essential to keeping global economics in motion.  We see this in food, clothing, medical supplies, shelter, household products, vehicles, and, most notably, fuel.  There is no need to explain the plethora of reasons why energy is so essential for the world to function; it simply CAN NOT be shut off overnight without a reliable substitute.  If not, the rest of the globe will provide the products and energy, never making the transition themselves.  

Prices have risen so high compared to one year ago that people are working just to put food on the table and gas in the car, with little to spare for shelter and other survival necessities. Trust me when I tell you, we have all paid back the stimulus checks two-fold. As I stated last year, NOTHING IS FOR FREE.

Printing all this imaginary debt now destabilizes the actual worth of the American dollar. Recession is looming over us as we face historic lows in consumer sediment.  American families and businesses struggle to cope while policymakers keep adding to the carnage of debt in the homes, at the same time enriching themselves in this new fairytale energy agenda. We are all now reliant on other countries to support the greatest country in history. Read More…

Please send comments and questions for Dr. Miller to To read archived articles and responses click here.


Support GCHS Cheerleading by participating in a golf scramble held on Saturday, August 20 at Legacy golf course.

Register today with the QR code or email or call Coach Blomme with questions.

Call Becky Martin 618-477-6699

Call Jody Blomme 618-830-6172


1st Annual Party At The Beach CornHole Tournament!
– Tournament will be held at Randall D. Dalton Veterans Park at 5111 HWY 111 in Pontoon Beach IL ( Behind Mcdonalds/Mastermind ) on August 6th!
– This is a bring your own partner tournament
– The Tournament will consist of 4 rounds of Switchholo
– $50 per team ( $25 a person )
– 50% Pay Out
– There will be a 50/50 Raffle
– Beer will be for sale at the LLVFD Beer booths
– Registration Starts at 9:00 am
– Bags will fly at 10:00 am
– There will be 2 Brackets based on games, You will either play in the A or B Bracket
– Proceeds benefit the Long Lake Volunteer Fire Department
– You can Pre-Register here
We cant wait to see you then!
Sponsored by: Robert Chick Fritz INC./Miller Lite


The Six Mile Regional Library District is one of jewels of Granite City. Tina Hubert, Executive Director, and her knowledgeable and committed staff make a visit to either location a memorable and enjoyable experience. Our city is very fortunate to have such a wonderful library!

Two Locations – 2001 Delmar Avenue and 2145 Johnson Road

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