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The Celestial Phenomenon: How Total Eclipses
Influence Our Well-being and Social Bonds

GraniteCityGossip.com 04/07/24 5:00 pm

As the moon veils the sun in a rare celestial dance, the world below experiences a total solar eclipse—a phenomenon that not only captivates our gaze but also touches the very core of our being. While the skies darken and stars appear at an unusual hour, people report a myriad of reactions, both physical and emotional.

During a total eclipse, some individuals describe feeling an unsettling shift within. Reports of fatigue, balance issues, and even flu-like symptoms surface, painting a picture of a natural event with an unnatural impact on our bodies. The sudden plunge into darkness and drop in temperature can trigger primal instincts, leading to a heightened state of alertness. It’s a moment that reminds us of our place in the cosmos, eliciting reactions that are as varied as they are profound.

Beyond the physical, eclipses have the power to evoke deep emotional responses. The awe-inspiring sight of the sun being obscured can foster a sense of humility and a greater care for others. It’s a shared experience that transcends borders and backgrounds, uniting observers in a moment of collective wonder. Psychologists note that people may feel more connected to their community and report closer social ties following the event.

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With Spring Comes the Morel Mushrooms

GraniteCityGossip.com 04/05/24 9:50 pm

Mushroom hunting, particularly for morels, is a popular activity in Southern Illinois. The best time to hunt for morels in Southern Illinois is during the spring, especially after light rains and when the weather starts to warm. Morels tend to appear in Illinois woodlands each spring, offering a culinary delight to successful mushroom hunters.

Morels can be found in various locations, but they are often associated with certain trees like dead elms, old ash, and apple trees. They thrive in moist and cool environments, so look for them in forested areas, particularly around the aforementioned trees. The season for hunting the tasty fungi has a short window, and typically spans from late March to mid-May. The exact timing can vary based on spring weather conditions.  Happy hunting!

Senator Erica Harriss Launches 2024 Hometown Spotlight Art Contest

State Senator Erica Harriss (56th-Glen Carbon) is looking for art enthusiasts to submit their work in her first annual Hometown Spotlight Art Contest.
“We have some incredible artists in our community and this contest gives them an opportunity to showcase the beauty of our district through their own artistic lens,” said Senator Harriss. “Whether it’s showcasing an iconic landmark, such as our famous Catsup Bottle in Collinsville, the Edwardsville Farmer’s Market, or the historic downtown Alton area, there is so much history that makes our district special.”

This year’s art contest is open to all constituents in the 56th Senate District. Accepted mediums for the two-dimensional artwork are as follows:
*Paintings: oil, acrylics, watercolor, etc.
*Drawings: colored pencil, pencil, ink, marker, pastels, charcoal. It is recommended that charcoal and pastel drawings be fixed.

All artwork must be no larger than 26 inches high, 26 inches wide and 4 inches deep, including frame. Framing the artwork is optional. Additionally, each entry must be original in concept, design, and execution and may not violate any U.S. copyright laws.

To submit, please mail your artwork to Senator Harriss’ District Office at 120 N Main Street, Suite 1B Edwardsville, or drop off your artwork and entry forms during regular business hours by May 17, 2024. The winners of the art contest will be announced on June 3, 2024. For more information, visit: https://senatorericaharriss.com/events/senator-harriss-art-contest/.

Preparing for the Return of Hummingbirds in the Midwest

GraniteCityGossip March 31, 2024 8:20pm

As spring arrives in the St. Louis metro area, hummingbirds are making their way back to their breeding grounds. The arrival of these tiny, iridescent birds is an eagerly anticipated event for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. The Ruby-throated hummingbird, the primary species seen in Missouri and Southern Illinois, typically begins to arrive around mid-April. Male hummingbirds are usually the first to appear, followed by females a couple of weeks later.

Hummingbirds exhibit a strong homing instinct and often return to the area where they were born. Put out hummingbird feeders by mid-April to ensure that early arrivals have a food source. Hummingbirds have excellent memories and may return to the same feeders year after year. Create a Nectar Solution by mixing one-part white sugar with four parts water, boil the mixture to help prevent fermentation, and allow it to cool before filling the feeders.

Hunting for Treats at Animal Control

GranitecityGossip.com March 31, 2024 9:00pm

The great group of volunteers at the Granite City Animal Control facility have a history of not just caring for each animal but making sure each animal is never forgotten when it comes to holiday celebrations. Christmas, Thanksgiving and the most recent Easter, the guests did not find themselves alone. Everyone received their Easter treats from a loving volunteer making for wagging tails of approval and appreciation.

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Revity Credit Union and the Granite City Park District ‘s”Movie Under the Stars” 2024 Season Announced

GraniteCityGossip.com, March 27, 2024 – 1:10 am

The tradition of “Movie Under The Stars” in Granite City is a cherished summer event that brings the community together. Families and friends convene at Syke’s Field in Wilson Park, creating a cozy atmosphere with blankets and lawn chairs under the night sky. The event fosters a sense of community and belonging, as attendees of all ages—moms, dads, grandparents, and children—enjoy the pre-movie meet and greet, a practice that has been part of this tradition for years.

This season’s lineup includes the action-packed “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant Mayhem” on June 20, the magical “Encanto” on July 18, and the animated adventure “Monsters University” on August 8. These events are not just about watching movies; they’re about creating memories and enjoying the warm summer nights surrounded by loved ones. The inclusion of movie dates and times in the GraniteCityGossip.com Community Calendar ensures that everyone can plan ahead for these enjoyable evenings. It’s a wonderful opportunity for residents to relax, connect, and experience the joy of cinema in the great outdoors.

New Animal Rescue Facility Closer to Becoming a Reality According to
Eric Foster, Nameoki Township Supervisor

GraniteCityGossip.com – March 13, 2024 at 11:32pm (Stock photos)

In what is apparently a joint venture between local communities, a much-needed animal rescue shelter is closer than ever to becoming a reality according to Nameoki Township Supervisor Eric Foster. “Nameoki Township on December 29, 2023 purchased a parcel of land to be utilized as an animal rescue facility. We are in current negotiations with the City of Granite City and the Village of Pontoon Beach to make this a shared use facility so all areas will have access to helping with the current stray animal problems we are currently facing and to provide shelter / adoptive homes for these abandoned pets. I would like to thank Mayor Mike Parkinson and Mayor Mike Pagano for their continued efforts in providing a better community for all involved.”

He went on to add in his most recent communication, “The NEW dog facility is currently progressing in conversations with all government agencies involved with the hopes of unveiling the blueprints of the facility soon.”

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