Is It Your Business? (Continued)

But before I share my idea, let me reassure established business owners that this is not about competition; it is to encourage a greater variety of options for consumers in surrounding cities to invest money into OUR city. 

The Idea:

Rehab, expand, and better utilize existing, closed storefronts throughout the city by hosting pop-up shops. Pop-up retail is a “pop-up shop” that is opened temporarily to take advantage of faddish trends, seasonal demands and create outside city-limit attractions. We can use pop-up stores to test the waters in new markets, sampling new products, and take advantage of short-term marketing opportunities. It would be a win-win for both the city and property owners.  

For Granite City, these pop-up shops would attract outside city limit traffic, increasing our city’s economy.  For property owners, who have had vacant buildings for too long, can increase revenue by leasing the space on a short-term basis.  Generally, to start a pop-up, it requires the renter/tenant to add minor furniture, products, and possibly shelving. These simple additions can be quickly erected and torn down within a few days in the move-in/move-out phase.  Leasing typically lasts anywhere from one day to six months, offering a low-risk option for retailers to reach new consumers, as well as providing rent to property owners. We cannot overlook the aesthetic value that a bustling pop-up shop can add to the location.  It can only help by showing off the retail space as being desirable (whew, okay, that was a lot).Bottom line, Granite City has the potential to be greater than great! 

I envision the municipal shopping district (Neidringhaus shopping area) bustling with shoppers, long lines of people waiting to get into Granite City Cinema, couples having picnics in the grass at Civic Park with food bought from Jerry’s Cafeteria, Park Grill, Apple Tree, Mama Mia’s, Vin Hoa, or Jacob Meyers, date nights at Lascelles, kids having fun at Boardgamery, getting your groove on at Sissy’s Space, playing music on Omega’s guitars and dressing up with friends to enjoy an afternoon tea at Garden Gate Tea Room (just to name a few of our local small businesses). 

I can see it now; people will be saving vacation time to visit Granite City!

Feel free to please share your thoughts or ideas about making our city prosperous, then let’s work together to make “Granite the best on the Planet!” No? Still too much? (Laughing, okay, I’m done). 

Can’t wait to hear from all of you! Until next week,    

I Love You All… And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!        

Dr. Amy Miller