You were told to get vaccinated.  No matter your health, religious beliefs, or choice, you get vaccinated or shunned by those in opposition.  I attribute the shunned reaction to monophobia, the fear of being isolated.  I will do it because everyone else is, and if I don’t, I will be shunned by others.  But, in return, if I am vaccinated, I will isolate those who are not, in fear that I cannot reverse the choice I made, and I don’t want to be alone if there are any adverse effects.
Here is the insanity part… 
You took the first dose (only one dose if you took the J and J), and you may or may not have had a reaction to the chemical or placebo; now you proceed to the second vaccination no matter the effect or non-effect of the first.  You are told it will prevent you from getting the virus (words straight from the mouths of Dr. Fauci and the POTUS).
BUT… You now have COVID. 
Now, you are told to take a booster (Here’s where the definition of insanity comes into play). 
The first vaccination didn’t work; the second vaccination didn’t work; now you get a third?  
Hmmm…. doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. 

Those same doctors now say vaccinations cannot prevent the virus but lessen the effects.  But we cannot deny what we witness.  
Fully vaccinated loved ones have died from the virus, got thrombosis, pericarditis, heart complications, anaphylaxis, and cancers (all proven in peer-reviewed studies and testimonies related to the same vaccinations you were forced to take). 
This is not “conspiracy talk” so spare me the lectures.  I have done my homework. 

For example, 4-hydroxybutyl has been shown to cause high-grade invasive cancers in almost all mice in every study conducted and is also the second ingredient of Pfizer.  The J and J are linked to thrombosis and other issues leading to heart and blood complications (so much so that they had to stop administering the J and J). 
But, even with this information, some will still get the vaccinations and booster (yes, your choice, but let us refer back to the definition of insanity…). 
Another example of insanity:   
You were told you needed to mask up to lessen the curve of the virus.  So, you complied.  Some of you even took it a step further and doubled up.  But what most were not told was that the masks themselves carry diseases and should be solely worn by a contagious person (if you crapped in your pants, I shouldn’t have to wear a diaper). 

Did you know, if you choose to wear the mask continually, you have to change it regularly throughout the day, and dispose in biohazard containers?  Why?  Well, when speaking or breathing, wearing a mask frequently can trap in hot air, promoting yeast, bacteria, and flora, such as Demodex (skin mites), which grow, causing other respiratory complications (Cleveland Clinic, 2021).

Here’s the kicker.  
You go into a restaurant and remove your face covering when seated.  Now, you are seated 6 feet apart from others (most are in groups), but people will pass your table to leave.  So, now you sit maskless with a virus hovering above your head and passing you while you eat.   Not to mention the seat was cleaned by a busser, food made by a cook, handled by a waitress, and paid for with money that had been touched by millions.  But I am sure you didn’t question any of those people’s health or take their temperature before sitting, right?  No, because that would be insanity (as you stand and put your mask back on).
Or worse, while all this is going on at the restaurant, your child is SITTING MASKED, 6 feet apart from others in the classroom, for eight long hours, breathing their own reconstituted oxygen.  
Does this sound sane to you?  No? 

Let’s continue with those kids in the classroom.
What adult in the classroom passed out clean masks after your child wore theirs for 8 hours?  None?  Who is checking to ensure your child’s well-being throughout the day?    
Your child’s learning is not just dependent on numbers, letters, and listening but also on mimicking the verbal skills of peers and adults through clear annunciation and facial expressions.  Not to mention, the absence of peer contact can impose a lack of motor skills needed for growth and mental health.
According to the Behavioral Health Institute (2021), the youth mental health crisis has increased 72%, compared to this same period in 2019, and the youth suicide increased to 57.4%.  This alone should freak all of us out! No one is exempt from suicide.  Factors leading up to these numbers span over a 15-month isolation period increasing rates of child and adolescent anxiety, depression, and developmental delays.
Knowing these facts, we continue to mask up and comply.  Insanity at its finest.
When do we say enough is enough?  Who will it take to stop the continual cycle of insanity?  You?  Me?  All of us?  I don’t have the answer. 
But I can tell you that as long as we comply with the insane requests, making them sound sane, the saga will continue.
I would love your thoughts on the topic. 
Until next week,
Dr. Miller