Continue Reading Judgment

It’s so easy for us to place judgment on another, negatively reacting to a situation based on impulse… 
To lash out.
To assume. 
To hurt others.
Only because WE “feel” as if each situation was about us. 

As if… these individuals went out of their way to intentionally make us miserable. 
When in all actuality… IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH US.

We don’t know the struggles that people face behind closed doors.
Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

If we just take a moment to stop and THINK before REACTING… we can learn to become more mindful and self-aware of others, leaving a positive impact. 

Next time you find yourself getting angry at a stranger’s behavior, tell yourself…. It has nothing to do with me.  
Then, choose to be kind to that individual. 
You never know… it just might be that stranger who winds up saving you.    
~Before looking out the kitchen window at your neighbor’s dirty laundry hanging on the line, you need to make sure your kitchen window is clean~   
Until Next Week,
Love You All… Nothing You Can Do About It.
Dr. Amy Miller