Why Vaccinate Our Children, continued….

For adults, isolation was not so difficult; most of us don’t like people anyway.  But, the impact on our children has proven to be detrimental, unhealthy, and in some cases deadly. 

For almost a year and a half, our children faced trauma emotionally, physically, and mentally regarding isolation, mask mandates, and homeschooling, which created a rapid decline in their health and welfare.     

Fact, to date, youth suicide has increased 57% compared to the previous year.


That alone should alarm all parents, for no child is exempt from depression. 

Not to mention the 31% increase in child mental health cases in the past year. 

But let’s discuss the impact of vaccines with facts:

Less than 1% (approximately 0.01%) of the youth population will contract or spread COVID-19, and most infected were asymptomatic.  Not to mention there are no studies to back up children spreading of said virus

According to the American Institute of Economic Research, a short-term analysis of a few weeks or months can potentially lead to long-term irreversible harm, especially to a younger and growing populace of children with 70-100 years of life ahead of them. The potential damages may lead to a future healthcare crisis from such harm of biblical proportions if tried and tested on the least susceptible population, children.  Let me reiterate that it’s one thing to let adults decide, after informed consent, to be vaccinated, but it is another thing entirely to go about vaccinating our children without evidence for long-term safety, especially when their risks of either becoming ill or suffering severe illness from SARS-CoV-2 are infinitesimally small (0.01%). 

Recent studies show that the vaccine is now causing infertility in young women and heart complications in young men.  But schools are still discussing mandating said vaccines for our children?  I am not too sure about all of you, but the word insanity comes to mind. 

Let me tell you what I used to say to my substance abuse clients; if I handed you a needle, and I told you, for a fact, the chemical in the syringe will either kill or disable you, would you still want me to inject it into your arm? 

Well, parents, enabling your kids to be vaccinated is the same thing. 

It does not get any more evident when we see a quote from Michael Yeadon, a scientific researcher, co-founder of BioTech, and the VP at Pfizer Drugs states, “Children are 50 times more likely to die from the COVID vaccine than COVID itself”.    

But hey, school districts are cool with that decision. 

The question I have for all of you…


Now, if you are a parent of COVID vaccinated children, all I ask is that you remain vigilant on your children’s annual checkups, because as of now, we know nothing about the long-term effects the unstudied vaccines will have on them.  

Please share with me your thoughts and opinions, even if you disagree.  I would love to discuss this topic with all of you. We need to be the voices for our children before they become another state statistic. 

Until Next Week.  I Love You All… And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!        

Dr. Amy Miller