Continued article “Are You Happy”

Finding peace in the midst of chaos.

We typically use “negative” to describe more difficult emotions, but it doesn’t mean those emotions are wrong or we shouldn’t have them. Still, most people would probably rather feel a positive emotion than a negative one.

Finding happiness is the ability to take a negative emotion and counteract the feelings with positive thoughts, not denying the emotions but replacing them with something good, triggering positive energy. 

So, here are just a few tools you can use when you’re stuck in a funk of negative emotions. We can keep our emotions under control by acknowledging what it is we are feeling.  We need to realize that emotions are just signals that enable us to pay attention to the events that created the feeling.  It can either motivate us to create more or less of those situations. 

The bottom line, we are in control of our emotions.

You can increase feeling good by adding positive events, thoughts, or people into your daily activity.  Practice mindfulness.  Be aware of where you are and what you are doing to help slow the mind and process your reactions.   Strive for goals to gain a sense of authenticity, and seek the blessings in each situation.

Lastly, seek a higher power.  God gives us opportunities to create positive situations; we just need to learn how to hone in on those opportunities.   

Research has shown that people who engage in envisioning their best self for five minutes a day (for two weeks) experience a more positive mood, increasing in optimism, compared to people who spent the same amount of time simply thinking about activities in their day.  I am sure we can all spare 5 minutes out of our day. 

I would love to know how you define happiness and the tools you use to create that emotion.

Until Next Week,

Love You All… Nothing You Can Do About It,

Dr. Amy Miller