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Meaning, if something or someone makes something happen slowly enough, almost unnoticeably, then as time passes, it grows into the original plan of action.

Let’s look at how the ball got rolling; we began with a virus and minor scare.  Then, as death numbers rose, unaware of actual numbers, fear set in, and we began following mandated precautions. We were instructed to wear masks and isolate.  Our children were not to communicate with the outside world and to be home-schooled for the year.  During this time, youth suicide rates increased almost 50% (No one batted an eyelash).  Then, when the masks weren’t enough to prevent “death, dying, and destruction,” we were directed to take injections of unknown and understudied chemicals, even if it went against any religious or personal beliefs (violating the Nuremberg Code).  All religious organizations were forced to shut down during a time when most Americans would seek God.  We now had to rely on humans acting God-like.  At this point, a good majority of Americans began questioning their integrities and began adhering to the demands of the elite.  Americans were offered incentives to comply with the mandates and vaccines or chastised for not following suit.  Soon, we learned that some were unable to seek medical care, get food and supplies, fly, or attend events without complying.  Again, this increases the likelihood Americans would obey. 

During this time, we watched family members turn against family members.  We witnessed loved ones die from chemical reactions or lack of medical attention.  We missed the burials of loved ones.  And, we were unable to provide continued attention and monitoring for those who needed it the most (abused children and the elderly).  We have watched government dictate what we can and cannot teach our children (CRT and Sex Education at elementary school levels, promoting race hate and acceptance of pedophilia).


Also during this time, have witnessed those in higher-up positions not wearing masks, attending family events and large parties, flying maskless on planes (violating FAA regulations), enabling large numbers of rioters to destroy and take over city’s, burning down and taking over police departments, shunning and defunding law enforcement, promoting hate crimes (using race as justification), increasing criminal activities across the country, placing the elderly in nursing homes in deadly situations, opening the border to unknown persons and diseases, without mandating the exact demands of masks and vaccines, labeling those with opposing views as terrorists, while compromising borders for actual attacks of terrorism, and NOW gaining access to Americans banking information, monitoring and controlling incoming and outgoing purchases.

DO AS I SAY…NOT AS I DO sheeple. 

Let us not forget a significant factor; those who received the unstudied vaccinations are now getting the virus.  So, what does this mean?  Well, if you are vaccinated, you will be allowed to attend events, get food and supplies, fly in a plane, get medical attention, and get an education, even though you can still contract the virus.  In contrast, those who have had the virus and built antibodies or have had a negative covid tests still cannot receive these amenities.   

MADNESS!!!!    We, as individuals, live in the land of the free.  Men and women have died fighting for the rights of this country, and we are spitting on their sacrifices!! We have allowed our morals, beliefs, and integrities to be compromised by those in higher-up positions who genuinely do not care about WE THE PEOPLE.  These are self-centered elites with God-like complexes. 

We truly are sheep among the wolves.

So, now that the snowball has gotten so big, Americans are seeing that initial snowball plan, and unfortunately, it is almost impossible to stop the ball from rolling.


It is time for every one of us to take a stand against government corruption and take hold of our future and the future of our children.  I am not talking about war; although I would not hesitate to stand with the people, I am talking about all of us not complying with these ludicrous demands and taking our lives back.    

If you think this sounds a little “conspiracy theorist,” just know I am speaking as a realist.  If we do not get ahold of what’s happening, we will be lost in what’s to come. 

Until Next Week,Love You All… Nothing You Can Do About It,Dr. Amy Miller