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We are teaching a philosophy that includes acceptance of racism and the prevalence of white supremacy and privilege over other racial groups .Our children are supposed to be taught to accept all, love all, and learn the history of all races and cultures, Period. When we teach this “critical race theory” to our children, we are teaching “colored children are victims, and white children are oppressors.”  Really? Didn’t we cover this in history class, you know, the Segregation Era? You know, when we ENDED segregation! We are going backward! On social media, we witness a spectacle of white people frantically competing with other white people who can appear more non-racist…apologizing for being white! Isn’t this illuminating racism?!!

This is not really a debate about how white kids have it better than colored kids; it’s about a party of “white privileged” elites pushing a racist, segregated agenda, that colored students are disadvantaged and without the “know-how” to be as good as white students!!SOUNDS RIDICULOUS, RIGHT??!!!We are teaching racism as a form of inclusion.     We, as a society, are aiding in this racist agenda because we are allowing this absurdity to continue.Some may say, “it’s easy for you to say because you’re white,” but in all honesty…it should be easier for a person of color to be disgusted by this ideology.  Why?  Because it discredits people of colors abilities…based on your color!!We are only as knowledgeable as we allow ourselves to be. Not based on color, but based on having the knowledge and ability to be great no matter the color of your skin.

We should ALL be appalled.

The Declaration of Independence was created as the first written document declaring that the millenniums of racism that inflicted the whole world would end.  It took almost 200 more years to see it come to fruition.  But slavery has existed for over 4000 years, and America was able to address and end the issue in under 200.  History has shown that trading of humans in all races has occurred throughout humankind, but we want to remove those who ensured the independence of equality in all races.  Why? Because 156 years ago, people owned slaves?  Well, we don’t live in that era anymore, and a lot has changed in 156 years!  We don’t want to discuss the historical changes made by historical people (i.e., Lincoln, who freed the slaves), and remove those who created such change, to only ensure that history will repeat itself. 

“It is not about the one who starts the fight against racism; it is about those who step up behind them” ~ Pete Hegseth


I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic.  Until Next Week,I Love You All…And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It!!

Dr. Amy Miller