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The Village of Pontoon Beach is Welcoming New Development

There are 16 acres across from Amazon in the village that have been marked for retail and it appears as if development is well under way. Developers are now pouring the footings to begin construction on Rosati’s Chicago Pizza Restaurant. Rosati’s serves Chicago Style Pizza along with appetizers and pasta dishes, ribs, chicken and salads.

The village will also have five strip stores in the development with a drive-through. Also, possibly a donut and coffee shop. There will be a gas station, possibly a Circle K. While still in the works, there are talks for a Sonic Drive Thru on the far side of the development. “The Sonic is still up in the air, but we’re hopeful.” said Mayor Pagano. The village has no plan so far for a grocery store, but Lindy, owner of the Oakmont Center is looking to move an IGA into his newly remodeled shopping center, but that has not yet been finalized.

The Sonshine Unlimited property has been purchased and will be renovated to include a drive-thru by the owners of Steel City Cheesecakes. Mayor Pagano and his administration have worked tirelessly to bring businesses into the village and Pontoon Beach is once again beginning to grow.

Recap of the October 4, 2022 Council Meeting

Nothing the council did tonight was more important that the first part of the meeting where four members of the G.C.F.D. were honored for their heroic efforts in saving the life of an officer from the G.C.P.D.

Please note that this article is a summary of the items discussed and some of the actions taken. It is NOT to be taken as the official minutes from the meeting. Those minutes are posted by the City Clerk on the city website in the coming days.

APPROVED: Six Mile Regional Library District request for a road closure at 20th St. and Delmar Ave. to the alleyway behind the library on December 15, 2022.
APPROVED: An Ordinance to Authorize an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Township of Granite City, pertaining to use of the Township of Granite City, Pertaining to use of Township Parking Lots on Delmar Avenue. This will allow sharing of the adjoining parking lots at the Township building and the new Mill Events Center.

ACCEPTED: Request to Gift 2004 Wilson Ave. (Vacant Property) to the City of Granite City. This is a vacant lot on Wilson Avenue.
APPROVED: Resolution for Demo or Repair of a Dangerous and Unsafe Building at 2808 Birch Avenue. This is a residence destroyed by fire which has created a safety issue on this street.
APPROVED: An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 10046 and 9994, to Demolish Building at 1391 19th Street.
APPROVED: An Ordinance Fixing a Time and Place for a Public Hearing in Connection with Proposed Amendments to the Redevelopment Plan for Route 3 Corridor Redevelopment Project Area of the City of Granite City, Madison County, Illinois, and Related Matters. This will be a public hearing on this matter on November 22nd at 5 p.m. at City Hall.
APPROVED: An Ordinance to Implement a Memorandum of Understanding Approved September 20, 2022, with International Union of Operating Engineers Local 399, to Authorize Payment, Payment of a Covid One-Time Stipend, Using Funds from the American Rescue Plan. (This ordinance provides essential worker back pay for the crew members at the WWTP during the COVID shutdowns.)

Brenda Whitaker reported on the upcoming events for October. They include events sponsored by the city as well as the American Legion. The “District” will be a busy place in October.

This is What Happens When Twigs Discovers a Sale on Backpacks for Students

Emily Gavilsky for Madison County Board District 21

Given the current day trend by most people to shy away from political office and become involved in government, one might ask what has compelled Emily Gavilsky to throw her hat in the ring to represent the 21st County Board District of Madison County which includes part of Granite City, Mitchell, Chouteau and Hartford. For the young entrepreneur, the answer was simple. “I want to serve my community and the citizens of Madison County in any and every way, with the belief that our communities need representation from a diverse group of citizens.”

The need to work alongside leaders and local business in having younger voices heard at the County Board level is critical and much overdue, according to Gavilsky. As a local business owner and more recently as the owner of Tinseltown, the pop-up venue in downtown Granite City, Emily Gavilsky has learned firsthand what is needed for collaboration with small business in terms of support from county and other governmental agencies. Establishing relationships with county officials and listening to the needs of the community are key components of her campaign. “I will engage elected county officials in helping to address areas of growth and concern in my district.”, Gavilsky stated. Read on

Ward 4 Alderman Brad Eavenson Recaps the September 20, 2022 Council Meeting

The mayor opened the meeting recognizing two citizens for their support of the city and our residents.

Mr. Larry Zotti has for decades, been the curator of the firehouse museum located in downtown Granite City. Larry often came out of pocket to meet needed upkeep and improvements of this original Granite City Fire Department, City Hall and Jail. Most recently, the city has worked with Larry to obtain grants to make improvement to the building. Larry has also helped with many events in our city and has even helped residents in need with things like grass cutting at their home. Larry is deserving of our appreciation and recognition. If you ever see the antique fire truck in a parade, that’s Larry behind the wheel.

The second gentlemen recognized was Mr. Steve Kromraj. Steve was recognized for lending a helping hand to residents in need. Most recently, he and several young gentlemen donated their time and expertise to repair the vandalized fence around the Reuben Mendoza statue. His efforts are greatly appreciated.

Downtown Committee: Mary Davis, Chairman i. An Ordinance to Authorize the Purchase of Real Estate at 1412 – 1416 20th Street, Granite City, Illinois
The city council authorized purchase of the former Petri’s Café and connecting building. The city has a potential tenant for a business in the restaurant.
Planning & Zoning, Annexations, Engineering and Inspections Committee: Dan McDowell, Chairman.

The council approved eleven more structures for demolition. These included houses, garages, and a former mobile home.

Public Works Committee: Bob Pickerell, Chairman (Street & Alley, Sanitation & Inspection, Traffic & Lights) An Ordinance to Amend Ordinance 9963 to Purchase Equipment for the Public Works Department to Maintain Surface Water Drainage and Drainage Ditches. An Ordinance Establishing a No Parking Zone on Cleveland Boulevard Near its Intersection with 16th Street within the City of Granite City, Illinois iv. An Ordinance Establishing One Handicapped Parking Space for 2 Years at 2948 Grand Avenue, within the City of Granite City, Illinois. An Ordinance to Establish a Pedestrian Crosswalk at 1627 Delmar Avenue. All items were approved by the council.

Risk Management Committee: Joe Schuler, Chairman. An Ordinance Amending Granite City Municipal Code 9.03.030 Requiring Insurance Coverage for Persons Conducting Events on City Facilities or City Property. The city approved this ordinance which will basically require anyone holding events on city property, such as block parties and parades to provide insurance for the event.

Economic Development and Negotiation Committee: Brad Eavenson, Chairman: Resolution Providing for a Feasibility Study for the extension of the Route 3 TIF district. A Memorandum of Understanding for the WWTP Contract. Both Items were approved by the council.

Finance Committee: Jim Hawkins, Chairman: An Ordinance to Approve the Purchase of Properties at the December 2022 Madison County Tax Sale. Approval of the Appointment of a Deputy Clerk iv. Treasurer’s Report (August 2022) The city will try to purchase vacant lots at the county tax sale that we are currently maintaining. We hope to buy dual lots that will make potential home sites.

Due to a retirement in the Clerk’s office, the city appointed a new Deputy Clerk, Michelle Hillman.

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