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For Immediate Release August 4, 2021 Mayor Parkinson Announces Spending for $6.8 Million in American Rescue Plan Funding

Granite City, IL- With the first round of spending of the American Rescue Plan (“ARP”) funding, Mayor Mike Parkinson and the Granite City Council approved approximately $6.8 million for storm water prevention projects and to address cybersecurity in the City.

“The use of these funds for storm water is a once in a life time chance to improve the quality of life for residents, protect businesses and raise property values. The entire community will benefit from these projects and my goal is for Granite to never flood again.” Mayor Mike Parkinson.

The approved storm sewer related improvements are shovel ready projects determined by historical data and identified in the 1960 Granite City Storm Water Relief Improvements study and flooding as a result of the devastating 2019 flood. Remaining ARP funding is currently being programmed to invest in strengthening our neighborhoods, rebuild our small business economy and establish communication channels for better notification and engagement with the community during emergencies. The ARP funding is restricted funding from the Federal Government that can only be used as allowed in the guidance from the US Treasury.

The City will receive $16.8 million in ARP funding by Summer 2022 and required to obligate the money by December 2024 with all money to be spent by December 2026.

For more information on the proposed projects, ARP Funding, economic development and the Mayor’s vision for the community, please attend the final event of the Mayor’s Listening Series on Monday, August 16th at 6pm at the Granite City Cinema located at 1243 Niedringhaus. The event will also be live streamed via the Facebook page City of Granite City, IL. Please see included PDF map of proposed projects. For more information, please contact Cathy Hamilton, Economic Development Director, via email at

How was born

What started out to be a glance back at the July 4 archived homepages from our previous fourteen years of creating, ended up turning into so much more. Through the years we have met countless amounts of friends and created relationships, that has been the pay-off and driving force to continue on this journey for so many years. Now, just one month shy of fifteen years of designing page layouts, articles, monthly page themes and graphics I find myself asking where did the last fourteen years go. Continue reading…

A Facebook Page titled “Granite City Illinois Historians” has been showcasing a series called 100 Important Women in Granite City History. We were honored to be included among those in this group.

100 Important Women in Granite City History Ronda Tanksley Whittington & Lorri Tanksley“Owners of”‘Where everyone comes to find out what’s going on in Granite City”. Ronda and Lorri are sisters who in 2006 collaborated to merge the world wide web and everything Granite City. It came at a time when the popularity of the internet and social media were in full speed, while the demise of newspapers was knocking on the door.

The sisters are life long residents of Granite City, both attending Granite City High School South. Ronda has been married for 36 years to Les Whittington and they have four children and nine grandchildren. Lorri is also married to Eric LaMarr and they have a daughter and 2 grandchildren. Ronda retired from Charter Communications in 2004 as a Customer Service Group Trainer and Corporate level customer service specialist. Lorri is also retired from a career as a professional photographer.

After retiring, the sisters did some extensive travelling for a couple of years and eventually decided to collaborate on a project together. That’s when on a hot summer August evening in Lorri’s backyard, she came up with the idea of making a local website that highlighted the best of their hometown. “We really can’t believe sixteen years later we are still doing this,” Ronda said. “We actually tossed around the idea of going with Granite City Gazette or something like that,” said Lorri. As the website got off the ground, the discussion board became so popular that many people assumed that it was intended to be a gossip page. Lorri added, “We were just looking for a catchy play on words, as in the title having 2 G’s, we never imagined that people would take the word ‘Gossip’ so seriously, it was not intended that way.” Read more here…