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“How was born”

In the last fourteen years we have watched election debates between Mayoral candidates, County Board members, local Township members and School Board members unfold on our notorious Discussion Board. Well before Facebook and other Social Media platforms became popular, the Discussion Board provided our area residents a platform for their voices to be heard, and all mentioned above eagerly participated in passionate discussions.

This same Discussion Board also provides us with a direct line of communication with area residents. Throughout the years so many people have reached out to us whether it was in question or comment, or in need. One thing we have learned in all the years of providing the website is, what a generous and caring community we have the privilige of being part of. With the generosity of our neighbors and local business owners and our advertising sponsors we have been able to meet the needs of every request to date, and for that we will be forever grateful.

Lastly, this article would not be complete if i did not mention (Katy) Ronda Whittington, my side-kick partner in crime sister. She has put up with me and my at times, unrealistic expectations and all too often crazy ideas. One steamy summer evening in August 2006 we were sitting in my back yard talking. I came up with an idea of creating a website called Katy took my crazy idea and sat down in front of her computer and turned an idea into reality and an online, ever changing community Bulletin Board that serves Granite City and all surrounding communities was born. With that being said, fourteen years of dedication and hard work all from the finger tips of my sister Katy. I can’t thank her enough, or give her enough praise for the time and effort spent, and the life she breathed into a crazy idea from that summer night in August. I love and admire her more than my words can express and am looking forward to fifteen additional years of!