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The Website Still Making an Impact After 15 Years of Community Service

The evening of April 17, 2022, Veteran Rustin S. brought his concerns to’s Facebook group. He expressed his disappointment and frustration over the condition of the American Flag flying on top the US Steel Office building. The American Flag was faded and tattered but flying high and waving in all its glory in spite of its weathered condition. It was both a beautiful and sad sight to see. It was obvious the flags needed a proper retirement and replaced.

The pictures of the flag and the comments had reached an audience of just under 3000 people in a very short time. Several members of the Facebook group reached out to the US Steel Office Building and the results couldn’t have been more positive. In less than one week the flags have been retired and replaced, and once again the American flag in all its vibrant colors are proudly flying above the US Steel Office Building. Thank you to all the members of the Facebook group that represents the website. Thank you, Rustin for posting the photos and bringing this matter to everyone’s attention, and lastly thank you, to US Steel for taking such quick action to resolve this issue!

Mayor Parkinson Celebrates His One Year Anniversary Since Winning His Bid for Mayor of Granite City

Congratulations to Mayor Parkinson and Administration for a glowing first year filled with change and progression. Surrounding himself with a great team of people has brought about improvements that benefit residents and businesses alike and have sparked a renewed interest in growing and helping to improve Granite City. The future of our community is looking bright!

The Tyler Timmins Scholarship Fund Charity CornHole Tournament – A Huge Success, Sunday, April 24

Contributed by Keith and Sarah Donohue

To say that the Tyler Timmins Scholarship Fund Charity CornHole Tournament that we hosted was a success is an understatement. We are so proud of Granite City Cornhole and this community. Thanks to the 35 teams who showed up, the eight business we had sponsor the event, the countless people who helped to put it on, and the numerous others who came out to purchase food, (Homestyle Grill Food Truck STL, you were amazing), raffle tickets, and celebrate the cause with us, we are able to donate $5000 to the scholarship fund.
Thanks to the Granite City Elks Lodge #1063 for donating the space, and our sponsors Darin Chiropractic, LLC, Sweet Treats From The Hart, Terry Biggs of Biggs Construction, Lifepoint Church, GC Tribe Baseball & Softball Club, Dj’s 4×4 And Diesel Performance, GC PB & PA, we couldn’t have done it without you.
Thank you to Erin Graham Werner for all the work you did to make sure we were prepared to host the event and Renee Ozee-Pieper for donating your time to bartend! Jami Ann, Michelle Huffman Werner, Alyssa Ann and Julie Murphy, thanks to you awesome ladies for helping run the day, not only did it go smoothly, but you really made it fun.
Now onto the winners.

Last Man Standing – Rick Rushing
50/50 Dean Bennett – Donated it back
1st Place – Rick Gauch & Tony Franks
2nd Place – Grant White & Rick Rushing
3rd Place – Brian Wells & Patrick Pilger

All teams donated their winnings back! Jason Donohue and Jeremy Howard won the second chance tournament. Thanks to Wallace Tumbler Creations & More for donating a certificate for one of your amazing custom- made cups to each of them. Thanks to Will Werner for your amazing craftsmanship on the boxes you made. Dalson Cummings won the drawing and like the stand-up dude he is, had us auction them back off and donate the winnings to the pot. Karen and Doug Burris paid $425 for the matching bags and asked that we continue to auction the boards. Nathan Donohue got to take them home for $300. Also, special thanks to one of our newest GCC members Jake Smith for donating some bags to raffle. Jake couldn’t be with us but this was his awesome way to help support the cause ! I can’t tell you how many times throughout the day I had goosebumps because of the awesome generosity shown by all. Thanks for coming and representing. Keith and I are very proud to have been associated with such a fantastic event and outcome.

Right in Our Own Backyard

How many times have you driven down Interstate 55 near Livingston and spied an enormous pink elephant standing along the highway? Did you ask yourself, “What is that place?”  Or think to yourself, “One of these days I’m going to stop by there.”, Well, wonder no longer.  The home of that huge pink elephant is “The Pink Elephant Antique Mall”, and it is a sight to behold.

Antiques abound within an old gymnasium and throughout the complex.  Davie and Bernice Hammond have created an extremely unique roadside attraction that includes, not only a huge variety of antiques and home decor’, but a fudge and candy store, a 1950’s themed diner where you can grab a burger, hot dog and many other items including ice cream and corn dogs.

The area outside is dotted with, for lack of a better term, quirky and crazy statues and even a U.F.O.!  Located along old Route 66, The Pink Elephant Antique Mall is definitely worth a short Sunday drive and a great way to spend an afternoon. For more pictures and information.

Planting Schedule for Our Community

For everything from Arugula to Okra, find out when to plant vegetables with the Almanac’s planting guide! We’ll tell you the earliest dates to plant vegetables in the spring and the last dates that you can plant for a fall harvest, based on average frost dates for your location. The gardening experts at The Old Farmer’s Almanac have done the homework for you! Our planting tool is personalized down to your zip code, pulling from a database of thousands of weather station reports, and using the “days until harvest” for the most popular vegetables grown in the home garden.

Then, we determine when to sow indoors, transplant, and seed outdoors based on what’s best for each vegetable. (Note: Our chart takes into account the average “days until harvest” for the most common varieties of each vegetable. However, your seed packet will tell you the exact days to maturity for the variety you are growing. Click here to fill in your zip code to find the planting schedule for your area.

Improvements Taking Place at The Twigs Tumbleweeds Community Garden

There is excitement in the air at the Twigs Tumbleweeds Community Garden as the growth continues on. Not only the anticipation of blooming gardens, but the continued growth made possible by the generosity of an anonymous donor and Greg Kamp with Bickle Electric. Also, Gary Moss did a wonderful job getting the concrete poured and the pavilion all put together.

It won’t be long before the electricity and lights will be in working order and fresh paint will soon spruce up the pavilion and a fourth picnic table will provide more seating. Granite City is lucky to have such a dedicated group of people who host events for the community and make gardening possible for all residents to enjoy. Thank you Twigs and The Tumbleweeds Community Garden!

It’s Time to Prepare the Hummingbird Feeders

When do you hang your Hummingbird feeders? According to the Migration Map, April may be the perfect month. Ruby-throated Hummingbirds have been sighted in the area. To see the Hummingbird migration map, click here.

City Hall Employees Raise Funds to Purchase Vegetable Plants for Twigs Tumbleweeds Community Garden

Granite City, city hall employees gather for a celebratory photo after their Pay to Play Lunch Day raised funds donated to Twigs Tumbleweeds Community Garden. Twigs used the raised funds to purchase Cherry Tomato plants, Head Lettuce, Jalapeño Pepper plants, Green Bell Pepper plants and Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower and Beefsteak Tomato plants.

The purchased plants are a gift that keeps on giving to the community, and the harvest will make its way onto the tables of many area families.

Ward 4 Alderman Brad Eavenson Recaps the April 19, 2022 Council Meeting

Our city council meeting tonight opened with two young Eagle Scouts being recognized for their contributions to the community. Next up was a report by members of the St. John’s United Church of Christ that recently sponsored a collection drive for those suffering in the Ukraine. Over 10,000 pounds of material was loaded on a semi and sent to help the victims of the Russian invasion. Mayor Parkinson commented that, “this city always steps up to help others in need.

Our ordinance regarding trash pick-up and removal was amended. It now includes language that requires residents to remove their empty cans no later than 8 a.m. on the day after their cans are emptied by Republic. Additionally, cans are not allowed to be in front of a residence and must be placed behind the front plane of the house.

The ordinance pushes back the time residents can set cans out to 3 pm from the current time of 6 pm on the night before pick-up. Police Department Detective Jeff Donahey was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Congratulations to this fine officer. The council approved an ordinance that will make funds from the American Rescue Plan available to businesses throughout the city. More details will follow. The city also approved the bid for city gasoline supply to M and M Service company through April of 2023.

April is National Volunteer Month

Fire Departments all across the state are always looking for members of their communities to step up to help serve and protect. Do you have what it takes? Please stop in on Wednesday nights between 6pm & 9pm and see us or contact us at 618-931-2655 or on our Facebook page. You can get an application anytime. Meetings are on the 1st Monday of every month. Trainings are on the following Sundays each month. We have junior & senior firefighters. Must be 16 to apply for the Junior Firefighter Program.

Long Lake Volunteer Department is an ISO Class 3. We provide pay for calls and certified training at no cost, as well as making new friendships, BUT most of all, helping make our community safe!

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