Joe Hackler (continued)

Joe worked his way through college while serving his hometown as an elected township trustee at the age of 19. After graduating, he turned his focus to helping make Illinois a better place to live and work.

Joe has spent his career battling Speaker Michael Madigan’s political machine and taking on the extreme agenda of Democratic lawmakers who kept him in power. Joe led the charge recruiting candidates to challenge Madigan’s most loyal lawmakers – defeating two of them in nearby Southern Illinois districts. In 2020, he helped defeat a sitting Madigan-backed Illinois Supreme Court Judge, a first in state history. 

He’s now stepping up himself to challenge another handpicked Madigan lawmaker – current 112th District state representative, Katie Stuart.

“Besides taking millions in campaign cash from Madigan and voting to make him Speaker, Rep. Stuart has repeatedly voted to raise our taxes and enthusiastically supported last year’s massive pro-criminal, anti-police legislation,” said Hackler. “She doesn’t represent the values of Metro East working families. I will.”

A 30-year-old husband and father, Joe is a communications and marketing professional and is a proud University of Illinois alum. He and his wife, Amanda, and their newborn daughter reside in a 120-year-old home in Granite City, where they both serve as high school youth leaders at their church and where Joe serves on the local planning commission.

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