Does Gender Matter, continued

Society today has enabled those less fortunate to win or succeed in sports to gain access to entitlement through gender identity.  When I was a kid if I lost… I lost.  If I wanted to win, I would have to work hard and prevail next time.  Today, all kids are winners, setting these young adults up for future failures.
In this case, we have males who fail to succeed when competing in their assigned biology; therefore, they choose to compete with females in the same divisions, knowing that women cannot meet the same physical standards.  It is impossible. 

The most recent case is the swimmer Leia Catherine Thomas (a.k.a William Thomas).  Thomas was a male swimmer who continually failed to beat other male competitors.  So, Thomas decided to change his name and sexual identity as a female to compete against a group less likely to win against him.  He ranked 554th in the men’s 200-m freestyle and 65th in the country.  At this point in his college swimming career, Thomas chose to change his sexual identity. 
Now, Thomas holds the highest rank in NCAA women’s swimming finals.
As you can see, I refuse to call Thomas a “she” because his intentions were impure pertaining to sexual identity.  He dims the light on the real transgender community. But overall, men shouldn’t be competing against females due to the physiological differences I stated above. Imagine all the women who worked so hard to fulfill a life’s ambition, only to lose to a man with bigger lungs, hands, and overall physiological structure. 

Most importantly, men competing in female sports takes away women’s abilities to succeed in their financial securities such as endorsements, scholarships, and tv placements, thereby changing the trajectory of women’s influence in society.  What happened to women’s rights?  Women have fought for generations for equality in so many areas and now have to be forced to compete with men in female sports, making second place for women the new norm.   
I would love to get your honest opinions on the topic. 

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Love You All… Nothing You Can Do About It.
Dr. Amy Miller