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This column is not based on one’s political stance, whether for or against a political party; the focus when voting needs to be on where you are in your life and where you want to be in future endeavors.  If what is happening in your current situation is negative, such as higher prices in gas and consumer goods, tax hikes, food shortage, job status, or your children’s education, then you need to consider which candidates have your family’s best interest and beliefs at heart.

Let me emphasize…Your vote matters! 
Voting is a citizen’s most important right and responsibility, and every vote counts.  Your vote tells the government what you want and what could be the basis for historical change.  You get to play a role in choosing leaders, voicing your beliefs, determining where federal monies are allocated, deciding how your taxes are spent, bettering education, determining job security and healthcare, and making your city safer overall.
The bottom line, if you do not vote, someone else will.  And I do not trust another citizen to vote based on my values, beliefs, and ideologies.  It is up to you to determine the changes you want for the betterment of your home life and the future of this country. 

So, this November 8th, let the country hear you…based on ALL your values.
See you all at the voting box on November 8th.
Let me know your thoughts. No voices will be silenced. 
Until next week,
Dr. Amy Miller