Brad Eavenson Article

We are still working on our, “One House at a Time” program and actively looking for new properties. Additionally, the Mayor and Economic Developer are still focusing on our two main shopping centers and possible development on Route 3. (Stay tuned) The goals set by this administration are in the works. Everyone at City Hall has been working hard to make things happen. You are going to see many projects going on next spring and much of that work will be done by in-house labor using our Public Works department that is led by Mr. Greg Koberna. Rick Daily, the city inspector and his team continue to work on cleaning up vacant and uncared for property to enhance the appearance of our community.

Remember that things take time. We are not going to see all of the goals of this administration accomplished in six months or a year. There will also be some inconveniences to traffic when some of the major roadwork begins. We think the inconvenience will be worth it when we make the turn.
A big shout out to all the groups who helped those less fortunate in our community during this season. Our GCHS student council and the entire student body, the “Billie’s Kids” organization and many of our churches and charitable organizations. This community always steps up to help their neighbors in need and without this effort many families would have nothing for Christmas.

Please remember the people who have experienced loss this year including those who perished in the fire today. It will be a tough holiday season for many in our community.

On behalf of Alderman Jerry Harrington and our families, we wish all of you, especially our 4th Ward residents, a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, prosperous and Happy New Year.