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The New Twigs Building Receives a Meaningful Design

Article by GraniteCityGossip.com, 03/11/24, 5:45 pm

What better way to represent the purpose behind the Twigs program than the silhouettes of happy children at play.

Donate to the Twigs program by tapping this link.

Recognized for Years of service to the
Citizens of Madison County

Steven Nonn, a dedicated public servant, has served the Madison County community for nearly 50 years in law enforcement. His remarkable career includes significant contributions as the Madison County Coroner. Elected as Madison County Coroner in November 2000, he was subsequently re-elected in 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016.

His law enforcement background spans 26 years with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department and 20 years as an investigator and Deputy Commander on the St. Louis Area Major Case Squad. Steven Nonn is a shining example of a true public servant.

Senator Harriss Welcomes Metro East High School Students
to the Illinois State Capitol 

State Senator Erica Harriss (56th-Glen Carbon) welcomed 45 students from 11 different high schools to the State Capitol in Springfield Monday as a part of her Spring Youth Advisory Council (YAC).

“This is a great opportunity to connect high school students with state government and is a highlight of my service as a state legislator,” said Senator Harriss. “I am thrilled to see so many high school students make the trip to Springfield for them to experience how things work and see the legislative process come to life.”

Senator Harriss’ YAC is a two-part series. High school students came together in the 56th District in the fall at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville to draft bill ideas to debate during the Spring council. Continue reading…

The Use of Self Checkout Lanes May Soon Cost You

GraniteCityGossip.com, 03/13/24, 3:00 pm

Times have changed, some say for the better while others may disagree. Heading to the checkout lane at your local department store to pay for your items and being greeted by an employee to scan your purchases and bag your groceries seem to be a luxury of the past. Many enjoy the experience of self-check-out saying it speeds up the process, while others feel it takes jobs away from potential employees while allowing big box stores off the hook not having to pay workers to do this job.

Large retail companies soon learned from the amount of loss due to unscanned items making their way out the front doors, this new adopted checkout policy wasn’t resulting in the profits they had hoped for. Big box retailers are now going to plan B to cut these losses. Self-checkout lanes may soon be closed off and strictly limited to Spark shoppers and Walmart Scan & Go only members. Walmart Scan & Go is only available for Walmart+ members, which is a paid subscription. Walmart isn’t the only retailer changing up this process with potential self-checkout limits. Target has also reportedly limited the use of self-checkout. In the end, will you be willing to pay more to earn the right to do the work of a department store employee?

O’Brien Tire & Auto Care Celebrates its 118th Anniversary

GraniteCityGossip.com 03/15.24 6:00 pm

Madison County Board Chairman Kurt Prenzler took part in the 118th year anniversary celebration at O’Brien Tire & Auto Care of Granite City, along with the with owners Scott and Beth Buenger and Peggy Hubbard, radio celebrity at REAL TALK 93.3 FM.

Since 1970, O’Brien Tire & Auto has been owned by the Buenger family, whose ancestral roots to Granite City go back to the mid-1800s as a farming family on Chouteau Island and as well-known businessmen.”

“It’s Electric on Route 66” 

Route 66 projects in southwest Illinois receive grants totaling $850,000

Photo/article from Illinois Business Journal

New Route 66 experiences will be added along the Last 100 Miles of Route 66 in Illinois with the announcement of over $850,000 in grants from the Great Rivers & Routes Tourism Bureau in partnership with the Illinois Office of Tourism and the Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity.
The grants will fund five different projects along the Mother Road in anticipation of the 2026 celebration of the famed highway’s 100th anniversary.
Grants funds will also be used to create an electric experience in Granite City as the city’s ghost neon signs are brought back to life. A block of The District will be transformed into a new experience called “It’s Electric on Route 66” and will include replicas of Route 66 neon signs, a music band stand and EV charging stations. The project will be paid for with $425,000 in grant funds. Full article here…

A Sure Sign of Spring in Granite City

Good things come to those who wait, and we have waited all winter long for the decades old classic sign of spring that lets us know that warmer weather has arrived, and old man winter goes into a long overdue slumber. Lisa’s Dairy Bar located at 2673 E 28th St. and Nameoki Road in Granite City is a family owned and operated long standing business that has been serving up ice cream treats of all kinds for over 40 years. The hours will be noon to 9:00, 7 days a week.

From ice cream cones of many flavors to frosty cold fountain sodas, they have something for everyone. If you’re looking for shakes and malts or a specialty treat like their famous banana split or parfaits, you can find a large variety of delicious treats to choose from. You know ice cream season has arrived when the covered patio fills with smiling faces and the closed sign flips to open.

Early Spring Plants for the Garden

If you have spring fever and your green thumb is ready to start the garden, you’re in luck. In our neck of the woods, there are several options to kick start your garden for the growing season. In Southern Illinois, the optimal time to break ground for your garden depends on the type of crops you plan to grow.

Cool season crops thrive in early spring. Some of these crops can withstand light frost without damage, and a few even improve with such exposure. Some cool season crops include carrots, broccoli, turnips, and radishes. You can start planting cool season crops in early March.

Warm season crops do not grow well in lower temperatures and require planting after the average last frost date. Examples of warm-season crops include tomatoes, peppers, winter squash, and cucumbers. In Southern Illinois, it’s best to plant warm season crops after the average last frost date, which typically falls around April 1 to April 8.

Granite City’s Finest Represents the Department

The Granite City Police Department proudly participated in the 8th annual United States Marshals Service’s Fallen Heroes Honor Run.

Photo, Granite City Police Department Facebook page

“We were deeply honored to be invited and had an amazing time contributing to such a meaningful cause.”

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