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Source: Alton Evening Telegraph, March 1913

Pictures and article courtesy of Madison County ILGenWeb

All the horrors of the Evil Eye, as Edgar Allen Poe depicted them in his hair-raising story, were nothing as compared with the terrible night Mark Podner, about 24 years old, of Mt. Olive, Illinois, spent in the big house of J. J. Bizant at Lakeview last night. Podner had heard there were spooks in the big house at Lakeview, and last night he went there, cut a window pane out, and entered the home. With a bullseye light, he started out to investigate, and perhaps to rob the home.

The Lakeview home is a perfect maze of mirrors in every room, and when Podner shone his searchlight across the room he saw the ghost of a man crouched down with coat collar up, hat slouched down on head, and all in all a terrible looking man. Believing in spirits himself, terror seized the burglar, and he fled up the stairs. There he saw the same figure staring at him, wildly, and he ran from room to room, only to be faced by the figure, as he believed a ghost, who masked and tried to frighten him. After an hour of this terrible experience, he rushed down the stairs and the bullseye showed the same figure rushing up the stairs to meet him. This was too much, and the young burglar collapsed at the bottom of the stairs. Read more…

Mayor Parkinson Presents Cionko’s Meat Market With Award Of Recognition

Mayor Parkinson presents a Proclamation to Cionko’s Meat Market in recognition for years of outstanding service to our community. Rudy Miller and Nathan Crane have worked in the Market for a combined fourty plus years. Cionko’s is not only known for their friendly service and quality meats, but for their community support and generosity as well through donations to local clubs and organizations throughout the years. Congratulations Cionko’s, Rudy and Nathan!

This is Warrior Country- By local artist Jack Rainey

Belt and Hoffman Deliver New Washers and Dryers to Serve Community Youth

MADISON – State Senator Christopher Belt (D-57) and State House Representative Jay Hoffman (D-113) delivered two sets of washers and dryers on Monday to the Quad City Community Development Center (QCCDC) at 1634 7th Street in Madison.

State Senator Belt said: “Under no circumstances should students feel the need to skip school because they do not have access to clean clothing. I am proud to announce that with this partnership with Quad City Community Development Center and House Leader Jay Hoffman, families in the Madison community will have access to wash their clothing at no cost.” Read full article

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