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170,000 Square Feet of Retail Space Will be Vacant No More

There is a lot of excitement building in the Nameoki Corridor as the City continues to work on changing our primary commercial corridor. The $7 million redevelopment of the former Shop N Save space and the $5 million redevelopment of the former Kmart building brings together approximately 170,000 Sq Ft of renovated formerly vacant retail space.

“These developments are a huge win for the community as we have been able to hang onto retail developments when in other communities these vacant buildings are going to storage units and office.” Cathy Hamilton, Economic Development Director. Additional efforts are underway in the corridor as the city works on the Nameoki Corridor Strategy.

“Last year my administration presented to Council the Nameoki Corridor Strategy that included improving old centers, TIF extensions, entry beautifications and cameras to address the number one concern of business and communities of safety. We anticipate the community seeing a big change in the Corridor in the next two-to-four-year timeframe as we continue.” Mike Parkinson, Mayor.

The city did not provide incentives for the redevelopment of the former Shop N Save space.

Denwinn Art & Design Joins GraniteCityGossip.com

Join us in welcoming Denwinn Art & Design studio, located in the heart of “The District” in historical downtown Granite City. Established in 2018, and in its current location since 2019, Denwinn Art & Design is Granite City’s premier tattoo and body art establishment. Locally owned and operated by Denny Winn, the studio is known for its highly talented and award winning artists. Also, Piercing Professional Katelyn Moore offers a variety of piercings as well as specializing in the safe piercing of children’s ears. The studio is known to have the largest collection of body jewelry anywhere in the metro area. Please check out their advertisement page, visit their Facebook page for additional pictures and to find out about their flash sales Stop by their shop located at 2019 Edison Avenue soon see what their dedicated customers are talking about!

Hello friends and thank you for reading my “Gift of Gab” article. I enjoy thinking of you all as my friends as I’m sure we share the same interests concerning this community we all share. As GraniteCityGossip.com often points out, there is an audience beyond social media that does not get to participate in many of the topics often discussed, and so this is my way to include them into the discussion over a topic that repeatedly gets a firestorm of responses and comments.

The latest “hot topic” on several area Facebook page headlines begins a little something like this, “We need more sit down restaurants”. Several different posts and discussions with hundreds of contributing voices or keystrokes all with differing opinions on how, when and where this goal should become a reality. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the powers that be are taking a poll wanting opinions on a bike trail expansion or announcing wonderful news about a new business investing in our town by setting up shop here, or something as small as reporting potholes for repair, it will always bounce right back to “We need more sit down restaurants!”.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times and in how many ways this topic is addressed, discussed, or stomped to death and ground into the earth’s surface, there are still many late bloomers (bless their hearts) that just can’t grasp even basic economics or Business 101. The city’s leadership cannot take tax revenue and decide to go into the restaurant business as a side gig to please the masses. “The National Restaurant Association estimate that a 30% failure rate is the norm in the US restaurant industry.” These are pre-pandemic statistics. These studies were based on a start-up restaurant in different times when employees were plentiful and eager to work.

So, my friends, where does that leave us? Read more…

Mayor Mike Parkinson and Council Bring About Changes to the City

Ward 4 Alderman Brad Eavenson recaps the January 03, 2023
Granite City Council meeting.

Coming out of the holiday, we had a very brief city council meeting this evening. Among the topics discussed and approved,

Our new Deputy Clerk, Michelle Hillman was sworn in. Welcome aboard Michelle and congratulations.

An ordinance to release a lien on 1312 Meridian Avenue was approved by the council.

Ownership of a city owned vacant lot was transferred to a homeowner through our, “mow to own” program.

Mayor Pro-Tem Dan McDowell and I brought up the complaints by residents regarding the foul odor and particle fallout coming from the industrial area downtown as well as the “jet engine” noise that was very much a concern during the holiday week. Mr. Rick Daily has been in contact with U.S. Steel and determined the loud noise was caused by the plant starting up a furnace. They will forewarn the city when this is done in the future.

The odor and particle fallout experienced in some parts of the city is believed to be coming from the Suncoke plant. Residents should contact their state level representatives and ask that the EPA be notified of the issue as these types of issues are in their jurisdiction.

Reminder: this is a summary of meeting issues and not the official minutes.

GCS Credit Union Supports the United Way

Ward 4 Alderman Brad Eavenson recaps the December 20, 2022
Granite City Council meeting.


The city council adopted a resolution providing for the demolition or repair of a dangerous and unsafe building at 2220 Missouri Ave, Granite City, Illinois.

An ordinance to place one stop sign at the intersection of Princeton Drive and Yale Drive was approved.

The council accepted the minutes of the Graphic Review Board Meeting from December 8, 2022 and concurred with the Board to allow an LED sign to be used for the former K-Mart building with several stipulations.


The council approved the mayor’s recommendation to appoint Mrs. Sue Nonn as the animal control administrator. She will work with city staff to help rehome lost and abandoned pets among other duties.

An ordinance to create the part-time position of Animal Control Administrator in Granite City Municipal Code. This position will assist in pet adoptions, work with the Animal Control staff to retrieve stray pets and be involved with the planning and operation of the new animal control facility.


An ordinance was adopted to sell three surplus vehicles the Granite City Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant no longer requires.


A resolution to renew liability, property, and workers’ compensation insurance coverage in 2023 was approved by the council.


The council approved an ordinance to authorize a non-conforming LED sign with offsite advertising at 3655 Nameoki Road (the former K Mart) This ordinance provides the rules and regulations which must be followed by the new owner in regard to signage.

There were several committee meetings prior to the city council meeting. Items discussed and debated in committee meetings often come back to the next city council meeting, for official action.

Reminder: These recaps are not to be considered as official meeting minutes. They Are for general information only.

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