Gossip with Dr Miller article continued, Facebook Opinions

If you value change in your life, your perspective of communication and possibly your beliefs can change.  Something as simple as listening to reasons and experiences other than our own can open up a new world of enlightenment.  You may be reading this and saying, some things are just not negotiable, and that’s okay.  It does not deter the fact that we don’t know everything.  We learn new information as we listen and discuss topics or experience new events.
We are all human, we are all learning, and we are all right … until we are wrong.
A simple alteration in how you view events and occurrences can significantly change and/or enhance your life. Perspective is all about what you choose to focus on, and what you choose to focus on determines how you will feel.  So, if you decide to focus on all the negative things in your life, your life will go in a negative direction.  The same goes for positive thinking.  You can alter the path of life simply by changing how you see and respond to the perceptions of others.
I have personally found that if the discussion is taking a negative direction, I step away from the conversation.  It is hard to argue with yourself.  My favorite quote is, “we don’t have to attend every party we are invited to” …. Although I love a good debate.  But if the direction of the discussion is hate-filled or gets downright ignorant, I find that no matter what I say, it will not stop the person on the receiving end from getting worse.  I refuse to stoop to that level of ignorance, for they will beat me with experience. 
So, walk away. 
Not responding is a response.
I hope this column helps those in some heated social media discussions to take a step back from your side of the topic and actually read what the other person is communicating.  You don’t have to agree.  Just knowing you hear them can make another feel valued.  You can always say you respectfully disagree and add why, but you do not have to engage in words that have no meaning. 

Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions, 
Until Next Week,
Dr. Amy Miller