Beckland Seeks District 20 Madison County Board Seat in 2022

“I’m experienced in assessment and taxation practices, and I want to make sure residents of District 20 pay the least they can. I’ll do that by working with the Madison County Assessor’s Office and the board of Review” Beckland said.
Elaine Beckland is also an experienced Republican and has concerns about her opponent Denise Wiehardt’s voting practices. Denise votes with Democrats routinely blocking issues brought up by fellow republicans on the Board.
“My opponent has not voted in any Republican primary until 2020,” she said.
Beckland said that Wiehardt votes against public referendums aimed at reducing the size of the County Government.
“All Denise needed to do was make a motion on January 19, 2021, but instead… she ensured that the politicians chose, and not the voters. Madison County had the largest County Board in Illinois and only 3 members were cut. Most Illinois County Boards have only 3 members. Taxpayers deserve more”
A PTELL Tax Cap Referendum was on the table during Wiehardt’s entire term, and she failed to bring it off the table.
“Whether you’re for or against PTELL tax caps, which limit annual property tax increases to the rate of inflation is immaterial, Beckland said. The proposal was to let the public decide, and she chose against doing so; Republicans don’t do that.
“This June 28, Republicans are going to have a choice to voice their opinions.”