Charter Communication

submitted by Sara Grotz

I am writing because of all of the service problems I have been having with
Charter.  I have been reluctant to change to satellite, because I don't like the fact
that I have to agree to a 2 year contract before I have tried the service.  But I am
at the end of my rope with Charter.  

Three months ago we ordered a hd/dvr.  We were told they were out and "put on
a waiting list."  After two months I called back and found out there is no list.  So I
got the dvr ordered and installed.  The man who installed it neglected to program
the guide.  So we couldn't record anything, because it wouldn't record a show
without the guide.  Someone had to come out and program it two days later.
They also took my regular cable box off my account so it wouldn't work at all!  It
took me 2 hours on the phone to get my regular box working again.  

Then we started having problems with our dvr.  We would lose sound on
channels 30-130.  For anyone with small kids (ours is 3) those channels include
Nickelodeon and Noggin.  (Ever had a toddler in the middle of watching Dora
only to have the sound cut out?  Not good.)  We would have to call and they
would have to reset our box.  Every time.  So, they decided to replace our box.  
The new one that they gave us is horrible!  The guy that came to install it didn't
put the box on our account, so we couldn't use any of our On Demand.  It took
me 3 phone calls before they figured out the box wasn't on our account!  Not to
mention, if we actually record anything on an hd channel, it takes up 3/4 of our
dvr!  Instead of a movie using 2%, if it's hd it uses 90%.  So, the whole point of an
hd/dvr is kinda lost here.  

I am so incredibly frustrated with this company and the complete lack
of service.  I am researching other options, because I don't feel I should
pay $200 a month for Internet, phone, and tv if I am not receiving service.  
We have had Charter for 3 years at this house.  The past year I have had
nothing but trouble.  We had tech's out every other week for 2 months
with problems until they figured out they had INSTALLED EVERYTHING wrong!  
They reinstalled the lines, and it worked again.  I even wrote an email to
the St. Louis president when his name was published on telling
him about our service problems.  His response?  He gave us a month of
service for free.  I appreciated that, but at the same time, I would rather pay
my money and get good service.  Hopefully, if I leave Charter I can get
good service.  At this point, it can't get much worse.