"Pictures of Pontoon Beach Under
New Beginnings / Future Progress Parties"
submitted by
No Future Progress For Me

It is election time again here in Pontoon Beach so we are all going
to be approached by the candidates for the Future Progress Party which is the
mayor's party wanting us to vote for them.  When they and the mayor come
knocking on my door I am going to have some questions for them.
One of them will be why is stuff like that is in these pictures allowed
to be happening in our village?
I hope you will ask them the same thing.
If this is a new beginning or future progress I think we need a change.
I do not want Pontoon Beach to look like this.  What happened to the inspectors?
Where is the man we pay to give people violations?
When you keep your yard and house nice, why shouldn't everyone else
have to keep up their property?

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