"My Personal Experience With Klassy Klips Dog Groomers"
submitted by Anonymous

There has been some discussion lately on the topic of local dog groomers.  I have learned first hand that making the choice of
which grooming establishment to trust can be both risky and difficult.  Please read the police report below and beware!

First, I want to explain that I have a small family.  My husband and I have only one child.  Our child is grown and out on her own.  
Explaining our situation of being empty-nesters will possibly give you an understanding as to how we treat our little
dog named Holly.   

Holly was a gift to ourselves for Christmas.  We brought her home early Christmas morning three years ago, and this coming
Christmas Holly will turn four years old.  Holly was no bigger than a hamster the morning we brought her home and my husband and
I cared for and worried over her no differently than you would a newborn baby.  Needless to say, she is spoiled rotten and dearly
loved and pampered by us both. Finally the day came where Holly was old enough to go to the dog groomer.  I opened the phone
book and began my search.  I decided to take her to a place called Klassy Klips on Washington Ave., here in Granite City.  I
explained when I sat up the appointment that she had never been away from me and my husband before and this was a young,
small poodle.  They assured me that she would be in good hands and we set the appointment time.   

I dropped Holly off at the set time of 10:00 am and was told they would call my cell phone when she was finished.  Like a nervous
mother I watched the clock and waited for the call.  Several hours passed and I still heard nothing.  So I decided to call and check
to make sure everything was going okay around 3:00 p.m,. and was told she was fine,  but not finished and they told me again they
would call when she was ready to be picked up.    Finally I got a call from the shop telling me I could pick her up and by this time it
was after 6:00 p.m. that evening.   I picked up Holly and I questioned the amount of time she had to spend there for her cut.  They
apologized for having her for over eight  hours and stated they were extremely busy that day.  

My little two pound fur ball looked so cute, she now looked all grown up with her new Poodle cut.  She was exhausted when we got
home and slept the rest of the night. I continued to take Holly to Klassy Klips several times over the next five months all the while I
was shopping around for a different groomer because I was not happy about the length of time they would have to keep her for her
appointment.  Every visit she had, Holly would end up being there no less than 6 to 8 hours, sometimes even longer.  I figured 6 to
8 hours, sometimes longer with no access to food or water and no place to go potty was just to long.  My husband and I also began
to notice after we would get home with Holly, she just wouldn't act right.  She always acted sleepy and exhausted.  Her personality
had slowly changed from a care free puppy bouncing around the house to a dog that would cower down and even belly crawl to us
when we called her name.  At times she even acted afraid of us.  We could not figure this out because we had never raised a hand
at her.  We had not and would never raise a hand to an animal.

I am the woman with the little Poodle dog that has been accused of bad mouthing Klassy Klips.  I am the woman who
owns the dog that was abused by the hand of this groomer.  I am the woman who got the police involved in this matter.  I was
contacted by the Madison County Humane Department wanting details of this abuse to my dog.  They confirmed the fact that this
was not an isolated incident with this establishment, that this has happened before.  There have been other complaints filed
against this business.

That day I had dropped Holly off at 9:00 a.m. for her appointment.  I waited again for a call telling me that Holly was finished and
ready to be picked up.  I called at 3:00 p.m. and she still wasn't ready.  I called again from my cell phone at 6:00 p.m. and was told
she would be ready soon and that they would call when I could pick her up. I was running some errands and had my sister with me.  
I decided to go ahead and drive on over to Klassy Klips and just wait in the car until she was ready.  I pulled up in the parking lot
and saw Holly being groomed on the table in front of the picture window.  My sister and I laughed and talked about how cute she
looked as we watched the older lady shaving Holly's paw.  The laughter soon stopped when we noticed the woman scolding Holly
for pulling her paw away.  We sat silent for a second or two watching because this woman was visibly angry and just as my sister
said "this isn't looking good" the woman drew back her hand and slapped my little dog so hard in the ear and side of her face that
it sent my Holly flying across the table!  The only reason my little dog didn't fly off of the grooming table was the noose they had
around her neck to hold her in place, stopped the fall.

I jumped out of my car and ran in to the building.  I am not going to pretend I was not angry.  I was angry beyond words.  A younger
woman came to the counter and before I gave her a chance to say anything to me, I told her in a loud angry voice that I saw that
older lady hit my dog and that I was watching through the window.  I told her to bring me my dog now!  The older lady yelled at me
while she was standing out of sight behind the counter.  She yelled " I did not hit your damn dog  and I am not finished with her yet!"
The younger lady walked away staring at the floor not saying a single word. They have a split door that they hand you your dog
through.  I tried to get through it, but they had it locked.  I yelled while leaning over the bottom part of this door..."lady you better
bring me my dog right now before I jump over this door and slap you just as hard as you slapped my dog!"  She walked around the
corner and finally gave me my dog.   Honestly, it just got uglier from there and I will not lower myself to repeat all the words
exchanged.  Needless to say the police were involved and I have copies of the police report.

Why on earth would anyone make up a story like this.  I have no reason to lie.  Please make sure you can trust the people that you
leave your pets with.  These innocent animals do not have a voice to let you know they are being mistreated when you are not
around.  If you do not believe this story, please read the police report yourself. (below)  If you have any doubts about where you take
your pets to, call and ask the police department if they have ever had any complaints filed against them.  Make sure you have the
correct spelling of the business's name.  Example if you would call to check about Klassy Klips in Granite City and who ever is
checking for these reports spell the name as Classy Clips, it will come up complaint free.  
The spelling and address has to be correct.