Ameren Electrical Rate Increase
Jerry Braswell

I can not impress enough, my concern over the rate increase that
Ameren has imposed on those with electric heat in their homes. Our
power bill went from
$135.00 to $421.00 in one month.  And NO, it isn't
that we used more electric to heat our home.  It is because those that
we have elected to protect us against Monopolies such as Ameren from
EXCESSIVE rates when they feel they can get by with it, and
they have. What do we do, where do we go from here ?  We can't afford
to pay power bills like this, each month.  People are having to make a
decision between eating or heating.  Small business places are going to
have to close their doors, they can't afford to stay in business because
of their power bills.  

I'm asking you to PLEASE, write to the Governor, write to the Senator
and write to your State Representative.  Let them know that you are
UPSET and want them to take action against this horrible
injustice that we are now experiencing.  

I really don't know how much more the working class people in this state
can take.  Our water rates have increased, our sewer rates have
increased, our property taxes Increase every year and now we are
being unjustly penalized by our Electric Company because we have an
all electric home. Let's not forget that just in the year past, Ameren was
going to charge us for power NOT used.  Do you remember that ?  It
has to come to an end.  What are our children and grandchildren going
to do ?

It is our generation that has to put a STOP to these Monopolies and
their Greater Then Thou attitudes.

Jerry Braswell
Granite City, IL