The doll in the corner with the cowboy hat was
my doll when I was a little girl.  My older sister
and I each had one.  We would stand in front of
them and move their arms and they would
walk.  I was so small that my doll would kick my
shins.  I decided to pull her out of storage and
display her. I put a cowboy hat on her because
at one point I must have gotten a hold of some
scissors.  Her haircut is certainly far from chic,
but I still like my doll!  
The black cabinet is the first piece of furniture
that I ever purchased.  I was 19 years old and in
my first apartment; over the years this piece
has been many colors.  I always seem to find a
way to use it
When I first moved into my house I decorated
with soft pastels and wallpaper on every single
wall!  When I redecorated I stripped all of the
paper and painted with my favorite warm colors,
but I couldn’t find any flooring that I really liked,
so I used a bonding primer and red porch paint.  
The floor was originally white linoleum with pink
flowers.   My brother likes to tease me about all
of my bold colors - but neutrals aren’t really me!
When I decorate I need an inspiration piece.  
The piece that inspired the décor for my
basement was this oil painting of a still life that I
did as a junior in high school, many moons age.  
Out of all of the paintings that I’ve done over the
years I’ve only kept two, the one shown here
and a landscape hanging in my restaurant.
This painting I refer to as… “The Ugly
Painting” I really do like it; but this like so
many things that I have hanging on my walls
either at home or at the tea room are often
given to me by someone who is getting rid of
something; they usually say something like,
“Brenda - I have this really ugly painting but I
think you would like it.”  - I’ve decided to take
that remark as a complement.