Katy & Lorri's Vacation Travels

As sisters, we do a lot of things together, such as this website.
One of our favorite things to do together is to travel.
We love exploring new places, great food, bargain shopping and
we love going to the beach.

We always travel by car with Lorri doing ALL the driving because she has
major automotive control issues and doesn't trust me behind the wheel!
We habitually over-pack, but are getting better about it.
We scour the beach for shells, and have been known to just about mow one another
over if we spy the same sand dollar or piece of driftwood.
I usually prevail, being older doesn't necessarily mean being slower.
But I eventually relinquish my treasure if she simply "has to have it"
...bratty little sister.

We hope you enjoy the pictures, these are some of our favorite places
we have visited. We will be adding more over the next several days, so please come
back soon!
One of our gull friends - Dauphin Island, Alabama
Cape San Blas, Florida
Daytona Beach, Florida
Boca Grande, Florida
Fort Morgan, Alabama
One of our many sand castles - Fort Morgan, Alabama
"The Watter's Edge House"  - Fort Morgan, Alabama
Pier in St. Augustine's Florida
Dauphin Island, Alabama
Marina - Dauphin Island, Alabama
From the deck of the Salty Dawg House - Dauphin Island, Alabama
Cape San Blas, Florida