In Loving Memory
Cynthia Dawn Evans-Schildman
July 23, 1958 - November 27, 1994
David Michael Schildman
July 16, 1952 - March 11, 2008
Those Parents of Mine

Missing them everyday those parents of mine,
Hugs and kisses like those are so hard to find.
The love they gave me everyday,
It is still with me in every way.
A shining light that comes from above
So bright, so warm it’s my father’s love.
So funny so sweet and very wise,
Dark curly hair and those baby blue eyes.
The back of his shirt as a little girl would I tug,
The way he would hold me in that great
big bear hug.
My hero, my strength, he dried up my tears,
And would always relieve me of all of my fears.
He met my Mom, the love of his life,
On that special day in June he made her his wife.
I can feel her love every day,
Like a warm summer’s kiss in every way.
So beautiful and so strong,
She fought so hard and so long.
Her attitude accented by copper-toned hair,
And her skin was pretty, so white and so fair.
At soccer practice with me she would run,
Those days at the park were so much fun.
Everyday with them was so special to me,
In most of my memories we are all worry free.
I wish those days wouldn’t have come to an end,
For in the both of them I also had a friend.
In heaven reunited arm in arm,
Trying to keep us all from harm.
So rest peacefully side by side,
For in this life you both had one hell of a ride.

Your Baby Girl…..
Elizabeth Dawn Schildman-Humphreys