My name is Ronnie A. Burton, and I am running as an Independent
candidate for the position of Pontoon Beach Trustee.

I have been a resident of this area for over fifty years.  I am a 1961 graduate
of Granite City High School, where I played football for four years and wrestled
for three.  If memory serves, I ranked one hundred twenty third academically out
of a graduating class of three hundred sixty six.

After graduation  I joined the U.S. Navy, serving four years and four months of active
duty in the mid 1960's, receiving an Honorable Discharge upon completion of my
service.  I was Petty Officer, 2nd Class Engineman for two and a half years, in charge
of the ship's landing craft and various on-board systems.  I was involved in the
Cuban Crisis, as well as, a couple of other hot spots in the Caribbean.

After the completion of my military service, I married my wife Shirley.
We have been married for forty three years and have been blessed with both
good fortune and health by the good Lord above.  We have two grown children,
a son and a daughter, who both graduated Granite City High School.
They are both professionals and have graced us with three wonderful

I managed and coached my son's Little League Baseball and my daughter's
softball team for many, many years.  I was also an active member of the
Granite City Boosters Club while my children were in high school.

I worked at Granite City Steel for six years as a Millwright, for the railroad for
one year as a brakeman, driven sanitation trucks, done farm work and was foreman for
a major soda company for two years.

After twenty two years of service, I recently retired from Southern Illinois
University at Edwardsville.  I was the Plant Operating Engineer, focusing the last
ten years of my service as a Lead Plant Operating Engineer, directing others,
ordering materials, coordinating work assignments with various craftsmen.

I have belonged to unions in some of my positions, and worked in others
that were not union.  I have experience on both sides of work related issues.

I'm neither straight Democrat, nor Republican and have faithfully
voted a split ticket in general elections, voting for whom I feel will do the best
job for the majority of the public.

I am running for the position of Trustee here in Pontoon Beach as an
Independent candidate and am not tied, nor affiliated to any one group or party.
I pledge to decide on matters based on what's right and wrong, and what is the best
for the majority of the residents here in Pontoon Beach.

I know how critical it is to stay within a budget and be fiscally responsible.
I also know how important vital planning and providing public resources is to our residents.
Providing services that are needed and cutting the fat only where it will not affect the
safety and well being for all in our village.

Remember, your vote counts!
If elected, I can only promise to serve you to the best of my abilities.

Thank you.