Play dates are November 20, 21, and 22.  


Molly Ralston: Co-owner of Monkswell Manor and determined to make it succeed.  She
is also terribly in love with her husband.

Giles Ralston:  Molly’s husband and her partner in Monkswell Manor.  He means well,
but sometimes things go a bit awry.

Christopher Wren:  Eccentric and outgoing.  He is a guest at the Manor.

Miss Casewell:  A very strong woman.   She has an opinion on everything and believes
she is always right.

Major Metcalf:  Ex-military gentleman.  Worldly and charming.

Mr. Paravacini:  Foreign traveler stranded at the Manor with the rest.

Detective Sergeant Trotter:  Eager young policeman on the case.

Auditions will be August 22 from 1 to 5pm
at the Alfresco Center 2041 Delmar Avenue in Granite City.  

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.    

To make an audition appointment, please email: