Update April 16, 2008

"As most may baware my now 14 year old is home and beginning her life over
again. While she has therapy 5 times a week and tutoring several days a week to
keep her schedule full, she is extremely happy to be home with family.
We are still looking for affordable housing. If anyone has a suggestion, please let
me know."

Also, there is an upcoming fundraiser for Chelsea.
Midnight Bingo
June 7th
Granite City Bingo Center (formerly Tri-mor Bowl)
Doors open after 11, bingo runs from midnight - 3am.
Please come join us!
"Thank you so very much to everyone for the thoughts and prayers!"

" I was looking through your Discussion Board this evening and saw posts from
last week from many who asked and had concern for my children....the way this
community pulls together for their own is unreal!
I am the mother of all 4 children and just want to pass along my extreme thanks
and appreciation of all the prayers and community support.
Thank you again to everyone who has supported my children and my family.
This has been a very difficult time and nothing I would wish for any
parent to ever experience. "

Lisa Mitchell

Chelsea is Coming Home!

Click here for television interview with Chelsea
KSDK Channel 5 Interview
KPLR Channel 11 Interview

Update March 9, 2008

"To update you, Chelsea is awake and able to respond.
She currently has no memory of the fire or the last almost 5 weeks in the hospital.
She woke up to the multiple poster boards hanging in her room, full of signatures
from many classmates and friends
She is still needing assistance with eating, drinking, walking, and has a little
difficulty talking, but does have her voice.
She cried as she was told of the generosity that has taken place for her and the
rest of our family.
Her youth has helped her heal much faster than expected.
She has hopefully had her last surgery and is looking forward to moving on to
Thank you so very much for all the continued prayers for all my children!"

Lisa Mitchell

We asked Ms. Mitchell for donation and fund raising information so we
could post it for her on our site.  Please take a moment to review
the following scheduled fund raising activities and update on her children
who were injured in the fire.


GCS Credit Union (any location)
Regions Bank (any location, both sides of the river)


Chicken and Beverage Dance
February 29, 2008
Madison Amvets
7pm - ???
$15 per person, $25 per couple

Singles Pool Tournament
March 15, 2008
Baxter's Pool Hall
HWY 159
Fairview Heights
Registration begins at Noon
$20 per person
Silent auction and tournament prizes available


Clothing and other small items can be dropped off at Grigsby Middle School on
Carghill Road or Champions Party Room at 2445 Pontoon Road

To schedule a drop off of larger items, please contact -

Dan       618.806.9307
Michele  618.789.2688
Teri       618.972.3625

"Alexxis (6) and Zac (4) are both home from the hospital recovering. Zac is about
back to normal and ready to get back to school and friends.
Alexxis is a little more reserved in putting herself back out among people right now,
but is healing well and the scars left from the burns she received are slowly starting
to disappear."

"Chelsea (13) is holding strong and showing good progress every day.
She is not yet awake or aware of what has happened to her, however we are
encouraged to talk to her as we are told she can hear us. The doctors keep her
comfortable and want her to stay calm and rested in order for her body to better
heal on the inside."

"She has had four surgeries to date and is healing as expected.
We still have at least another 5-6 weeks before the doctors will consider bringing
her off her sedation medications and waking her up. "

"Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she is not out of the
woods just yet. "