Madison County to Provide Air Conditioning Units

Madison County Community Development will be providing window air conditioners for low-income
households consisting of elderly, disabled and children 5 and younger. Households that have
received an air conditioner from Madison County Community Development within the last 3 years are
not eligible.

Staff from the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) will be administering the program. Eligible
households must be at or below 125% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. To qualify for a window Air
Conditioning unit:

• Each household member MUST provide GROSS income documentation for their ENTIRE
household/family income for the past 90 days. Everyone over the age of 18 must provide income
• MUST present a picture ID.
• Household MUST reside in Madison County.
• Each household/individual MUST complete an intake form.
• MUST provide Social Security cards for every household member.
• Be 60 years or older OR suffer from a medical condition that can be relieved by air conditioning.
Those persons under 60 years of age MUST provide a letter from the applicant’s doctor containing a
specific ailment a household member is suffering from OR have children in the household 5 or under
regardless of an existing medical condition. Medical conditions may include asthma, COPD,
emphysema, coronary disease and immediate terminal illness.
• Each household MUST provide a current copy of their utility bill to prove that they have utilities, and
do not have a back bill and are not in threat of disconnection. Utility bill MUST be less than $500.00.
• Household MUST fall under the following income guidelines.


1 $3,903.00
2 $5,284.00
3 $6,666.00
4 $8,047.00
5 $9,428.00
6 $10,809.00
7 $12,191.00
8 $13,572.00

Only one window air conditioning unit will be provided per qualifying household.

***Each household who will be picking up AC will be required to show a picture ID. Only the person
who made the application will be allowed to pick up their unit! Staff person will complete
Release/Waiver/Indemnifying Agreement with each air conditioner client completing each section to
the fullest for tracking purposes.

Appointment scheduling will begin on Monday, May 20, 2019 starting at 8:30 am on a first come first
serve basis. For an appointment, please call 618-296-4388.