$200 Reward - 2 Missing Shit Zu, Male and Female, Pontoon Beach area, Cody and Shelby.  Male
has under bite, bottom teeth stick out, he's tan and brown, female, black and white, both have
collars, please call 314-750-8093 - Posted Thursday, May 15

LOST: 9 month old neutered male kitten. Tannish orange striped coat yellow eyes. His name is
Sammy or itty bitty kitty { nickname }  Last seen 6/08/14 at his pet sitters apartment at Chouteau
Trace Apartments in pontoon beach { behind Mcdonalds on 111 } He is a loved kitty of a 4 year
old broken hearted boy. If you have seen Sammy please call Chelsey @ 618-610-0353 or julie @
618-610-4720 I have pics if needed. Please help us get this escape artist back home with his
buddy who misses him terribly !

Found dog! Black and brown beagle or beagle mix. Not sure of it's male or female, can't get close
enough to tell. Approx 1-6 yrs old? 20-30 lbs. Camped out on neighbors porch we have been
feeding it and making sure it has a warm place- need to find owners ASAP! Found near St.Clair
and Marshall Ave in Granite City. Dog is very scared and timid will not let us get near it. Please
contact me at Maggie.taff@gmail.com or call 6184445240 if this is your dog!  Or you know who it
belongs to.  Click to enlarge picture.

Found 02/27/2014 on Edgewood.  Male, no collar, not neutered, very friendly and knows basic
commands.  Please help me find the owner of this sweet dog.  He is not chipped.
Call 618 980-5962 - Click to enlarge photo.

Found - Adult, Female Red Pit Bull - February 4
Very sweet, blue collar, blue flea collar.  White cross pattern on chest and
white paws.  Found near Schnuck's in Granite City.  Please email GraniteCityGossip@yahoo.com
for contact information.

STILL MISSING! My sons cat has came up missing. He is long,skinny, orange cat. 10 months old.
Very sweet. He has cried himself to sleep because of this. We live on  East 24th St. by Anchorage
Homes here in town. My name is Crystal and they can text/call anytime of day at 618-334-7420 -
Click to enlarge
Going on 5 days now. His name is Kojo. He is a male neutered/declawed. He is light orange in
color, swirly markings on his body, very long and slinky cat. He is about 10 months old. Very
sweet. Unfortunately too sweet, I think that someone may have picked him up out of my yard or
maybe the fireworks scared him. I have searched all over, posted ads, fliers, made calls, and still
no luck. PLEASE HELP ME FIND THIS BABY! My son is devastated. He rescued this cat when he
was little bitty and hasn't missed one night of sleeping with him. Has now cried himself to sleep
for the last 4 nights.

Found:  Male Shih Tzu, black and white.   Found on Edgewood Avenue and St. Clair in Granite
City on the morning of Friday, July 5th.  Wearing collar but no tags.  Can you describe the collar?  
Dog has a couple of distinguishing features, can you name them? Click to enlarge photo.
Call (224) 612-2230.

Lost dog: Missing since Friday June 21st, around 9pm. from Illinois Ave. West Granite City.
Name: Taylor, female - spayed, no collar and isn't microchiped. She is a one year old brown with
white chest and front paw - Lab/English Springer Spaniel mix. Squishes up her face when spoken
to. Very sweet dog but could be very scared right now.
We have searched the entire area several
times and have shared this information all over Facebook. If you see her or know if someone has
taken her in, please email: ginamiller40@yahoo.com or call 618-971-0514 or 618-910-4889 with
any information you may have. Click to enlarge photo.

I found a dog on the corner of 22nd and Cleveland Blvd. today June 22nd at aprox. 6:35pm
Golden color possibly lab mix with short legs.  Black collar with a red leash.  No owner tag only a
rabies tag # is hard to read, Please help me find his owner.  618-974-9105 Click to enlarge photo.

Lost Female black lab/pit mix in Granite city. She got out sometime yesterday evening near
Maryville Rd. Her name is Lettee with a green, yellow, and blue striped collar with a blue bone
tag. If found text the number on the tag or contact 618-593-9042. Click picture to enlarge.

Lost - Small, female black, half Shih Tzue / half Chihuahua missing from Victoria Drive area of
Pontoon Beach. Missing since April 30.  She's very shy and timid, but hyper and playful.  Please
email zfrost23@sbcglobal.net if found.  Click picture to enlarge.

Missing Dog from Dewey Avenue, got out of yard around 6:30 pm. Please call 618-451-7205 or 314
566-5211, click to enlarge picture

Two Puppies Found on Terminal still have milk breath, two females, one brown and one black,
looklike possible Sheppards. Must find home for them ASAP, call 618-655-1607

Lost a black long hair chihuahua off Illinois Avenue West Granite, please if anybody has seen her
or has her please  call 618-223-4075  we miss her so much  her name is CC

Found 2/10/2013 Black Lab male. Found in Wilson park of Granite City. Older looking male, with
grey on his nose and feet. Has camouflage collar and rabies animal control tag. Very friendly and
seems trained. (618)304-9877

Found January 28, 2013 a black female lab with white marking. She has a collar but no tags.
Possibly about a year old. Sweet and love able. She followed me home from the area of St. Clair
Ave and Edgewood around 9pm. Please call 580-3181 if she is yours. Thank you!

FOUND: 1/24/13 Sweet little male beagle or beagle mix running around on Forest Ave. I have
never seen him around here but he is very sweet and keeps trying to come in peoples' houses.
He has a tan collar but no name tag or identifying information. Limping a tiny bit on one hind leg.

Found White and black medium dog with red collar and tags—almost hit on Madison Avenue-but
wasn’t yet.  I followed him and tried to get him to come to me.  He is terrified of people but
seems to be searching for food.  I could go try to get a picture of him.  He/she is around the 2500-
2600 blocks of Madison Avenue in Granite City.  The dog is maybe a boxer/pit bull terrier or
something.  Has a red collar with tags including rabies—but won’t come to me.  We tried to go
find it again to take a picture and will if we see it again.   451-9295

Found or discarded female cat mostly black calico, she had kittens in my huge tree in out front
of my house, Brought them in so they could live, now kittens are old  enough for a home, they
are box broke and lovableico. Need homes for all 5
1 Yellow tabby, 1 beige with white socks. 1 dark grey tabby white boots, 1 light grey tabby
Mom cat mostly black calico.  Email GraniteCityGossip@yahoo.com and they will forward.

Found long hair brown female Chihuahua in downtown GC area (Adams).   No micro chip.  Very
thin so may have been lost for days.   Call 451-5800 if this describes your missing dog.

FOUND - A brown male dachshund followed my son home from the Frohardt school/Ditch area
last Wednesday, he has a collar but it had no info on it and we took him to the vet and they didn’t
find a micro chip on him either. If your lost dog please contact us at 618-797-2521 or 618-979-1548.

Lost phone at Relleke's Farm Saturday, October 13th, just as they were closing (around 5 pm or
after). Maroon LG VU in a rubber black cover that's torn. The camera on the phone doesn't work
anymore. Sentimental Value - My mother passed away in February, and there are tons of pictures
and videos of her and my family on my phone and mini SD card. The last time I remember having
it we were sitting at the picnic tables by the Maze, then we started walking towards the old car
and pumpkins (so we could take some pictures with my grandkids). We also walked over to the
pumpkins that were on the wagons and the ones on all the haystacks, along with where you
purchase them at the counter. We walked to the car between the vending area and had parked
several rows over in the grassy area.
The picture on the screen is of my grandson and my Mom (black and white photo).
If found, PLEASE contact me via email @ rita.hearn@charter.net


Lost a Female Lab-Pit Bull Mix the evening of 9/28/2012 by Paul Avenue and Maryville Road.
Brindle coat with white chest and paws. Wearing a pink/purple collar. Approximately 6 months
old, 35 pounds. Reward. Telephone Number: 618-797-0909 phone number answering machine
always on

Found red blond puppy running down 203 between Harrison & Benning on Saturday morning
9/15/12. Has a collar, not chipped.  Thanks, Ann 68-514-1239

FOUND: Small Male Beagle Mix.  Brown & Black.
Found on Franklin Avenue in Granite City, IL
Please call 618-709-3151 if you think this might be your dog.

Found Chocolate Brown Spaniel / Lab Mix - Male
Found wandering on Voight Place in Mitchell (near Volunteer Fired Dept) on Wednesday morning,
August 29th. . Very sweet disposition and well taken care of;  older dog - not afraid to ride in car.
Wearing camouflage collar. Not chipped. Please call 618-960-3773 if you're the owner of this dog
or know who the owner might be.
Thank you!

Found: Male Black and White Dog
Weighs between 30-40 lbs. Black on top and white legs and stomach, pointy ears, white tip on tail
found on Pontoon Rd in Granite City, very sweet, loving dog.  Please call (618)593-1231.

Lost Gray and White Male Cat in Pontoon Beach
Family Pet. Never been outside. Is not wearing collar or tags. $Reward$ offered if found. Call
(618) 931-4725 or (618) 830-8961 with any information.

Lost long hair modeled grey mainecoon cat.  His front legs are shaved due to a recent trip to the
vet.  He is a very sweet cat but a little shy.  Pontoon Beach area.

Found Male Shih-Tzu
One of the gentlemen from Irwin Funeral Home found a dog off Pontoon Road and has been
taking the dog into work with him.  The dog is a male tan / brown shih-tzu (full blooded I think)
looks like to be older.  We got a call from him and went to see the dog thinking it was ours – he
wasn’t but he is definitely someone’s dog.  The dog is very quiet and mainly sleeps all day, he
did not have a collar when he was found. Email GraniteCityGossip@yahoo.com.

Lost Light Brown / Tan Shih-tzu
We have lost our dog “Riley” Saturday, July 21st from Terrace Lane in Granite City.  He is a very
sweet and friendly dog.  If anyone has seen him or has him please contact Danielle – 334-6277 or
Marty 670-4601

Lost Male, Black Shih Tzu/ Poodle missing in Mitchell area (Chain of Rocks Rd/Old Alton Rd area)
in Granite City, il
Maui Waui is 3 yrs old and is very sick and is need of Meds...He got on on Tuesday July 10 and
has been missing since....He has shaggy hair but has a shave mark on his neck and left leg from
I.V. fluids....If you or anyone you know has any info or has seen him please contact the Granite
City A.P.A 618-931-7030, Amber Lemons 618-477-7418 or Samantha Lemons 618-540-1155.... He
has never been away from home and is missed very much....There will be a reward for his safe
return...Thank you to everyone in their effort to bring Maui home...

We lost a black mix-breed dog on July 19 in the area of Ferguson and Wabash.  She weighs
around 40lbs, answers to Bella and has a pink collar on with tags but the phone number is
incorrect.  If found, please call Mary at 560-9009 or Scott at 570-9116. Thanks!

Found: Male Brown Toy Chihuahua
found 2400 block of Washington Ave on 7-11-12. He Is wearing a collar but seems to have been
out for awhile. Please call 618-610-5168 if you know who he belongs to. Thank you.

Young Black Lab Mix Lost
I live off St. Clair Ave. on Warren.  Answers to Benelli or sissy, she is 2 1/2 but she looks like a
young puppy. She has a pink zebra collar on with tags, and also a shock collar. 6186103214 Thank
you for your help.

Small male Shih Tzu looking dog missing  
He’s dirty white/light greyish tan.  Most of body is shaved.  Hair on tail and on head/ears.  He’s a
talker and kind of growly but should be friendly unless he gets hurt.  If you’ve seen “Teddy”
please call me.  (618) 876-3944  Part poodle, white & cream, has flea allergy.  Tail curls over his
Found dog in Granite City Illinois
Found dog in Granite City Illinois
Found dog in Granite City, Illinois