's Plea to Ellen to Help our APA

After years of dedicated service, not only to our own community,
but to many surrounding communities, our local APA not only
is desperate for a face lift, but is so deserving of it.

The following message was sent to talk show host
Ellen Degeneres in hopes she can highlight the good works of
our APA and inspire people to send in donations from
around the country.

Dear Ellen,

We are a couple of local gals on a mission.  We are from
Granite City, Illinois, a small steel mill town located across the Mississippi River from St.
Louis, Missouri.  Over the last several years, our community’s population has gone from
46,000 to 32,000, and during this time our local APA has suffered tremendously.

Our mission is to save our local Granite City Association for
the Protection of Animals from closing it’s doors.  Our APA is completely funded through
donations, and those donations have all but stopped coming.  Our shelter is a “no kill” shelter
that has been in existence for over thirty years...

The facility sits on a small secluded plot of land in a rural area of our small city, it’s often
forgotten until someone wants to leave a dog or cat.  People come from miles around to
leave their unwanted animals at the shelter by tying a dog to the fence, leaving a box of
kittens in the pot hole riddled parking lot, or simply putting puppies inside the fence., never
considering these animals will need food, vaccinations and constant care.  Some of the dogs
and cats have been at the shelter for over two years!

The shelter has fallen into shameful disrepair over time, as most funds are used to feed,
vaccinate, spay and provide surgeries for injured animals.  The saddest part of all is, our
shelter would be eligible for government funds if they euthanized the animals, which goes
against the mission of the shelter.

We are currently featuring the APA shelter on our hometown web site in an attempt to
generate donations so they can remain open.  They barely received enough donations to pay
their electric and gas bill for the month of March. What we are asking from you,  is to
please, please consider mentioning our situation on your wonderful show, which might
generate a huge amount of interest and  start the donations up again, as Trivia Nights and
Spaghetti Dinners simply aren't generating enough funds.

The folks at our shelter work so hard, volunteers walk and play with the animals,  clean
kennels, transport the animals and work at local adoption clinics and take the animals to
veterinarian visits, just to name a few of their responsibilities.  As we speak, they have two
transport vans, one  is in horrible shape, the other does not even run, they are both over
twelve years old.  The gasoline expense alone is quite burdensome.

The building is literally crumbling, it needs a new roof, new flooring, new duct work as
rodents have destroyed the insulation and duct work getting at the food supplies.  
In a hard rain, the outside kennels flood with rainwater, the parking lot and
driveway are in desperate need of graveling and grading and is barely maneuverable.

The shelter is in dire need of blankets,  dog and cat toys, dog and cat chow.  They have a
wish list, as well as,  an on-line donation form on their website,

Please consider mentioning our local APA during one of your shows, and hopefully we can
keep the doors open to continue to rescue , love and care for our furry friends.  We are

Thanks you very much,

Katy and Lorri @