Happy June everyone!

In just a few weeks summer break will be upon us here
in Granite City.  It's just the beginning of swimming parties,
BBQs, weenie roasts, roasted marshmallows and lots of
outside time.

This month we are highlighting Wilson Park's
little miniature house, or the many versions of it
over the years.  Do you remember the little house?
Would you love to see a new one in it's old spot?

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the activities that are going on.

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The Melting Pot Market
Saturday, June 10th
9 am to 1 pm
at Civic Park
in historic downtown
Granite City
See you there!
Granite City . Shield Waters and SABRE
Granite City . Hope Lutheran Church
SNIP Alliance . Granite City
Word of Life Tabernacle . Granite City, Illinois


Long time friend of GraniteCityGossip.com, Sandy Sides Castor,
visiting the little "Fairy Castle" in the rock garden of Wilson Park
over seventy five years ago.  The castle was surrounded by a moat,
Sandy must have gotten a boost over!
Another picture of the little castle, notice the moat.
This picture is c. 1930's and was contributed by Nancy
Gibbs & GC Chronicle:  A Pictorial History
The little house c. 1940.  An earlier shot than the one
featured at the top of the page.  Photo credit:  Linda
Sperry Mizell & GC Chronicle:  A Pictorial History

Granite City Park District ( Est. 1921)
Wilson Park (Est. June 1, 1923)
"One of the most photographed sites in
Wilson Park. This miniature house was
in envy of many young ladies, with the
interior lights and working door. The
house had withstood the test of time with
minor modifications until recent years
when it was removed."
Granite City, IL Chronicle:  A Pictorial History

The little house in latter years, this
picture is sometime in the early 1990's

Photo credit:  Victoria Scarborough Decker
Granite City, IL Chronicle:  A Pictorial History
All that remained of the little fairy house, from a few years ago.
Mr. William & Trustees, can we get another made?