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It is the month of June, the month of leaves and roses,
when pleasant sights salute the eyes, and
pleasant scents the noses.

Happy June everyone! Did you know that June is named
after the Roman goddess Juno, patroness of marriage
and the well being of women?

Raise your flag on June 14th, Flag Day and don't
forget Father's Day on the 19th.  June 20th is the
Summer Solstice, the official start of summer.

Browse through this month's home page, which features
Chouteau Island and the Chouteau Slough, and check out
all the month's activities!  And lastly, a special thank you
to Granite City, IL Chronicle: A Historical Journey for the
Chouteau Island pictures!

The name Chouteau Island, Chouteau Slough and later, Chouteau Towship is
given in honor of Pierre Chouteau, who was largely interested and closely
identified with the early history of  St. Louis.

Chouteau Slough, in the southwestern part of the townshp, has an average
width of some two hundred feet and parallels the Mississippi at a distance
of about four miles.

Chouteau Island, originally called Big Island, is surrounded by the waters of the
Mississippi River and of Chouteau Slough and contains about two thousand
acres.  It was formerly nearly twice its present size, having been reduced by the
MIssissippi River, which is gradually and mercilessly eating it away.

With the exception of a tract in the southeastern part, very appropriately termed
the Wet Prairie, Chouteau was originally covered with a heavy growth of timber,
consisting of walnut, oak, ash, hickory, elm and cotton wood -
the latter growing to giant proportions along Chouteau slough.

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Grace Church East Campus
4701 State Rt 111
Pontoon Beach
Chouteau Island . Ed Schillinger Farm 1931
Wheat thrasing time
Courtesy of Granite City, IL Chronicale:
A Historical Journey and Lois McQuinney Schmidt
Chouteau Island . Ed Schillinger Farm . Flood of 1927
Main house and garage
Courtesy of Granite City, IL Chronicale: A Historical Journey and Lois McQuinney Schmidt
Map of Chouteau Island and Chouteau Slough . Click to enlarge
2016 Patriots In The Park Essay Winner

Working Together for a Better Community

By definition, a community is a group of people
living in the same place or having a particular
characteristic in common. However, a community
can be much more than just a group of people living
near each other. It can also represent fellowship
with others, as a result of sharing common
attitudes, interests, and goals. Building a great
community and creating the feeling of fellowship
takes work and commitment. There are many ways
we can all work together for a better community.
Specifically, I can have a significant impact by
becoming involved at school, supporting local
events and organizations, and learning about our
history to preserve local culture and traditions.

It is important for teens to become involved at
school. No matter what your passion, you should
become involved. It is important to create a strong
high school community. Everyone wants that feeling
of fellowship and belonging. Involvement helps us
make friends who share similar interests, talents,
and goals. It also provides the opportunity to be
good role models and leaders while helping each
other make good decisions. Creating a sense of
community in high school will teach us how to make
our larger Granite City community better.

Another way I can have an impact on my community
is to support local events and organizations.
Granite City has many exciting events throughout
the year including church picnics, parades,
festivals, and the Patriots in the Park celebration.

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