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Free Weatherization To Moderate Income
Or call 876-4578
Applications can be picked up at 1101
Greenwood, Madison
Program for Ameren customers
Happy June and Congratulations GCHS 2015 Graduates!

You know summer has arrived, unofficially, when the
St. Eizabeth's Parish Picnic is just around the corner.
This year's event will be June 12th through June 14th - with
games, carnival rides, live entertainment and so much more.
You can find their information lower on the home page.

There is a Craft & Vendor Event this month, as well as,
a Garth Brook's Tribute band at the Alfresco Art Center.
Speaking of Alfresco, "Avenue Q" tickets are on sale now,
call and reserve yours today.

Please note the Summer Food Service Program will be held
at Worthen Elementary in June.  Free breakfast and
mid-morning snack for all children ages 0-18, please read
below for details. will be having a "Supplies Fund Raiser"
to benefit The Good Samaritan House and Phoenix Crisis
Center.  Please scroll to the bottom of the home page to see if
this is something you will help us support.
Melting Pot Market Granite City Illinois
is the second
Melting Pot
Market of the
2015 season
Visit the events
page by clicking
on the pot
for more dates
and information
Granite City Illinois
Granite City Illinois

Here's a blast from the past, an original recording of a Tri-City's Grocery Store
jingle from the 1950's.  
Jingle: Courtesy of Six Mile Regional Library
Pictures:  Courtesy of Granite City Press Record - Digitized by Granite City, IL Chronicle: A Historical Journey
Madison County
Lead Program
for Lead Paint
Removal Services
in parts of Granite
City, Madison, &
Possible new
windows/doors while
home safety.  Must
meet income
Call 618-692-8940 for
Normally we aren't
meme people.  But
every once in a
while, something
comes along that
is so timely and so
appropriate that
we just can't pass
it up. And since it's
June, and since
this is how one of
us reacts to June
Bugs,  (not Katy,
the other one) I
couldn't help
myself from
sneaking this on
this month's page.
Sorry sis.
The Good Samaritan House & the Phoenix Crisis

Both of these local shelters provide extremely
vital services to local women and children from
Granite City and surrounding areas.  You can visit
their websites by clicking on our "Organizations"
An example of their fine work is pictured at the
left. An "It's Your Birthday" party for two little
boys given by shelter staff.
Now that summer is upon us,
many of the children in these facilities are out of
school, so their need for supplies is greater than
normal. We will be collecting supply type items on
Saturday, June 20th. If you are interested in
contributing so the shelters can continue to help
those  who depend on them for safety
and shelter, please
click here to read more.
1311 20th Street . Granite City
Here's a blast from the past, an original recording of a Tri-City's Grocery Store
Jingle from the 1950's.  
Jingle: Courtesy of Six Mile Regional Library
Pictures:  Courtesy of Granite City Press Record and Granite City, IL Chronicle: A Historical Journey
Granite City Illinois Worthen School
Friday, June 19th - 2 pm to 5 pm
at the Fountains at Granite City
All donors receive 2 free tickets to a
Gateway Grizzlies game and one entry
to win a car!
3450 Village Lane . Granite City
Granite City Illinois
Granite City Illinois
Patriots In The Park High School Winning Essay 2015

My Pledge to Freedom by Selena Perkins

  When you make a pledge, you are committing to a promise.  In order for me to take advantage of my freedoms, I pledge to take advantage of all
the rights of women, to work independently, and to vote in upcoming elections.
  Before gaining rights, women in the past typically were not allowed to work.  They stayed at home and were expected to clean, take care of
children and making sure they are as healthy as possible, and to make sure dinner was ready when their husbands came back from work.  The life
of women could be miserable and unfair.  I pledge to ensure that my rights as a woman continue to grow toward true equality.
  I also pledge to help provide for my family by working a job outside of my home.  In today’s society, families would fall apart without the ability to
work with two incomes.  My family would not have enough money to provide for our family because life is more expensive now.  There would not be
enough food for my family and I pledge to always work to give my children a better life than I had so they can live life without those worries.
  Finally, I pledge to vote.  A powerful tool, voting has not always be available for women.  Before the 19th century, women were not allowed to vote.  
This allowed men to oppress women.  With my vote, I will also pledge to research to best candidates, especially our presidential candidate.  This is
my greatest tool to help change the problems in our country.
  These pledges are the way I will ensure that my freedoms continue throughout my life.  I want to make sure my children can grow up in a free
country where they can have the same choices as I have.