A little bit of Pontoon Beach history...does anyone recognize these people?
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All of this month's beautiful pictures are from GraniteCityGossip's very own Ginger's garden.
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Mrs. Helen Hawkins has asked us to publish a letter recently sent on behalf of all
residents who will be affected by the possible closing of the Morrison Road railroad crossing,
you can view it below.
We have posted two mystery photographs taken in Pontoon Beach from the 1930's.
See if you recognize or can name any of the folks in them.  If so, drop us an email and we
will share with everyone.
Rural King in Collinsville will be holding another Pet Vaccination event on
Saturday, June 23 from 2:00 p.m. until 4:30 p.m.
If you're single or single again, and looking for a fun event, scroll down and check
out the Zoo Excursion on Saturday, June 30th.
It's VBS time, if your church is holding vacation bible school, send us your information and we
will post it for you.  Hey everyone, it's summertime in Granite City!
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Memorial Weekend, Coach Gerard Moore’s 8th grade AAU team went 5-0 to take 1st
place in the Jaguars AAU Central Basketball Tournament held in Chicago, Illinois.
The Granite City Bucks consists mostly of Granite City players.  
The Bucks have played together for the past 3 years.  
It is a very close knit team.  Each player loves to play the game and be around
each other on and off the basketball court.
The team is lead by 6 ft 1 point guard Zeke Moore who has proven himself to not only
be one of the best players in the Metro East Area but also in the state.  
The Granite City High School basketball program will have a bright future with these
incoming freshmen. They plan to invade the southwestern conference
From Helen M. Hawkins
Madison County Board Member District #16
2600 Angela Drive, Granite City, IL 62040 . 618-797-6009

May 21, 2012
Illinois Commerce Commission
John Saladino, Transportation / Railroads
527 East Capitol Avenue, Springfield, IL  62701

Re:  Morrison Road Railroad Crossing

Dear Mr. Saladino,

I am forwarding this petition to you in the hope that you will understand the position of
those people who live or have family near Morrison Road., and those that care about the
safety of the area involved.
Please know that this is a safety issue in that many of the streets on both sides of
Morrison Road are dead-end streets, making it impossible to exit should a disaster
occur.  Also, Lakeview, Rapp Road and other streets are dead-end roads.
In the prayer that you will put safety first above all else, I remain steadfast the justice will

Sincerely, Helen M. Hawkins, Madison County Board Member District #16
Granite City 25 Year Club Picnic, 1932

Sign reads : "4th annual picnic of the Granite City 25 Year Club.
We solicit your membership if you have lived in Granite City 25
years or more.
All meat barbecued by J.M. Moss, 2137 Madison Ave.
All meat donated by Ed. Mercer.
All meat purchased from Tri-city Gro. Co."
The event was held in Pontoon Beach, Illinois on September 22, 1932.
"25 yr. club picnic, Pontoon Beach, Sept. 22, 1932."--
Writing on top of photo
Children on seesaws at Granite City 25 Year Club Picnic,

Young children playing on seesaws at the 4th annual picnic of
the Granite City 25 Year Club.
The event was held in Pontoon Beach, Illinois on September 22, 1932.
"25 year, club picnic, Pontoon Beach, Sept. 22, 1932."--
Writing on top of photo

Another mystery photo!  
This time from Granite City, submitted by Mr. & Mrs. Harold Bellinger
Do you know where this building is? When it was built and by whom?
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