Going, going, gone!
Who remembers the Libson Shop? Well, the building at 19th & Edison is no more.  Also
gone, the old apartments on Niedringhaus Avenue.  Progress in downtown Granite City!


On August 2, 2009, a Trivia Contest is being held to benefit
The Granite City Association for the Protection of Animals

A “No Kill” Animal Shelter at the
Fraternal Order of Eagles
2558 Madison Avenue, Granite City, Illinois
The fee is $100/8 people per table,
which covers, draft beer, soda and snacks

Other events occurring include a silent auction and 50/50 drawings.
The contest starts at 7:00 pm
Come out and support a wonderful cause and enjoy the Trivia!!
To reserve a table contact: Carolyn at 876-0301
Danielle Daily and boyfriend Ethan
celebrating her fifteenth birthday
at Lattawatta Creek, in
Fairview Heights on July 20, 2008
Happy Birthday Danielle!
If you have ever visited our Eddleman-Kite Collection, located in the
Historical Granite City section of our site, we are sure you enjoyed
the vintage photographs of our city.  
Now, Sparky Eddleman is sharing a portion of his personal local
memorabilia collection for all to enjoy!  
click here to take a trip back in time.
Happy 9th Birthday
Noah Daily

Love you always,

Mom, Dani, Tony,
Ethan & Friends
We will now be archiving our
home pages in the
Thumbs & Archives
section of
Also, if you have
family stories or any
you want to share,
please send it our way.
We'll put your name in lights!

All Nations Deliverance Ministries

All Nations is a non-profit organization, we recycle and  
refurbish computers to benefit area schools, non-profits
and those in need. Our refurbished computers and
recycling programs provide for the technology needs of
schools and public charities while solving the problem of
equipment disposal for businesses upgrading their office

Click here for Computer Program Information
Click here for All Nations Deliverance Ministries
Wedding bells were ringing on Saturday, July 12 in Wilson Park
for Amber Clark-Ybarra and Leslie N. Whittington
Also married on
July 12, 2008
Cedarview General
Baptist Church,

Amanda Welsch
Kyle Neuling

Amanda & Kyle!