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Happy New Year Everyone!
We hope each and everyone had a wonderful holiday season. With
Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day behind us, we are
looking forward to a bright new year for our town.
Cold weather is upon us, so let's all make sure that
our elderly neighbors are safe and warm.

The Granite City Township offers a wide variety of services
for our older residents.  You can find a link to their web site by
clicking on the "Government" button below.  Once there,
go to "Services".  You might be surprised to find how the
Granite City Township office helps our older neighbors.
Thank you Granite City Township Supervisor, Bob Shipley
and staff.

And a big thank you to all the volunteers of, and contributors to,
the Granite City APA.  Such a wonderful organization, who is
always in need of animal care items, volunteers and donations.

The Community Care Center, the Good Samaritan House,
and so many other generous and hard working churches and
organizations in our city make us proud.  Please take a moment to
visit the "Organizations" page, see if there is a place to contribute
your time and energy to help make a difference.  
Let's resolve to make Granite City the best city around in 2014!