"Isn't It About Time" Submitted by Enough is Enough

Isn’t it about time that we put term limitations on elected officials?
I have yet to see a third term Mayor be effective.  
As genuine as most are when first elected, they all fall prey to complacency!

This administration is a prime example.  
The Mayor, and the council, all need fresh blood.  

If we as a community continue to sit back and allow a few select people to make unwise
decisions term after term after term, then we have no one to blame but ourselves.

One term may be too short to see a significant change, but at least we should
see things moving forward; if not vote them out immediately.  If by midway of term two
things are not moving forward, then they never will and we as a community
are saved from their lack of leadership and false promises with the term
limitation set in place!

If people are serving as elected officials for the right reason, then what’s best for the
greater good should and would be paramount. They would hit they ground running
knowing full well that they have to make the most of the time that the tax payers have
afforded them.
But history has shown that egos take over and collaboration goes out the window.
Almost ever elected official, after two terms, are suffering from burn out and
need to go!

If any company had a CEO or management team that didn’t produce, they would be
replaced or the company would fold.  We need to do the same thing.

If term limitation isn’t the answer then perhaps a City Management form of
government should be considered.  Someone that has the experience and qualifications
for the task at hand.

Being popular should never be the criteria for leading our city.

It’s unnerving as a taxpayer who has had to take a second job to make ends
meet continuing to see my tax dollars spent on an antiquated form of government.  

I’m sure if you look closely at all of the departments most could be ran more effectively
with less people.  These jobs could be combined or reduced by attrition.

Almost ever company during these trying times have had to make cuts. But when elected
officials are too worried about their next election instead of running this city as a
corporation, you will never see the changes that must be made to stay viable.

We should seriously look at :

•        Limit terms

•        Limit how many paid positions any elected official can hold.  

•        Make Tax Assessor's position part – ultimately eliminating the township form of

•        Prohibit anyone who draws a pension from the city to hold another paid position in
City or County Government

We as the shareholders in this Corporation called Granite City need to hold our
Management responsible.

It’s too late for this group as their lackadaisical attitudes are entrenched,
but this next election is crucial.  Let us be heard!  

This isn’t working!

Enough is Enough