Wow! Where have these four years gone?
When I was elected as Highway Commissioner 4 years ago, I made several
specific promises, and I have worked very hard to keep them.
First, I committed to oiling and chipping the roads that had had been neglected for the
previous four years. To date, we have
oiled over 30 streets (approximately 90% of our roads).

I also committed to updating the old faded, bent signs. We have upgraded all of
our Stop, Yield, and many other warning signs to new, high intensity
signs. We have replaced several smashed culverts. We pick up tree limbs for
residents every Friday and pick up large items by appointment year around.

We pride ourselves on having our streets pre-treated and cleared
quickly during snow or ice events.

However, we still have much work to do. Our plan to secure grants has been
hampered by the budget impasse between Governer Rauner and
The Illinois General assembly. We weren't able to do the oiling and
chipping we wanted to this past summer due to a huge sewer pipe project that
blocked our access to many of our own roads, and did much damage to many of them.

I believe my experience working for the South Roxana Street Department (1999-2005)
and the Shipman Street Department (2005-2006) aid me in understanding
what it takes to be an effective Chouteau Township Road Commissioner.

Our 4 man crew who have endorsed me are members of Teamsters Local 525 and have a
combined 66 years of fixing roads.

I promised that if I was elected in 2013, that four years later you would have
better roads and would be proud to have given me your vote. Hopefully that is the case.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve the residents of Chouteau Township.

I have lived in Chouteau Township for 50 years. My wife Theresa and I have
been married for going on 18 years, and we have two teenage sons; Justin and Jordan.

Ron Hogue