Even though Addy was "only" one month premature, it was soon discovered that she had some
serious complications. Addy spent the first 3 months of her life - albeit one week she was home - in
Mercy's NICU and Pediatric ICU. There, she endured 3 surgeries. One to insert her feeding tube,
another to correct her esophageal atresia, and the other to correct her reflux which was causing
apnea (blue) and bradycardia episodes where she literally stopped breathing! Addy was also born
with a hole in her heart, diabetes insipidus, and a lobar holoprosencephaly with an absent corpus
callosum of the brain (essentially her right & left brain fibers/lobes are not connected.)  As if we didn't
need any more bad news, it now appears that Addy may need to undergo another surgery as her
Neurologist is concerned that her brain is not growing properly. As a result, her skull is in danger of
caving in.

During an emergency c-section to deliver Addy, doctors noticed suspicious tissue in Angie's womb.
The doctors decided to biopsy and, unfortunately, Angie was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. Angie
has since had a full hysterectomy and is now undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

As you can imagine, these series of unfortunate events are taking an emotional and financial toll on
the family. Angie is currently not receiving a paycheck as she has exhausted her maternity leave. In
this season of giving, we ask that you consider making a donation to the family that will help offset
the accumulating medical bills and expenses.