to paint Granite City red, white and blue!
The Grow Granite Network is giving artists the
opportunity to let their work be seen for years
to come by painting a fire hydrant, red, white
and blue

The Granite City Patriots In The Park event
brings many visitors to our city, and we want to
show our patriotism to these visitors.  Painting the
hydrants around Wilson Park and GCHS is just part of
that initiative
To participate, please contact Danny Greene at
or by calling 618.931.2121

Please submit drawings to Danny Greene for approval prior to beginning work
Please do not paint a hydrant without prior approval
Upon approval, you will be assigned a particular hydrant
The project must be completed
You must clean the hydrant with a wire brush prior to painting
If you need paint, you may pick it up at Century 21, 2301 Pontoon Road

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The top of each hydrant is color coded by the
Granite City Fire Department and that color MUST remain the same

You can help make this project successful by going to Sherwin Williams
on Madison Avenue and donating to the "Fire Hydrant Project"

Please be patient, we are working hard to assign hydrant projects
as soon as possible.