Outside on the Main Stage

11:00                Presentation of Colors

11:05                National Anthem – Deana Stanberry

11:12                Lincoln Place Heritage Association Scholarship Presentations

11:25                Children’s Pinata

11:30                Croatian Folk Songs and Dances – St. Louis Croatian Jr. Tamburitzans and Stari Babas

12:00                Armenian Folk Songs, Broadway Show Tunes, Italian Opera – Amerik Kachigian

12:15                Russian Folk Dances – Beryozka – St. John’s Chrysostom Russian Orthodox Church Folk Dance

1:00                  Bulgarian Folk Dances  - Bulgarian Spirit Folk Dance Troupe

1:30                  Scottish Folk Dances – Dance Caledonia

2:00                  Flamenco Dances – Viva Flamenco!

2:30                  Magic Show – Steve Corbitt, Master Magician

3:00                  Apple Pie Contest Winner Presentation

3:05                  Mexican Folk Dances – Alma de Mexico

3:30                  Traditional Mexican Mariachi Folk Music – Los Dorados Mariachi Band

4:00                  Hungarian, Macedonian, Armenian, Romanian, Bulgarian Folk Dances from the Old Country –
                     The International Folk Dance Association of University City Missouri

4:30                  Open Folk Dancing and Folk Dance lesson –
                     Festival goers may join the International Folk Dance Association of University City for open
                     dancing and folk dance lessons

5:00                  Festival closes

Inside the Lincoln Place Community Center there is also more entertainment

11:30               Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer and Country Fiddle Mini-Concert -  
                    Barbara Hale Ernst and Robin Maine

12:30               Celtic Harp Mini-Concert – Robin Maine

1:30                 Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer Ensemble “Dulcifried”

2:30                 Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer Ensemble “Dulcifried”

3:30                Celtic Harp Mini-Concert – Robin Maine

4:30                Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer and Country Fiddle Concert – Barbara Hale Ernst & Robin Maine

Angelina Martinez Dame will sing traditional Mexican folk songs accompanied by Robin Maine.   

Displays Inside the Building

Lincoln Place Oral History Project Interview Transcripts

Great Lincoln Place Fire Poster Display

Community House “The Clubhouse” – Girls’ “Clubhouse” 1930s Handicrafts, Boys’ “Clubhouse” 1930s Woodcrafts,
Photographs of Lincoln Place Residents

Lincoln Place Basketball Photo Display

Handmade Quilts and Silk Ribbon Embroidery Demonstration

Apple Pie Contest Open to All – Entries must be submitted by 1 pm for judging.  Entries must be a pie with a top
and bottom crust.

Children’s Area

12:00 – 4:00   Tim the Twister and Sunshyne the Clown – Free Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, and Children’s
Magic Show

Children’s Playground

Children’s Photo Opportunity at the Casita

Bubble Blowing for children and parents

La Raspa Mexican Folk Dance lesson for children and parents

Saxophone Serenade

Six Mile Regional Library  - Library card registration and Friends of the Library information, Basket Raffles, Library

On the Festival Grounds

2:00 – 4:00     Harvey the Juggler

2:00 – 2:20     Steve Corbitt, Master Magician, Strolling Magic

All day – Old Country Eastern European Costumes Display – Marvin Moehle

All day – Macedonian Beadcraft and Stitchwork Demonstration – Evelyn Moehle

All day – Lincoln Place Athletic Display – Bobby Galvan

On Niedringhaus Avenue

12:00 – 3:00  Tri-City YMCA Powerlifting Strongman Team Competition and Demo, Rick Fowler, Coordinator

Vendor Booths

Lincoln Place Heritage Association Food Booth– Armenian Green Bean Stew, Meat Stuffed Cabbage Dolma, Meat
Stuffed Green Pepper Dolma, Meat Stuffed Grape Leaf Dolma, Rice Pilaf, Bulghur Pilaf, Chicken Heresah, Lamb
Shish Kebab

Lincoln Place Heritage Association Pastry Booth – Armenian Pakhlava, Armenian Boereg, Hungarian Jam Cookies,
Poppy Seed Roll, Armenian Nut Roll, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Coffee, Minute Maid Drink Boxes

Lincoln Place Heritage Association “Sweet Memories” General Store – Old Fashioned Candy. American Flag Pins
and Key Chains, Men of Granite Books, T-Shirts, Old Country Souvenirs

Sts. Cyril & Methody Orthodox Church Pastry Booth – Macedonian Zelnick, Apple Strudel, Macedonian Baklava,
Macedonian Cookies

Mexican Honorary Commission Food Booth – Mexican Tacos and Tamales

Holy Seraphim Choir of St. Gregory Armenian Church Food Booth – Armenian Lulu Kebab Sandwiches and
Loosnag Cookies

Toni’s Mexican Food Booth – Beef Enchiladas, Posole, Chili Pork

Katia Valkova’s Bulgarian Food Booth – Bulgarian Foods and Bulgarian Souvenirs

Keith Veizer – Hungarian Immigration to Lincoln Place, Hungarian Geneaology in Lincoln Place, Kompolt Village and
Polna Village in Hungary, Veizer, Vizer, Wiezer, Wieser Books

Co’Sherry Jewelry Designs and Crafts – Handmade jewelry, crafts, scarves, and baby items

Cathy’s Collectibles – Hand-crafted Collectibles and Melaleuca products

Armenian Relief Society Reubena Chapter of St. Gregory Armenian Church – Water and Soda

S & M Barbecue Food Booth – Barbecued Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Hospice of Southern Illinois – Information about Hospice of Southern Illinois

Six Mile Regional Library District Booth – Library Giveaways, Used Book Sale, Basket Raffles, Library Card
Registration, Information on Friends of the Library and registration

Dawn Wilkinson – Jewelry

Kailani Miller – Paparazzi Jewelry

Madison County Historical Society – Information and registration Madison County Historical Society