"Thanks for always working with us to publish our events and spay/neuter clinics!"

Snip Alliance Organization

You girls do such a great job.
Thank you!"
"You girls are a great asset to our community."

Norma Asadorian
Lincoln Place Heritage Association

"Katie and Lorri
I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do in helping Alfresco Productions
to get the word out. A fledgling organization such as ours can only survive with the help of
people as you!
The forum that you've created giving small independent businesses like
The Garden Gate Tea Room
the ability to reach a wide spectrum of people through affordable advertising is amazing.
And lastly your website development skills are second to none.  
Our Website for Garden Gate fits us perfectly it gives anyone who
Googles us for the first time, the feeling of being there.  
Thank you for capturing us so completely.
With highest regards"
Brenda Whitaker

"Thanks for helping us out in 2013 with your advertising and love to the shelter.  
We are glad that you maintain this website so well for others to benefit -
you are certainly part of our family at the GCAPA.  We love the GCG Ladies!"
Granite City APA

"You guys are the bestest! Thank you for all you do for us!"
Tona Townsen - Mexican Honorary Commission

"Awesome – I love the new ad you put on GCGossip for the Eagles Aux. #1126 bingo –
thank you, thank you, thank you"
Tina Worthen

"I want to thank you for posting the picture of my childhood home on your website.
It may sound crazy even after the countless hours I spent helping my dad renovate the place,
giving up play time as a youth to paint or repair or whatever. 2251 Cleveland St.
holds some of my most cherished memories. If I had the means I would leave it all
behind to return to that place. Thanks again for the photo and thanks to who ever
the current owners are for keeping it up so well."
Frank Chapman

Lorri & Katy,
"Just wanted to let ya’ll know the announcement looks GREAT!!  It is well designed and
attractive.  Thanks so much for being a blessing to us!"
Pastor Jeremy Champion - Second Baptist Church

"Every time I think you do the best job, you out-do yourselves!  
The GCAPA Taco Sale add on the home page made me laugh so hard –
that little dog is super cute!  I know we will do a better sale that day with the help that you
provide – keep up the great work and thanks from all the animals at the shelter –
they really appreciate it!"
Patty Rose, GCAPA Fundraising Chair

you guys ROCK IT OUT!  Love the page and your support."
Patty Rose - GCAPA

"Thank you so much for running such a nice add on your page for our annual Block Party!  
We served over 400 people that day!  We gave out over 150 bags of school supplies, dental
supplies, 12 backpacks and an MP3 player and oh the hot dogs and hamburgers we ran
out and had to get more!!!!!  Ha Ha! We started with 300 hundred hot dogs and 150
hamburgers!  Just wanted to say thanks for helping us touch our community in such a profound
Victoria A.

"I used your site for my sale and now my mom wants to advertise hers as well.  
I just love that you have it available at such a reasonable rate!"
Lisa C.

"You always do such great design work on the site that I'm confident that you will make
us look great. Again, thank you for your help.  Granite City Gossip has become a great
community asset and we would be proud to be included on the site."
Granite City TOPS

"Thanks again for the great work – the website is always presented well, very informative
and I know it isn’t always easy to do these things on a timely basis."
Patty Rose
GCAPA Fund Raising

"You guys were so great to advertise the Montessori School Open House for me.
We had several families visit us and say that they learned about the Open House
from your website."

"Thanks for putting the info about our Trivia on the front page of Granite City Gossip!!
We truly appreciate all you do for our organization. Your support always generates more
tables, thus more money for our critters!!
Thanks Again,Christine WallaceVolunteer/VP GCAPA"

"Thank you very much for the beautiful memorial you made for my mother.
It's so expensive to do a memorial in the newspaper, and you do it for free and make them so
very beautiful.  We look at it all the time and have sent the link to many family members.
My family can't thank you enough."

"Wow, loved the pictures of the Santa Claus Parade.  It was so great to see
all our citizens making such a great parade for our town.  Thank you."

"We love the historic pages, and all the old pictures.  We love the old advertisements too.
Thank you for the memories!"

"I just found this site, it was sent to me by a friend.  It's great to see all the improvements
that the mayor is making for the city.  I don't live in Granite anymore, but check
your site all the time to see what's happening in my old town."

"Thank you guys so much for making this site for Granite City.  It lets everyone know
what good works we have going on here in our hometown!"

"Thank you again for the Great Ad Advertisement!!!!!!!!!!!
My Yard Sale was a Great Success!!!!  Keep up the good work."

"We are so excited to see the old pictures, etc.  Thanks to anyone and everyone who have
contributed to this site as it brought back many memories.  Our family, the Morgers,
resided in Granite City from 1948 until my father's death in 1977.  My sister, Linnea Olivo, lives
in the Dallas area, and I, Cheryl Duke, reside in El Paso, Texas.  We have lost
touch with our old hometown so this site really gives us that warm, fuzzy feeling." Thanks
Again, Cheryl Morger Duke

"I'd like to thank you for all that you've done not just for me, but for Granite City as a whole.  
Everyone that I've talked to has loved the site you created."

"After finding this site I was surprised to  see for the first time someone addressed this issue.
Thank you GraniteCityGossip.com!!  It's hard to say how this problem should be resolved.
There must be a way. I have a few ideas.  Make each merchant responsible. Why should they
not be   accountable for littering?  When laws are broken there are penalties. Nothing works
like hitting where it hurts, like the pocketbook!!  Every cart that is left abandoned should be
stamped by the police, the way we are if we park in a "No Parking Zone".  After 24
hours if the cart/s is still there....ticket the owner/s.  I'm not sure if trash containers are
available around the bus stops, if not, they should be.
Wouldn't the street department be responsible for the trash?  After all, isn't that considered
"City Property"?Wouldn't Granite City benefit from these fines?"

"If you got together with Aldi's and made everyone pay a
quarter to begin shopping
it may help.  Also merchants could consider giving a $1.00 off coupon
to anyone who brings in their shopping cart when they come in.  The
coupon could be redeemed at the time of the visit or saved for future
visits to the store.  By not limiting the coupons, one to a purchase, people
could save them and use multiple coupons on a larger purchase."

"I, like you, am appalled to see the amount of trash found on
our streets and public places.  I live on Maryville Road and am
compelled to pick up at least twice each week from my front lawn empty beer
cans, beer bottles, cigarette packs, candy wrappers, fast food wrappers,
etc., from what I assume to be drive-by litterers.  I suspect that
those who have no pride in their town have first and foremost no pride in
themselves.  The solution?  I'm not sure.  But I think your website is a
definite step in the right direction; though I fear that those who might
most need to read it won't.  Nevertheless, let us keep bashing away!"

"I agree with you regarding your shopping cart article.  I
moved to GC in 2000 after growing up in KY and moving to Missouri to
attend school at SLU.  My husband grew up in MO and I finally convinced him
to move to IL.  We do like GC, but sometimes the parking lots are so
trashy that it is embarrassing. I think GC's reputation is uncalled for,
but when I see stuff like this--it makes me wonder.

I am proud of the progress that GC has made, but until everyone is
responsible for their trash and shopping carts; our shopping center are
going to look awful!"

"When I drive on Nameoki Road it almost embarrasses me. When
asked where I live, it's almost shameful to say Granite City. I then
feel the need to back it up with, 'It's not as bad it used to be.' But is
that honestly true? You just showed images of shopping carts, there is
still trash and all of the debris from the storm. There are still
gigantic pot holes and quite honestly it just looks dirty. Drive to Alton
and look at the main road there or Edwardsville, ours looks much worse
than any of those. What can we do as a community? Where are the programs
or dollars allocated in order to fix our community up? I'm sure they
are out there; I just want to know where the money is going."

"I must admit that our Family Dollar carts have made it to
that spot as well. It seems like the more we bring them back, the more
some customers feel that our carts are their very own carry-all. From what
I understand, the strip mall owner(s) won't allow the different
companies to install cart fencing or deposit-type racks. I'm sure this is why
there are so many carts from the businesses everywhere but where they
should be:)
A solution to this eyesore would be to put more pressure on the owners
of the strip mall to allow the businesses to individually install
something to stop this, or, if the owners are afraid that this will detract
from the style of the strip mall the owners could install something
themselves. Cart fencing, where there is a thick metal fence with openings
to small to allow carts to get through would be a simple, inexpensive
idea the owners could install with a minimum of fuss and expense.
Believe me, as manager of one of the businesses there, I would love to get a
workable solution from the mall owner(s), and I'm sure the other
businesses would as well."

"Hey, I thought I would comment about the stray cart's
everywhere. I worked for shop n save and big lot's and I have rounded up
carts for both, more than my fair share of time's. It's hard to keep track
of all the cart's but also the store managers wouldn't allow us ( the
employees ) to go very far to retrieve the cart's either. I guess they
assume someone will push them back on to the property, so the carts out of
reach were a lost hope to us. I agree something needs to be done one
way or another. Aldi's has a wonderful method, if only other stores
could see that. Plus, I would like to add ,I for the longest while rode the
bus to and from work, and during the day I was embarrassed to stand at
the bus stop with all the carts full of trash and all the trash on the
ground. I would actually walk a bit down the road and catch the bus as
it was coming towards me. Thanks for your time!"


"The trash and shopping carts have been there for a few
years, besides no one is going to clean it up, unless you will, because of
people's carelessness and laziness. So unless you pick it up or have a
team with you to clean up the community, then it will probably stay there
or get worse."

"Thank you so much for your support of the arts in Granite City."


"Thank you for your service to the community.  This is great and will help out our Hockey club
a great deal.  Thank you from everyone at Granite City High School Warrior Hockey.  
(Midstates Team)"

"I heard about this site from a friend who had ran across it.
I really like it, and think it has great potential to inform our
community, and surrounding communities!!"

"WAY TO GO! I just found out about the web site when a friend
sent me a link.  I'll be checking out this web site VERY often, you can bet. And I'll
probably join the forum too.  Keep up the good work!"


"Will add you to my links.
Great site."

"Thank you for the wonderful tribute to my son, I was so
moved and honored by all the support we received."