Welcome to "News From The Nest"

I can't believe that Feather My Nest has been open for
over two months now!  Thank you all so much for
your continued support.

First off, I want to let you know the dates for the
October Painting Workshops.  The first one will be on
Sunday, October 19th from 1 pm to 4 pm.
The cost is $55.  We will be doing some fun things
with Paint Couture products, including embossing
medium, crackle finish
and the awesome
German Glass Glitter!
Ah!  A glittering pumpkin...beautiful!
The second workshop will be on Sunday, October 26th
from 1 pm to 4 pm.  The cost is $45.  It will be a frame class.  You will paint three
frames (small ones) using 3 different techniques.  For these classes, we will be
using the new paint that I will be carrying in the shop, Paint Couture.  They have
52 color choices, obviously I won't have all of those colors, but I will have at least 2
colors from each group.  I have samples of the frames here at the shop if you want to
come by and take a look at them.  I also have color chips for all the colors if you
would like me to order any specific color for you.

In addition to my workshops, I wanted to let you know that if you would like to have a
girl's day or night out, painting workshop, I would love to host one for you!  You
would get your girls together and pick the date and time.  I will supply all the paint
and materials needed.  

You could have each gal bring her own small item to paint or I can provide
something you or I choose.  What a fun time that would be!

For other news here at the nest, I am now carrying Milkhouse Candles.  
These candles are wonderful!  They have an awesome "throw" and the longest burn
time of any candles that I have ever burned.  

They are 100% Soy and infused with beeswax.  
They will not blacken your house, which we all hate!  Come by the shop and give
them a smell!

The special sales from September 16th through October 16th will be 50% of
Americana items and 20% of all furniture.

I've been busy getting all of the fall and Halloween items out and have lots more
handmade things that I'm working on.

Also, wanted to let you all know that the shop will be opening on Sundays, beginning
October 5th.  The hours will be either 11 am to 4 pm or Noon to 5 pm....we haven't
decided yet.

If you have any questions concerning the workshops or any other issues,
please give me a call.  Hope to see you all soon!

Thank you so much,


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