Win a Christmas Basket
by being the first one to email the correct answers
to the  questions below.
All the answers can be found within the pages of
Good luck and happy hunting!
1  What is the name of the horse that visits the Wired Wedge?  

2  A trip back in time, when things were much simpler, who remembers
these....what     were we talking about?  

3  How much was the 1982 Cross Country Motor Home by Sports Coach selling
4  Who was chillaxin' at the beach?  

5  Who asked this question..." I am having a carnival themed party for my grandkids
and one of the games we are going to play, the kids will win live goldfish.  My
question is, how long will they live if I take them out of the plastic bag the pet store
puts them in and I have little glass bowls to put them in. I am hoping they at least live
till the kids get them home, I am buying the cheap little feeder gold fish, I just need to
know what is the best way to keep the little suckers alive for a few hours."  

6  Who's commitment to quality and prompt service is at the foundation of their    

7  In the "Top twenty five things vanishing in America" what is number 2 on the        

8  Who asked this question?   "Has anyone seen or know why there are 2 fighter
jets, escorting a small plane, circling over Granite? They have been going over for
about 25 minute or so since I have noticed. "

9  What was supposed to be a "bowl full of happiness" for only $1.25?  

10  Where was Danielle and Ethan celebrating her 15th birthday?  

11  What was built in 1927 and razed in 1977?  

12  Who asked this question?    "Does anybody know what happened to the Dairy
Queen in PB? Did it close down? My kids noticed that it's been totally deserted for
the last few days."

13  Who said "Lisa's Diner is awesome , I went there and it took like 5 minutes to get
my food and then the pork tenderloin is as big as my plate."  

14 This invention of the 70's is now the fishing sensation of the 80's is what and
where did you find this answer?  

15  Why did GCG write the Ellen show?   

16  Who is the Morger family?  

17  Who said this?  "Nuthin says "Git-R-Dun" like camo in a wedding... "

18  Who offers individualized salon services in an intimate salon setting?  

19  Who is three to the east, then five spaces south, two spaces west, sixteen
spaces south and finally one space to the east?  

20  What is the cost to advertise a yard sale on GCG?  

21  Where can you find a story about a Christmas puppy named Holly?

22  Where can you buy remote controlled helicopters, a doll, a comic book and body
jewelry in one small space?  

23  Three east, then four south...what President do you see?  

24  Who thinks it doesn't get any better than "Hot Bugs & cold beer?

25  Who is Rachel Roy?